End game defensive stats for Ashes

So I am sitting on a 95 savagery/bleed warder doing fairly well in ultimate in act 3 atm. I was curious from other experience what the new requirements are for defensive stats in the expansion are compared to the original game?

I am sitting at a varying 15k-17k hp (depends on a few fluctuation gear spots) and of course capped resistances but this is a gritty two handed melee char so his defenses have to be perfect or he flat out wont work. Current build is health regen, life steal, and attack speed combined with massive bleed and physical damage and so far even against some tougher bosses and affix mobs his leech/regen has kept him ahead of imminent death pretty comfortably with other passives.

Was looking to do a more caster like or fragile build so was wondering if anyone knew what the new minimums are to be relatively comfortable in terms of survival (obviously going to vary on class as well).

2.7k DA preferably (2.4k DA minimum) and all max resist, then you would not worry about anything in the game outside of a few specific mobs (Such as Alex’s meteor, Beast nemesis, Gravathul’s one shot range orbs, Superbosses etc.)

My warder char has this and never see his health drop to half unless i face these bosses.

Of Arcane mobs may also give you problems if you rely on auras for defensive stats, since they removes them.