Empowered eternal band

That % resistance reduction on this ring require a weapon % attack to trigger or it works on caster skills too?

I know i should know , but i don’t :stuck_out_tongue: so pls be kind and enlight me.

It’s a proc

Works with everything

…that has % weapon damage.

Needs weapon damage to trigger, also that item is pretty nice and I should start keeping the best rolls…

Eternal Haunt proc needs %weapon damage to work?

Does the RR scale below 100%WD as well like ADCtH does?

If it’s not listed after “Granted Skills” on an item, then it requires weapon damage.

edit: so the proc from haunt ring doesn’t care about what triggers it to apply it’s rr, and rr on eternal band ring does scale with % weapon damage up to 100%



Are you sure? That item seems to be designed for CT and if it had such a property then that’d make it literally useless

Does the same apply to Corrupting Touch of Aldritch, Warpfire and Wrath of Ascendant procs? Do they require %WD as well?

the procs from these items don’t need %WD to work, but Empowered eternal band require it (as Viper Constellation)

Empowered Eternal Band =/= Band of the Eternal Haunt : http://www.grimtools.com/db/items/1012

Fucking Epic items :mad:

Had me worried

Thanks mate

Also to the OP, yes these forms of RR require %WD to be applied and scale with %WD below 100%

I had the item names mixed up

Granted skills (including those that activate on a % chance) do not require % Weapon Damage. Procs do.

Yes, weapon effects are downscaled with weapon damage. They cant be upscaled, though (above 100%).
Dont forget, CT with transmuter can have 100% Weapon Damage. Also, it can use used with Vortex of Souls.
Resistance, OA/DA, armor reductions, stun/freeze/etc - all are Weapon effects. They work only from weapon damage, and are downscaled with it being below 100%. The exception is when those stats are in skill description, then it means that any direct damage caused by skill will apply those effects.