End button mashing please

Not sure if there is a way/mod or what not but for some skills I’m sick of having to button smash every 2-3 seconds. I know with Diablo 3 a streamer “Quin69” showed how some people were setting skill bar skills to auto cast using a “macro”. (I think thats what it was called) However in D3 this may or not have been bannable cause it was a leg up on thise not using it thus cheating. Being that Grim Dawn is a single player game first is there a way to do the same. More specifically I have pnuematic burst set to action bar 1 and blood of dreeg to 2 and I’ constantly having to push those buttons. This gets old fast, theres got to be an auto cast for those type skills for those who want them to be.

Help my hand is cramping!

Could try a google search for software for key binds or macros. Only one i’ve heard of/used briefly is AutoHotKey. If you’re savvy on scripting, you should be able to do quite a bit with it.

Would know how to do that, no experience in scripting last computer programin I did was in high school using visual basic.

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone else hasn’t asked about an AHK script that presses a key every x seconds or something similar, you should be able to find someone else’s and copy it, then modify it how you want.

If you find anything, I’d like to know. Might get me to put up with Blood Of Dreeg, if it worked. Until then, I refuse. It’s WAY too annoying.

No dice searching google for any auto cast other than the autohotkey download. I did run accross a Reddit post using same method that works in D3 binding skills to numpad keys, casting skill-pressing num lock- releasing. This does not work for me (it does in D3). Really hate casting PB and Blood of Dreeg over and over. Change them to perma auras or auto cast would be helpfull as to not have to play Grim Dawn like a professional Korean starcraft player. (Have you really ever watched their hands on the keyboard while playing I don’t think Mozart could play the piano that fast!). End the madness!

Did you check this?

Instead of hunting for a specific script for AHK (unless you’re already running AHK), there’s various free macro software about, 2 that I’m messing about with are Macro Maker and Paulover’s Macro Creator.

Unlike AHK most macro software is very easy to set up and you don’t need to write scripts, you can simply use the software to record your keypresses and play them back if you want really basic.

Then to set up an autocast is a basic principle of Press the required hot key, wait x amount of time, press the key again, wait,…etc and you can set the macro to run from when you hit a button and stop only when you ht the button again.