Endless Horde Build (Death Knight)

Basically looking for feedback on a top-tier sword-and-board Death Knight. The plan is to essentially summon infinite waves of very high damage skeletons with both the raise skeleton spell and regular use of Cadence with devotion buffs, while using soldier skills mixed with siphon souls and blight fiends to stay alive.


Hybrid builds are complex. You’re sacrificing Pet Damage (and resistance reducton) in order to keep yourself alive. It’ll finish Ultimate (I think) but it may be difficult. Revenant also scales with player bonuses NOT pet bonuses so it’s not suited for a hybrid build.

Here’s a Death Knight build I put together that utilizes Revenant to summon Spooky Bois while also wading in to whoop some behind.


I like your build, but that doesn’t change the fact that I was kind of dead set on summoning a horde of minis as part of this character. The revenant kind of fills that for you, but it’s not enough minis for my taste.

Thanks for catching the revenant thing. I missed that the first time.