Enemy Vitality Resistances?

Just wondering what mobs are resistant / immune to vitality damage. Currently running a level 58 nightblade/occultist utilizing pierce, vitality and bleed, primarily vitality. The damage seems insane against some mobs but as I ran Steps of Torment on Elite difficulty I slowed way down. It seemed like the ghosts / skeletons don’t take much damage from either the vitality and/or bleed.

Can anyone clarify what mobs are resistant and any ways around it?

Undead laugh at bleed damage & vitality already has low base damage


Skeletons normally have 50% cold resistance but no vitality resistance.

Ghosts normally have 30% vitality resistance but no cold resistance.

Both skeletons and ghosts normally have 100% bleeding resistance.

You need strong investment in CoF and Vulnerability. You can also get Acid Spray (devotion skill).