Empowered and Mythical Reaper's Touch Procs

Just noticed that the Empowered and Mythical Reaper’s Touch Proc have exactly the same damage values, despite one being higher level than the other. This is not the case for the original Reaper’s Touch, which has lower damage values on the proc. IMO it doesn’t make sense for a 19 levels higher weapon to have the same damage value on a proc… Is this an oversight, or an interesting balance decision?

Empowered Reaper’s Touch

Mythical Reaper’s Touch

Well technically the mythical version gives you 50% more cold damage, so the proc is actually that much stronger. I would say interesting balance decision.

Yes but 50% cold damage is minute, given that you’re likely to have over 1000% cold damage total by this point (not saying that the mythical stats are insignificant, but rather that 50% extra for the sake of the proc is minimal).

Also by this logic, they should both have the same base damage on the proc as the non-empowered one, which is not the case.