end game content proposal

I just found this:

in this http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35956 forum, like the idea a lot and would love to see it in game, that is why i post here, too. I’m not talking about the lv 100 stuff, just the endless dungeon.

There already is something quite similar to the suggested dungeon ingame, namely SoT and BoC. The problem with these is that they are completely the same every time you visit them. Also they have an end and there are quests inside it, which both narrows the possible difficulty. These problems make them suboptimal to run a lot after finishing the campaign.

This endless dungeon can easily solve both problems. Of course it would be very hard to perfectly balance the different monster types, but if the dungeons will kill you anyway sooner or later even medium balance issues aren’t a real problem. Hardcore players should also be able to do the dungeon if you give them the opportunity to quit at the end of every stage. Getting to higher stages on a HC-char will be a feat one can be proud of!

A simple way to get this idea working would be as follows.
You have 5-10 different monster groups, f.e. one consists of crowleys gang, one of beasts, …
1-3 maps

A player enters Stage 1. A random group of monsters is selected and spawns in the area.

He kills the final boss. He gets the loot chest (which doesn’t need to contain any new items at all).
Before going to Stage 2 he can see what group of monsters would await him he chooses to go on. (this isn’t necessary but is a nice workaround for balance issues with the mob groups in hc mode)

If he enters Stage 2 the fight will be harder, that could f.e. be achieved by giving something like a 10% total damage/health buff to minions and every 3 level all of your resistances are reduced by 5%, so building a character for that will become even more difficult.

In my opinion grim dawn would benefit a lot from such a feature. A common theme in the forums is that the game is lacking a challenge and this is a challenge which is roughly already in the game, just ot quite. I heard that a survival mode is planned and i would love to play that too, but even then this feature would be a nice alternative. Until then this seems like a great and easy option to get some endgame content into the game.

As a last point:“If SoT and BoC already are in the game, is it necessary to make a new, more complex dungeon?”
In my opinion the answer is a definite yes! After a few runs both dungeons already feel very repetitive and the group I’m playing with had no trouble doing both dungeons (after the first run that is). It would also be very motivating trying to reach a higher stage then you did previously.