[] [HC] Guardians & Blade Spirits, fire pet Dervish (sr65+, cr170, vids)

Welcome to another of my HC collection build guides featuring the fire dervish with player scaled pets, the closest to a working hybrid build that you can get in Grim Dawn imo.

^ingame stats ( with all permant buffs & Pneumatic Burst & Ascension up, DPS shown is Stormfire




YouTube playlist

Highlight video from patch

vs dummy ~19s

first tries vs:

Gladiator Crucible of the Dead on patch


This char was part of a SSF speed challenge to get to SR 50 on ultimate asap. For that I leveled it with acid and Ganar’vakkar’s stings like this.

If you wanna level as fire, just level as an Oathkeeper with Vire’s Might like this.


Core of this build are the Magi Visage (target farmable in Tomb of the Heretic), Ascendant Authority (target farmable from Terrnox and Valaxteria) and the Conduit of Night Whispers with the fire blade spirit prefix (blueprint target farmbable from the TotH vendor). The rest is flexible, but you really want to get guardians and blade spirits to 24+ points for an additional spawn. Blazeseer’s set fits very nicely. Note that redeemer’s prefix on the helmet is NOT nessessary to play this.


cold Vire’s Might meme Dervish: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2MGvYQZ

Feedback & Final Words

Build is pretty good as it is imo, obviously crucible time is not competitive for SC speedruns especially as AoE damage is mediocre. Single target damage from guardians on crack is pretty good though imo. Survivability can sometimes be a little iffy. Anyway hope you guys enjoy this build, have fun and happy farming! :smiley:


Is this build Fabius viable?

:rofl: it is :stuck_out_tongue:

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Cool. Did the same but with the 2h hammer that loaded +4 to Blade spirit. Never did the math though to see if the increased AS trumps another guardian. :clap::+1: well done.

Can this build kill Rekt ByProtoss? :scorv:

Loving the fire BS builds I’ve been seeing on the forums lately.

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ofc it can :rofl:

Whalexander :scorv:

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Thanks for this build, I just finished levelling my Dervish to try it out and it really is a lot of fun.

Scary, but fun :smile:

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