Embracer Group snaps up Gearbox, Easybrain and Aspyr



I don’t understand anything of that financial lingo but I was able to deduct that Gearbox founder and crazy pervert Randy Pitchford will stay CEO of Gearbox and even become a significant shareholder of Embracer Group, which also owns THQ Nordic. Not sure if that is good or bad news :man_shrugging:

btw I had to LOL at the “About Embracer Group” section in that article, apparently they are very proud of owning the Goat Simulator franchise :rofl:

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Yeah, I’m not sure keeping him on is a good idea or not either. :woman_facepalming:

Embracer’s spending spree continues, they just bought Spotfilm Networx, DIGIC, Shiver Entertainment, Perfect World. They plan to buy the Asmodee board gaming group as well. Also just got Dark Horse.