Engine and networking optimizations.

Are there any networking optimizations planned?
I know that GD is built using the old Titan Quest engine so perhaps this is unavoidable but the P2P in Grim Dawn is just archaic and awful.

When the host drops, everyone gets kicked.
Hosting on LAN, sometimes 1 or 2 people on the same network cannot see the server that is being hosted by a local machine.
Also, when the match is hosted, everyone’s framerate is lower than in single-player making group Hardcore gameplay a less pleasant experience.

The P2P in For Honor is pretty impressive. When the host drops, the game pauses for a little bit to adjust but at least it stays live. When the match is hosted, all players on that server act as a P2P2P server.

Are their any CPU or Engine optimizations planned?
I really like what Grinding Gear Games has done with the engine for Path of Exile but I like Grim Dawn as a game far more. Optimizations are the only thing standing in my way of even considering the expansion at this point.

Does Crate have plans to beef this up for the expansion?

EDIT: Oh, and before anyone asks:
Internet: 180down/30up
LAN: Gigabit switch

i7-4770k @ 4.6GHz
GTX 690 @ 1150MHz
16GB DDR3 @ 2400MHz
2x 256GB SSD

Thank for reading!