Empowered version worse than normal version

Happened to me for Lichguard, due to the way stats get randomized on blues.
Considering that the empowered version is level 75 and the normal one 47, this should never ever happen.

In what way was it worse?

Wrong section

Define “worse”

Can you post some screen shots of the two versions?

Thanks, moved.

Looks like from Graceful Dusk that a few of the stats on both versions remain the same and since Blue items have a range when it comes to their min/max on stats it can be possible to have an empowered version to have less % vitality resistance, % physique and possibly % less damage from undead (unless that is fixed).

Despite the minute % possibilities of those 3 affixes being worse on the empowered version you still have a better shield, far more health, added health regen and should you actually use pets atm - more damage for them.