Energy Bars

Hi guys, just out of curiosity, what happened to the energy bars that enemies had 2-3 years previously? I was just watching through my old modvideos and this thing immediately popped into my eye, and i remember that was very great to see, but these days, i can’t find any information, not in here, not elsewhere :smiley: and no, i have not searched for anything in the databases about it yet, just wanted to know if someone can tell me first :slight_smile:


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The reason why energy bars got removed is pretty simple - enemies never used all of their energy (maybe except for the fact that you might have a huge energy leech character but the point still stands).

That’s why developers like a few years ago made this change and furthermore even updated the design of enemy health bars for a more modern feel as you can see now… I still remember that old ugly purple-red basic 2 x 4-pixel block health bars. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you very much for the info :slight_smile: It was nice to see if enemies still have energy left or not, just a goodie, but nonetheless, a cool info to show, at least in my opinion :slight_smile: About the design, well yes, that was pretty much outdated and the new style is pretty much an upgrade no doubt, but do you know IF if would be possible to tune this back in? or is was this, ui source i guess, completly removed? if so i would’t mind to implement it at some point into my modcompilation. Cheers