Epic Compendium of Epic set Builds

Anyone heard anything from @Ulvar1 ? He is absent for nine consecutive days and didn’t reply to the messages. I only know he lives in Norway so I don’t have any contact to ask if he’s okay. Just curious though, maybe he is taking a break from the game&forum. Hope he is okay.

I knew I wasn’t imagining he’s become inactive for some days now. But I mean lots of shit can eat all the time (yeah, even to drop by a forum), so I guess we’ll hear from him sometime soon. (in before he posts tomorrow “hoo boy that was a good vacation”)

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I don’t know if it would qualify, as it is still a WIP and hasn’t proven anything yet, but here’s my Shieldbreaker build using the Blazeseer set :slight_smile:


It’s been two weeks, we might have lost a die-hard fan :confused:

Hm, yeah, if he’s absent for 2 weeks, then it’s for a good reason. We can only hope he’s not fallen ill to fucking corona or some shit, cus I haven’t heard something particularly bad was going on in Norway (although corona seems to be rather tame there).

maybe he found a girlfriend

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While the fewmet “set” is not technically one you obviously can’t use the offhand without the gloves so in that sense it IS a set. Does that one qualify? I have been looking high and low for anything and anyone taking those 2 item seriously but haven’t found anything. And while I have 2 very different approaches that can easily clear SR 75-76 I’d hate to submit them only for them to not qualify…

Some Baldir theorycraft :thinking:
skills: Guardians, Blade Arc, Judgment
damage types: Physical, Bleeding
class: Warlord
purpose: for fun

I hope 3 sped up, converted Guardians stacking their and Blind Fury’s dots (when 2 different Guardians proc it one after another) can carry it somewhat. Blade Arc power I don’t know because I’ve never played it.

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I thought the attack speed bonus was for you (like, once you have a guardian out, you get the bonus). Does it really affect the Guardians ?
And if so, does it also affect you ?

And if so, how good is this thing: Ascendant Authority - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database (grimtools.com) Because that sounds like a really big bonus

Attack speed on tome of names is only for guardians and do not affect the player.


All Guardian items are good because Guardians are good on their own so it’s worth it to boost them.
Rekt has build with them [] [HC] Guardians & Blade Spirits, fire pet Dervish (sr65+, cr170, vids)
Other version of this would be for example Ember’s Calling + Barthollem Gavel

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Can this set qualify?
Deathly Miasma

Owner of the thread is missing for a long time, presume dead and expected to reincarnate as another new forum member in a few months.


Certain someone said Ulvar was the reincarnation of Malawiglenn.


Who’s that ahem ahem :thinking:

@RektbyProtoss Maybe not these words but he was asking Ulvar whether he’s not Mala. And there are similarities.
If I’m not mistaken, both are from Scandinavia and both are doing hard sciences professionally.

malawi is a swedish math teacher, ulvar is a norwegian physicist teaching at a uni or sth like that iirc


So we can expect a Danish Astrophysicist GD player from Reddit or Discord as a new member :stuck_out_tongue:


Malawi is “sweet” boy and Ulvar “no way” is the same. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Now we need someone to “finish” the saga.


Physics is basically a ton of math and Norway is close enough to Sweden.

Checkmate non glenn believers.

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