Elite/Ultimate Only quests

I got through veteran like 2 few days ago, and started my first elite playthrough since forgotten gods. I noticed that kasparov had a mission for me I never saw on all on my veteran characters, and checked out if it was an elite only quests (And on the wiki it turned out it was). I planned to run through elite instead of checking everything out, but now I wonder what new quests I could miss. I tried to look up for a list of all the elite/ultimate quest, but was unable to find any post on google, the wiki or on this forum. Does anyone know of a list, or know all the additional quests out of their head for elite? I would be grateful for any info!

(Also just an off topic note, it took quite a while to find out how to post something. I don’t know why I always have problems with forums…)

Hey,some quests are unlocked only after reached status with certain faction.In Devil’s crossing the quest about fabric requires friendly,same for quest in Arkovia for treating injured man with royal jelly.

There are no side or faction quests tied to difficulty, only to faction rep. If you didn’t gain the requisite rep on Veteran, then you would gain it in Elite and the quest would become available.

The only quests that are Ultimate only are the 3 secret quests. They won’t appear in the lower difficulties in exactly the same form, although you do do them in Normal/Elite.

Well, the wiki says that this quest of kasparov unlocks after doing his normally last quest on elite mode AND having the faction rep. Here the wiki article. Am I not getting something? https://grimdawn.fandom.com/wiki/The_Origin_of_the_Slith

You can get that quest on Normal as well, it is only bound to reputation, not difficulty.

Um, this one says something slightly different.



I’ve never noticed it being tied to Elite, but then I just do it when I happen to notice he has an exclamation mark over his head. I don’t get enough characters into Elite on a regular basis to say one way or the other. :undecided:

Just changed difficulty and nope, doesn’t show that quest on normal/veteran even though I have the requiered reputation. Here is the wiki article https://grimdawn.fandom.com/wiki/The_Origin_of_the_Slith

Thanks for the replies. Yeah I just checked that by changing difficulty. I don’t see the quest on normal/veteran on kasparov. Only is acceptable on elite and presumably ultimate. Now the question that still remains, are there other quests like this, that are tied to difficulty?

You’d have to check the list in the wiki for the respected/honored ones, but I don’t think any others are. If that’s the only one, then it’s weird.

Well, guess I gotta keep going on. Should I let you know if I find any more of those difficulty-capped quests?

Sure, why not?

Nevermind, I didn’t do the dynamite quest on that char on normal. I found out you can actually do this quest on normal/veteran. I still have no clue why the wiki says it is available in elite mode.

That fandom wiki is not up to date and never will be, so it is not a good source of information.

Read the official wiki instead: https://grimdawn.gamepedia.com/Grim_Dawn_Wiki

Even that one’s not totally up to date atm. A lot of FG stuff isn’t there yet.

I know this post is 2 years old… but you all overthink too much :rofl:
The Wiki meant that in Elite or ultimate, since you probably have the required reputation already (from the beggining), the mission unlocks after you repair the bridge, that’s the trigger for the quest.

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