end game qustion?

hi friends,

i am newbie on GD so i want to ask some question about.

i am a veteran d3 player who played for 2.5 years permenantly.all things going around set items in d3 so i bored like a hell.last week i decided to buy this game , after some ‘‘dll’’ issues i begun to play with demolitinist. my goal is ‘‘gun slinger’’ build.

now the question,

what we gonna a do after story mode? is there a new game mod opened like adventure mod like d3?..i mean’‘nephalem rift’’ , ‘‘bounties’’ or ‘‘greater rift’’ progression which we can play and farm endlessly?

if not how we can play with 4 party member? (can we play with 4 party member)

pls give me answers about them and allways welcome for tips and advices… especially with veteran d3 players…

thx .

For multiplayer, you either host or join a game.

As far as endgame is concerned, you farm Ultimate, there are no rifts etc but several bosses / dungeons people can farm and the next update probably adds to that.

Personally, I farm a bit but prefer to start a new build over an endless grind with the same char.

Max level is 85 and the max devotion is 50. End game is either farming for gear or just pushing through to the very last quest/grinding reputation and infamy.

Raid boss Mogdrogen

There is more content coming in .4 version

its sadly to see no random generated dungeons which the enemies running towards you… after end game farming maybe boring all the time on the same route…

I find random dungeons just as boring, to em they do not offer not enough variety for the randomness to really make any difference