Enlarging Interface

Some of the buildings when you click on them to see their information it gets cut off on full screen due to having a larger interface. A scroll bar should be added to view full building information, so that you can read everything about the building.

Can you share examples of which buildings/windows are having an issue? And at what settings?

I have U I scale at 1.25 fullscreen. Resolution at 1920x1080, Supersampling at 85% Run in background. Shadows Medium
Anti Aliasing 4xMSAA
DoF intensity 100%

Here are some of the building windows tgat when I click on them to see the building info get cut off and I can’t see them fully.
Compost Yard
Forager Shack
Basket shop
It actually is on every building Im having this issue practically.
Town Center shows everything.
Basically need a scroll tab on the side to be added so you can see the whole buildings info.
Hope this helps. If I have a setting wrong please let me know. I have a vision impairment so I need the larger font and screen size to play easier.

Also just noticed that even building windows with scroll bars you still can see all the information like saw pit and soap shop with the 1.25 interface.

Good Morning @Zantai.

I’m having trouble configuring interface size and video resolution too. Informative squares are disappearing from the field of view while I try to make interface size 1.3 or greater combined with 2560x1080 resolution.

Squares move away as I increase the resolution and become inaccessible. It is not possible to drag them into the chosen field of view. As these squares are not movable, I can’t find a solution to this problem and I can’t play in higher resolutions or with an enlarged interface for easier reading.

I can help with more information if needed.

The language of my game is Brazilian Portuguese (PT-BR).

Thank you for your efforts to fix game bugs.

The UI you are showing off-screen is a feature that was unfinished and wasn’t intended to show up at all. It is working properly for the upcoming patch.

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