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Hello all

So I watched Anuhart playing this on Twitch the other day and decided to join you crazy folk in this grim world. Loved Titan Quest and I could tell just from watching 15 mins of GD that this is going to be to TQ what Fallout3 was to Oblivion, so we went right to steam and got it on the spot.

Its fantastic, that was the day before yesterday and Ive already got one lvl25 character grinding out items and Im planning my next. I wont be very active on the forums for the first week or so as I dont want to find out about secrets and builds and other stuff thats more fun to find yourself in game, Im sure Ahuhart will keep me up to speed with any small questions for now. Also Im in no place to comment on game balances and suggestions etc yet.

From what Ive seen its extremely polished and consistent for an alpha and it has something TQ, PoE and even D3 didnt really have and thats fun, absorbing gameplay/combat right off the bat. Its just 1 act but it was more fun and to complete than the first act of any of those other games and thats got to be a really good sign moving forward.

So hello to all and hopefully youll be seeing more of me in a week or so when you explain to me why all my builds are crap and what I should have been doing instead :smiley:

Welcome! Have fun, don’t get burnt. We’ve got another act coming soon!

Hello and welcome!

if you run into issues or just want to ask a question, we are here to help, so as for spoilers, well there are a few secret areas to discover, so have fun finding them, but some can be pretty tough, MP is coming but will be a while yet and act 2 is coming, so hope you like the game and see you around the forums

welcome to the game and forums, hope to see you around a lot.

Welcome, mate. Excuse my ‘absence’ recently.
I’ll be cranking GD up soon and streaming so we can chat.

I don’t watch much TV/streamedTV (like I really, really don’t) but when I do, it gets similar attention to what my gaming usually does.

Currently at episode 25 of 63 back to back Breaking Bad while supposedly moving house, too (I really should get on that).

See ya soon.

Thank you for that encouraging feed back, I’m sure the devs will appreciate it, as combat/ flow of gameplay is something they have put a fair amount of effort into getting ‘right’. Good to see another enthusiastic Grimmer join the ranks.

Hello and welcome Snorkle. :slight_smile: