End game relic discussion for pets.

Playing a lightning Conjurer

Ancestor - +1 to shaman and an aura which I don’t think is better than Eye of the Storms.

Bysmiel’s Domination - Better on Witching Hour Cabalist. Conjurer has a ton of physical resistance already so it’s not too effective of a choice IMO.

Deathstalker - Looks good. 33% Stun resistance is nice. Summons a cat? Has an aura that shreds physical, poison and bleeding resistances which is great. If someone could showcase the abilities on this that would be amazing as it’s a farmable relic that drops from the manticore deathstalker people keep complaining about one shotting them lol. Probably the option I go with. I like cats and this ones permanent.

Dirge of Arkovia - Better on Cabalist. He is slow but someone told me the pet has a charge attack and some cool abilities. Would love if someone could showcase this pet.

Eye of the Storm - +1 to shaman is good. The aura is great for lightning Conjurer which is what I’m playing. Possible option.

Nemesis - Gives nothing exciting except another cat that’s black or purple. Not sure what abilities this thing has though. Would also like someone to showcase this pet.

Primal Instinct - Considered the best by majority of people. Looking for other possible options though.

If someone actually took the time and showcased these difficult to obtain pets that would be so nice. I can’t find any info on Deathstalker, Dirge of Arkovia or Nemesis. I’m positive other pet players would like this done too. Not everyone has them or is rich enough to make them and wouldn’t want to invest into something they may not like.

Bysmiel’s Domination—Actually +1 to a mastery is pretty important in cabalist as you want to cap skills. Good res is important too, without them it’s really hard to solo glad crucible

Primal Instinct------For a cabalist,skeletons are much more efficient than primal instincts’s insects cuz they are so damn slow. the relic doesn’t offer much more bonus than other options so it’s best for conjurer cuz he doesn’t have hard hitting minions like skeles.

Dirge of Arkovia-----There is a problem with skeletal servant, run speed(low). If he lags behind he teleports to you, not very efficient in mobs clearing, when i used dirge of arkovia,
the skeletal servant doesn’t have that much threat than hound or blight fiend, so he never draws much aggro from boss, hard hitting bosses always hit ur other pets first.-------can’t tank, not efficient in mobs clearing cuz it moves slowly.

Deathstalker, Nemesis scaled with player damage, so it’s better for a hybrid build.

I make my cabalist a gladiator crucible(150) farmer, killed mog and ravager in ultimate so i know what i’m talking about.

Wish you said some more positive things for them for Conjurer since that’s what i’m playing. My Conjurer is blowing through content right now and would rather have a different relic than Primal Instinct for clearing areas not boss killing. The Conjure Primal Spirit hits hard and fast so I assume nemesis/deathstalker would too? I would really prefer one of those if so. But there’s no info on them really so it’s hard to choose. Like can they teleport just like the Primal Spirit? This is why someone doing a showcase would help pet players when deciding what’s best for their play style and build instead of just always picking Primal Instinct.

JayNyne says Primal Instinct. He reworked his Lazy Summoner build to make it lightning based a little while ago.


Best option for conjurer currently is primal instinct.

Conjurer’s pets are really tough but they don’t hit hard enough except for primal spirit.

But Primal Spirit alone is not enough, u need more dps to clear faster------clear faster-----offense is the best defense(you need ‘enough’ defense and res, and then all on offense)

I’d love to tell you primal instinct isn’t the best. Sadly pets are still in an area where it’s more beneficial to invest less skill points in your mastery pets and use them simply as vessels for flat dmg stack. All they need is to last long enough in a fight.

Are you sure primal instinct is the best for farming? Sure it’s probably the best for boss killing and nemesis killing but for general farming? They’re slow.

Manticore from deathstalker is pseudo-pet, it scales form player’s damage, not pet’s damage, so it’s useless for pet build.

We are discussing recently about this relic and desided that this kitten could be nice with acid ranged build - you are shooting from afar, kitten are shredding resistance and took damage (tanking, is sort of) till death and re-summon.

Yeah, the resummoning is the new heal thing blablaba… Did u really experiment in Glad crucible 150 plus…or take on some of the game’s ultimate challenges like super bosses with a pet build? Those contents melt ur pets before they could draw another breath
if they are not tanky enough.

BTW, since primal instinct is not the best one for conjurer, then what is the best one in your mind? Plz elaborate in depth and perhaps make a video of your pet build conquering some of the hardest contents to provide us with some insight here.

Huh? But he already said it’s primal instinct. It’s the first line in his comment, that you quoted.

I did not. And i’m not really a fan of the idea that pets are paper flat dmg carrying platforms. I want to invest in the pets I like and for the skill points to matter

My pets can tank mog in ultimate,gladiator crucible ,and Lokarr.(Can’t tank ravager without casualties sadly but tanky enough to last 6-8 seconds )

My cabalist has finished glad crucible(150) with ease five times now.

My build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/aZqaXE9Z

(Plz switch the weapon to mythical witching hour as i do not use the gun&shield in my build, they are just mere ideas i’m experimenting with)

Mad Queen kill:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9x7ZhKJW_Cw

Superfluff is mainly referring to the Hellhound, Raven, Blight Fiend, and Briarthorn pets. When you have 9+ skeletons, you’re obviously going to try and get Raise Skeletons up to 26/16 as much as possible.

Blight Fiend is worth putting points on for a Poison Pet build like the one I have on the forums, but that’s only because Poison damage is so rare for pet builds that you need all the sources of Poison you can get.

Raven doesn’t benefit from flat damage aura stacking, so the only reason you’d invest it up to 26/16 is if you’re building a Lightning Hybrid Pet build (I do have and routinely test a Lightning Conjurer that uses 26/16 Raven with the Conduit that allows the Raven to pierce through enemies 100% of the time. It’s pretty good.), but why go for a Hybrid when you can go full Thunderpets and be one of the strongest pet builds in the game? It doesn’t help that even if you invest Raven to 26/16, 60% of its DPS is instantly wasted because it’s guaranteed to miss at least 3 of its 5 projectiles, especially against human bosses.

Putting points in Briarthorn is only marginally useful for Retaliation pets using the Full Beastcaller’s Set for two Briarthorns.

Investing in Hellhound is a complete waste of skill points.

I will be making a feedback thread specifically dealing with pet skills, along with feedback for the recent v1.0.5.0, so I’ll make sure to detail each of these points when I can sit down and write out the thread.

This is a project i’d like to finish for a crucible summoner. Thought 2x meaty briars with lots of taunt + Primal spirit with off-hand MI mods could take it. He’s a druid with pet elemental dmg stack. No idea how it will turn out honestly.

I have also been considering a Briarthorn summoner using the Beastcaller set but stacking Physical and/or Pierce damage instead but I’m no pet builder/not good at polishing them.

I’m not either. It’s the one area I haven’t went into detail with in GD. Only had a few talks with Dashiv about summoners and parked the druid at lvl 50:D

I never played pets, so some stupid questions here:

Is it mandatory for cabalist to have chaos damage priority & dying god ?

Can I go for something like vitality/bleeding damage + spectral wrath + ascendant constellations ? ( Wolf, Huntress, Rattosh for vitality RR, etc. )


The last question, whether it will be possible/playable to take 4 top tier constellations ( God, Hourglass, Tree and Ishtak ) and refuse from RR in devotion?


Dying God is pretty meta but I prefer Mogdrogen and it works fine. Generally you want one or the other though. I really like Rend on pets as the damage is solid and the OA debuff is nice.

Primal Instinct is strong as people have mentioned. No one has talked much about Bysmiel, but is is still a really strong option. I do honestly prefer a permanent pet myself and Dirge for all of its issues does fairly well. The long casting animations, slow speed, and often casting its aoe out of range is problematic though.

I would be curious to try Deathstalker honestly. It scales with player bonuses yes, but that aura is nice and if you take Huntress and Manticore, which I like to, you will have bonuses to several of those damage types. Keep in mind that the player buff portion of Mogdrogen would benefit the pet quite a bit. Not to mention Aspect of the Guardian and the Shaman ultimate skill buffing some of those damage types. If you also invest in flat damage and buff auras (Emboldening Presence, Blood of Dreeg, Pact of Mogrdogen, Hellfire, and the Familiar one) it miiiiight be decent. I may try it out if I can farm the relic.

If you’re trying to stack elemental damage, the big issue I see is that skill bonuses to both IEE and Primal Bond are hard to piece together; in fact finding equipment to boost one comes at the expense of finding the other. The way you are describing it sounds like a Spark of Ultos Lightning pet build using the Arcanist’s pet Conversion to get up to 100% Physical to Elemental (but mainly Lightning) damage. I don’t see what this sort of Druid does that a Conjurer doesn’t already do better, especially as using the full Beastcaller’s Set means that you can’t use the Fateweaver’s Raiment, which is pretty mandatory for anyone running an Arcanist Pet Build.

As DaShiv is nowhere to be seen for the time being, I’d be glad to attempt to fine-tune your build through PM and see how we can make the best use of the Druid’s abilities.

My Pet Retaliation build was designed to concentrate on Physical damage as well as stacking Retaliation damage. With the Fleshwarped Bulwark now providing extra flat Physical damage to Mogdrogen’s Pact, you can stack Beastcaller’s Helm + Mogdrogen’s Pact with Fleshwarped Bulwark + Ishtak for maximum effect. You can also replace the Fleshwarped Bulwark with the Bloodsworn Codex for maximum damage on the Briarthorns, but I don’t think it’s worth the DA loss to obtain Spirit points necessary to equip it when the shield is nearly as good.

Physical Beastcaller’s Pets - Conjurer
Physical Beastcaller’s Pets - Elementalist

Both Conjurer and Elementalist stack all the best sources of flat Physical damage to get high pet Physical damage - Conjurer has easier QoL with BoD heals, CoF, much better Pet Life + Resistances, and flat damage bonuses from Fleshwarped Bulwark, while Elementalist has more refined bonuses (flat Physical damage + % Physical bonuses from Temper compared to Acid damage from BoD), much better flat RR that hits AoE instead of relying on the Hellhound, Flashbang for massive DA shred, Golemborn + Blast Shield for survivability, and better pet Retaliation (spreadsheet says Briarthorns can easily get 120K Retaliation strikes).