Empty wells each year no malus etc

Dunno what this is. I understood the use of wells, but i have 12 wells on 700 people with enough range between them.
I have to relocate them each year (no malus, year 143, my hand still hurts :D) because they are empty. Bonuses between 50%-70% (actually, bonus should mean thats on top and not 50%=500)
Trees brings nothing or definitly not enough to improve.

Would be great to rework on them. Maybe 10k of capacity instead of 1k or reachable groundwater. Even in the past wells never get emtpy so fast (IR :P)

What map are you on? I know that the Arid Highlands seems to have much less ‘ground water’ than others, and on Lowland Lakes or Idyllic Valley maps I have had very little problem with Wells running dry.
But another factor is putting wells too close together, which definitely causes them to deplete the ‘water level’ for all the affected wells much more quickly.
Properly spaced on reasonable Ground Water levels, the most common problem is temporary depletion, and upgrading the wells even stops most of that.
This is on a Lowland Lakes map with a population just over 900 and 15 wells, most of them Upgraded.

like you see. Idylic Valley - there is like i said befor no malus on wells. The Consumption is just to big for wells with just 1k of capa. Top of that they already upgraded.

40 Water each mansion is too much. 25 Max for 1 well if it doesnt replenish. A) replenish is way to slow or b) the maximum needed in mansion could be way way way way less instead.

Even on top, raining is during the gameplay so rare. All 2-5 years maybe 1 time :frowning:

Very strange. I compared your picture to my just-completed 1000 pop city on a Lowland Lakes map, in which I had virtually no problems keeping water supplied, and the only differences I can see is that my housing is a bit more spread out and probably about 1/3 of my wells were very near to lakes.
But that implies Major problems on the drier maps like Arid Highlands, Alpine or Plains, which means there is some kind of imbalance.
As you posted, it might be just in the amount of water being ‘stockpiled’ in each residence or possibly they just have to ‘tweak’ the refill rate, especially on the maps and areas drier than Lowland Lakes right next to a Lake.

Another possible difference is in the rainfall: I’ve never failed to get at least one major thunderstorm with lightning and dense rain every year on a Lowland Lakes map, which I would assume has an effect on the replenish rate of the wells.

now you know why my hand still hurts :smiley: