Enigma (Apostate)

I am the enigma. The unwanted. I am the space between the lines and the walls that hold back the void. I am the water in the desert and the blazing star that burns the sea. I am the opposing force - always. When you feel you’ve found the truth I will be there to show the errors of your hubris. When you stumble in the darkness or are blinded by the light, I will be there to shield you, guide you and push you off the cliff.

Some in Cairn believe that death is an answer that must be exploited, seduced or submitted. Others believe that the living are those who thrive, flourish and rejoice. I am here to show them both the truth. Darkness and light. I am the point where they meet. I am that razor’s edge that stares back when the living and the dead fight for supremacy and seek to destroy one or the other.

I am the dream and the nightmare.

Travareas, Apostate, 3rd Order of Skealia

Grim Tools old

V1.5 (with help from below.)

This is my third self-build attempt. My first was a train wreck. My second, Melinbonean Warlock, is a heck of a lot of fun to play though it isn’t quite high level SR capable (anxiously waiting to see what the buff to Arcanist brings :D). This build is an apostate, obviously. I was inspired by it because I love the contradictory idea of the two masteries at odds with each other and while farming on another character I dropped some of the bonemonger set. So, thought I’d give it a whirl.

Very open tosuggestions. Especially concerning OA/DA as I know they’re low and my choice of devotions (as I’m still not great and picking these.)

have you played this build? What can it do?

I would skip Reaping Strike and fix Ravenous Earth line (foul erruption is for trash mobs since it require monster getting killed by it) and lowering Arcane empowerment a bit.

OA is very low so your +%crit damage will be pretty useless.

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I’ve played through all of Ultimate Act 1-6. Hitting FG now and also farming now to get Nemesis and stuff. It’s actually way more durable than I thought and I’ve easily handled the main bosses. Have NOT done any SR or Crucible stuff because, well that low OA you mentioned. :smiley: I’m using the campaign stuff to get a feel for how it plays and what it feels like.

Yeah, been considering loosing the few points I put in RS. And thanks for spotting the overdone on Arcane Empowerment. But what do you mean when you say ‘fix’ RE. Do you mean remove Foul Eruption entirely?

Yeah, I know this one. Racking my brains to try to figure a way to get it up higher. Any tips?

Ravenous Earth, why dont you max the main skill for damage (you convert vit to aether to a very high degree) and wyy not maxing Decay for more damage reduction. Foul Erruption works like this: if a monster is killed by RE (i.e. the last health point is removed by RE) the monster will explode. The explosion has the stats listed on the Foul Erruption skill.

Have you considered Rune of Hagarrads modifier “biting cold” for DA shred?

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Oh hell yeah, now that makes total sense. Thank you!

I did actually think about one of the Runes but I chickened out as I was trying to keep my button mashing down a bit (old guy with less than dextrous fingers :D) but I will definitely give this a look.

Skip Aether Corruption? you have great rr

(RIP seal of corruption) (btw is seal of blades just for armor and resistnaces? you could go dual wrathstones for more +%aether damage)

I changed skills and devos https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2dYMrQV and wrathstone in off-hand

I did not touch augments

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My pierce resistance with the build sucks. LOL. So I don’t know if I can lose the seal of blades BUT if I lose the SoC I can put that Wrathstone on for more aether damage. I’ll play around with that. So those changes not withstanding, does this look more doable now especially with the Rune of Hagarrad DA shred?

look what I did above

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Old guy be blind! :smiley: Yes, okay that looks good. Thanks for the tips. Gonna play around see how some of these changes feel. I like having the Rune in there. Very cool.

I would give my thread a look over :slight_smile:

I covered a lot of different variants/play styles (2h caster, dw melee auto attacker, dw spin2win, 1h/book caster) on the apostate class with the bonemonger set. Hopefully you can take some of my ideas and tweak them to your liking/play-style. The caster one might be particularly interesting for you.


How the frak did I miss this when I went looking for some ideas!!! Thanks I will definitely give this a thorough read.

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how did you distribute the stats?

Hey @Cyberius welcome to the forums!

Which stats? If you look at the grim tools link it sits the distribution of all the skills and attributes. If yo mean how many points in, let’s say cunning, Hover your mouse over the score and it’ll show you.

And i need to update the link as I’ve tweaked it a little more. I should revisit this.

Aight, thanks for the kind reply and enlightening me. just got the game for a week. i’m still in the learning curve part.

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Best advice, just enjoy it. There is so much. I’ve got over 1000 hours and STILL learn things every day. Others on here have x3 or x4 that amount of time and they all talk about still learning things.

and if you got questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Folks on here are very helpful.