Epic Compendium of Epic set Builds

Has anyone used the full Dawnguard set? I’ve never seen it done, the helm, chest and arm was used in some lightning retaliation builds a while ago.

Valinov posted build here

Ah thanks I see it now, might try it. afnasenkov26 posted a Warder using 3 pieces a couple years ago, it was nerfed a bit. I still play it, pretty tough but slow now.

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Deacons of the Deep technically uses an Epic set though not for the intended damage type so I am hesitant on if it should be included :man_shrugging:. As to what it can do - I have completed SR 65-66 with it, completed Gladiator 150 with it, killed Lokarr and Morgoneth. I’m confident the other Nemeses and roguelikes are doable as well.

Conversion items used: Conduit and Korvan Burning-Blade.

The Lion of Stuttgart is another old build I posted for Stonefather but looking back at it now, I heavily dislike how glassy it is, even after the Demo defense buffs, so again, hesitant on whether it should be included or not. Roman was still able to push it through Crucible 150-170 but he has pushed glassier things through so take that as you will.

Conversion items used: Gargoyle belt and Phoenix rings for global Pierce->Fire conversion.

As long as there are no item or skill changes that completely changes the build I include it :slight_smile: Say if build used some conversion item or conduit etc

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Watching to see if someone makes good with full Baldir’s set. Compared to other gear, there always seems to be a better FW or Judgment physical build. So it seems mediocre for both.

The conversion fire->physical doesn’t help FW but does help some Ok stuff…so maybe FW should be changed to another Ok skill boost, such as RF? There is enough FW spread around in other gear imho.

Soldier would still a good support class even without FW focus.

Baldir is Blade Arc, not FW IIRC. Waiting for Perdition set build, Rektbyprotoss had a sentinel in one of his videos I think, but didn’t post it on the forum.

fordprefect was planning to make one Baldir build. I think Blade arc + VM build iirc

Perdition set I think I have seen protoss builds yes, but I might remember wrong

Baldir is Blade Arc and Judgment build, I’ve made this theorycraft to see what kind of greens I might need but didn’t follow up. It’s still affixless, augmentless but it should be okay; the only problem is low physical resistance. Fixing the resistance overcaps and getting some DA from 3 greens and augments shouldn’t be hard. Though I’m busy with another idea rn so I even stopped finishing stormserpent one.

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Oops, I meant BA instead of FW. Yeah, the boring and obvious solution is 2H Gutsmasher, which will fit with quite a few other sets better. Baldir seems to be a left-over from before? Edit: For example the Bloodrager set = ML’s Gutsmasher build fills exactly the same niche, but stronger and could easily be adapted to oathkeeper using a minimum investment in Judgment, much like you end up doing with BA Baldirs.

However, the interesting potential of Baldirs is the oathkeeper side, because of the conversion and different approach:

I was hoping to make a couple of new greens work:
boneslicer and/or
Kalis’Ka’s Harvest

But unfortunately BA suffers under 1H.

So imho Baldir’s set would be better if it dropped BA perhaps for Aegis of Menhir/RF, for something different. Perhaps that is too niche? … or not, because I’ve never seen Baldir’s chosen over anything.

Whereas many of the blue sets do have defining features that set them apart from legendaries.

Edit: Something towards this idea of Physical/bleed VM/Judgement can be currently possible, but points are tight and also Aegis would be good in there. Sustain is a problem…

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Currently, I’m playing something like this:
I’m missing M. Eternal Band (M. Screams of Aether should fit in too) and lv. 94 Medal (I just reached SoT on this character). Also, components/augments are not final.
Lunal’Valgoth belt is probably better here because of conversion but %spirit, OA, casting speed and energy leech are hard to pass since it’s everything this build needs. I would probably need some fantasy green one to beat the legendary and I’m not feeling like farming it.

~190k DPS with Dying God and Soul Harvest. No big achievements yet, since I’m still leveling it but so far it’s immortal. 6x Scion of Famine (totem) and Valdaran facetanked with no issues. I didn’t even move, but this much should be expected from DE build.

My biggest issue with Dreadwalker is lack of casting speed on Off-Hand (just replace cooldown reduction with it since DE builds don’t need it). Also, “6% health restored” on final set bonus is just a sad joke when every tick of DE pretty much fills your health bar. This bonus should be replaced by either total speed, casting speed or even DA - all of them fit thematically with the skill (“empowering your vile powers”) and DE builds need it.
btw. what’s up with all those items increasing ADctH for DE? It’s the last thing this skill needs, maybe except some funky acid meme builds (vitality version has plenty of it and aether builds don’t rely on it as much because they have other sources of defence - at least spellbinders and apostates).

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I can not think of ANY off-hand that DOESENT have cdr :slight_smile:
Anyway, cdr affects dying god and mark of torment, needed for both damage and survival.

This is my version (not “published” yet) https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkGyv6N

Yeah it is kinda nuts how much adcth vit DE can stack.

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Yeah, but I’d rather take casting speed than cdr (or any stat on Dreadwalker off-hand), if I had to choose. That was my point.
Casting speed increases damage and survival more than any amount of cdr. I can barely cap it with Dying God on my legendary setup so it would be nice to have another ~10% as safety margin.

Greens :unamused: At least shoulders can be farmed while hunting for the medal but so it’s not that bad.
But why Possession? Skill Disruption is nice but not necessary for vit DE imo (we have hefty vit decay so damage doesn’t stop completely when we get interrupted), dmg absorption is nice but DE is tanky af anyway. Meanwhile, Harbinger has everything we need. I tried Ill Omen but it’s counter-productive with DE’s short reach. Also, why Uroboruuk for relic? Impurity has nice proc and it’s fully converted to vitality - seems like a better choice. I’m still considering it but OA from Solael’s Malice is important, damage falls off quickly with DE when you don’t crit.

Other than that, it looks nice. It’s definitely better defensively than my version. Maybe I’m chasing DPS too hard.

And the best part is - you don’t need it. DE alone provides more than enough.
It’s almost like Crate intended DE to be a support/filler skill to quickly heal/sustain yourself while other stuff in on CD (like Doom Bolt or Devastation) and not to be constantly channelled. Ridiculous energy cost also suggests this.
But then you have 3 node skill that requires a lot of investment to make it decent - too much for a filler skill.

well you have green medal so no idea why you are complaining…
And I have like 200 of those shoulders and pants saved with decent affiex I did not even took my best one for this to keep it somewhat reasoable, you get so many while doing SR so why not use them? The medal is the hardest item to get for sure.

Farming nemesis shoulders and legs in Campaign?hehe no way

Also, the rule 4 states you can use whatever item you want as long as full epic set is used.

I kinda switch between Possession and Harbinger, not sure what I like the most.

Casting speed.

I have done SR 80 with it. In 1.1.8 patch that is.
For regular Campaign play you do not need the DR from Possession for sure.

Anyway, I wanna do more testings etc before i post the build in its “final form” etc :slight_smile: it was nice to see yours as a comparison!

Well, there’s no good replacement for it. Perhaps, M. Undying Oath but I don’t have one lying around.
I don’t use mods so I don’t keep greens in stash (unless something drops for a build that I already have), only interesting legendaries. I like MIs for leveling but I avoid builds that have them in final setups, unless it’s specified that affixes don’t matter. Recently I spent some hours trying to find some decent Yeti Horn for my Elementalist and I gave up because nothing was as good as my lv70 double-rare…

Is it worth it, though? 6% casting speed vs ~200 OA from Solael’s Decimation. DE relies on crits a lot.

My version certainly lacks optimization, but it’s because Dreadwalker is just there to fill the gap until I find last two legendaries for my “final setup”.

Too bad for you then. Just because you do not play with mods don’t mean that others are not allowed to. The items exists in the game and I have farmed a lot to get them :slight_smile:

yeah mean OA like this? :wink: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4NOLamY2 I just changed components and augments and shoulder. Thing is, I do not wanna use “living armor” and stuff until I know what to do. Build is still in testing phase. I got side tracked and 2 more patches has come so I have to catch up.

That will also be interesting to see. I have made several DE builds, and have one “final setup” for vit DE already that I am playing from time to time. I kinda made this just for some kind of comparison. Kinda “ok happy” with it but can be improved.

I missed to comment on this:

you do not steal life from vit decay, so you have to rely on the procs for sustain during disrupt, stunned, frozen etc.

I’m not criticizing you for it. Just explaining my situation and reasoning for using as little greens as possible. I’m playing self-found and I don’t have unlimited stash so I use what I drop or can obtain in a reasonable amount of time.

Not sure. I’m having some doubts about it because that setup loses ~200% vit damage and ~400% aether damage, which is a lot. But it has some procs, an aura, maxed casting speed (with dying god at least), 10% more vit RR, stronger Sigils more phys res, armor and probably better resistances.
It should be tankier and have more sources of damage at the expense of DE’s damage.

I solved this problem with Sigils which also help when I have to stop DE to apply RR and proc Soul Harvest (although, Bone Harvest fills my HP, too). Between procs (scales devotion, items) and sigils I can stay alive for noticeable amount of time even while doing nothing.
Better CC resist is definitely needed, but I will worry about it when I’ll start doing deep SR. What I have now is enough to survive nemesis, roque-like dungeons and Celestial Totems.

Stormserpent Saboteur = https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26rBXb2

Success = consistent death. It hardly kills Morgoneth, can complete 65-66 with a few deaths :smiley: I mean really it’s not even rougelike farmer, no guarantee that you kill Gargabol etc. I wouldn’t even dare to say it can complete some end-game ‘‘content’’ safely. You can kill totems at tops.