V1.1.9.2 Discussion

in reply to @thepowerofmediocrity and with some of my thoughts and tests.

so, I really went for testing Malakor tactician and made this build:

my results were 5:11 (the best one), 5:23, 6+ and … that’s all. Out of more than 20+ runs, I completed only 3.
as you can see, the build has a few serious problems.

  • very hard to gather all stats, mostly OA. Despite having 2 green items with HUGE bonuses to it, I barely reach 2700 with perma buffs.
  • low phys resist, and if we take some legendary shoulders with it, we lose stats again.
  • most gear is kinda meh in terms of bonuses/resists, and it’s impossible to get high ranks in, say, DM and in Soldier in general.

what could be done?

  • rework the gloves (as they’re the only gloves with ele flat that support mele builds). Mods to PB and Guardians are redundant (never seeen them being used, actually). They can be replaced with extra targets to Cadence and/or sth that useful. Pierce resist can be replaced with vitality/poison, or at least one of them should be added, as well as some % or flat OA. Adding bonuses to Cadence/DM also would help.
  • maybe rework Malakor into scepter, or at least change its base from phys to elemental. Replace +1 to Demo with +1 to Soldier/Inq as Demo makes to sense here.
  • Speaking about Boots of Primordial Rage, stun resist could be replaced with slow, and some phys res (like 3%) could be added. Proc on boots can be buffed too as it’s almost inconsiderable now.
  • Speaking about Seal of Resonance, I think it’s time to replace 15% sleep resist with slow. Sleep is sth that almost non-exists in the game now, and slow is incredibly valuable.

I agree the Nightblade / Pneumatic Burst bonuses don’t make sense, but I do use the gloves in my Fire Rune of Hagarrad + Guardians build. You can laugh at my 6:30 time all you want, but outside of Lost Souls with the newly buffed Skeletons, this is the fastest I’ve ever done Crucible. If someone can find a way to fit the amulet that gives RR to Censure and Guardians while keeping the survivability, it could be a reasonably competitive (as in sub-5:30 Crucible time) build in the hands of someone with a good set-up who actually likes rune play.

Glad you tried this out, I actually didn’t bother making in game when I saw how low base OA was (like 2400-2500 range without of attack greens). Sounds like if you get it, damage isn’t mega awful? I run into this a bunch when I’ve plugged in ranged elemental tacticians as well.

DM ranks I flagged in the elemental witchblade as well. It’s basically kuba pants and then some soldier +1s, can’t get the skill elsewhere on that damage type.


The damage is not that bad as I expected, though still not super-great. Stats and sustain are a huge problem.
Also, we have limited DW enablers as well.

Can understand this being a problem, I’ve had OA problems on Inquisitors before too where I’ve had to use Storm Box/Biting Cold DA shred or Deadly Aim as a bandaid. Have you thought about squeezing some more OA in devotion somewhere? Maybe dropping Seru in favour of Blind Sage + Ulzuin’s Torch path or something similar.

Is the SR set usable here at all? Or is that going to just be too much of a damage/OA loss?

Agreed. As thepowerofmediocirty pointed out in the other topic, the Soulfire bonuses also seem weird and could be removed when Empyrion’s Mercy exists. Overload could also be changed as well to something that helps Elemental melee more like IEE. I think it makes sense for Malakor to solely be a Soldier/Inquisitor/Arcanist melee weapon.

Just for the sake of adding details, I feel I should point out that this build

by @RektbyProtoss is using both of these skill mods.

I also use this mod on vitality Guardians Sentinel (of all things). And lets not forget about Pyran.

I feel tgat no. SR set seems relevant now only for some deep sr crawlers, and here you loose too many stats and damage.
Not worth it.

I wanted to give a more broad and general feedback, but one particular thing to reiterate is the new Jacks modes:

3-4% leech and 7% WD mods for some Jacks items did literally nothing to the skill.

I’ve updated my Harra Jacks with this:

This build kills a dummy in 7 secs so the dmg output for a target is very good. But the leech is almost non-existent. I can’t even facetank a solo Kuba with it. And mind you this build worked quite well with half-converted Bat bound to Jacks. HALF, Carl.

Suggestion: multiply all new leech sources for Jacks by 3 or even 4. I’m not joking, it’s that bad.

Spam Jacks will never break any records because you need to focus all your dmg on solo bosses. Even if the build listed above could survive it would’ve barely crossed 5 min mark. So i’d say it’s very safe to give spam jacks almost infinite leech. The playstyle is fun, skill demanding, doesn’t break the game but rn it just doesn’t work.


Would personally love to see this implemented. Would make for some very fun builds.


Skellies with a stance selector!!! Please.


The problem havocs is crazy OA and very small crit damage. I think that very specific relic such as Azrakaas Epoch can get 5-10% crit damage. Also It would also be nice to increase radius to 5 meter (possible with reduced summon limit)

I continue to talk about ranged cadence.
I tested Valdun Tactician https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4VxrMEEN and have only 2 problems.
Amulet - when the most items fire/cold/lightning resist change to elemental resist this amulet not changed.
And…110 piercing damage to cadence…this is terrible. Change this to some % weapon damage.

I also found a possible bug. The devotion Crab have only 40% phys/IT damage that a small for T2 devotion.

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Can we get a look at some of the level 90 jewelry augments? I can’t say for sure that people don’t use them but from my experience making builds without those bonuses to OA or DA is extremely difficult. Some examples include Witch’s Black Flame, Irrah’s Patience, Heart of Ugdenbog, Basilisk’s Gaze, Basilisk’s Bite.

Basically any augments that don’t have OA or DA, that are not pet or retaliation focused, needs to be looked at and receive much better stats to compensate for the lack of OA/DA. Or simply just slap OA/DA on them.

A few others, like Ateph’s Promise, should get buffed as well because they don’t provide any substantial benefit over something like Arcanum Dust. In that particular example Typhoon Powder is just straight up better.


More like a bug fix request rather than feedback.
Item skill Void soul doesn’t spread even if it says spreads to nearby enemy in it’s description.
Please make it to spread as it suggests, this pretty much spoils the skill value.

Voidsoul Bulwark

Void Soul (30% Chance on Block)
A tormented soul infests your foe and rapidly spreads its suffering to nearby enemies.

it spreads, just seems like there is no real animation/debuff symbol

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Can Canister Bomb get some conversions that do not lock you into a weapon? I’m looking at Lightning (basically requires Barrelsmith) and Fire (all but one conversion on weapons only).

It would be nice to see some of those conversions on Medals, Amulets, or literally any other slot to facilitate using some other weapons.

tell me how you struggle to get fire conversion for canister https://www.grimtools.com/db/search?query=fire%20damage%20to%20canister&in_description=1&exact_match=0 ?? image
global pierce convers https://www.grimtools.com/db/advsearch?query=N4Igxg9gdgbgpgJwM4EtoHoAKLFjgWgDEUE4QAuUAWxSgoEYBfAGhAAcAbAQwE9EAZOPA4VqtCgA4ADC3DR4yNHUohsuAsVKiQNZU0aMgA

speaking about Malakor’s Infusion again, I wanna point out the following:
while 70 ele flat to Field Command is quite a nice bonus, ele flat to AoC seems very weak as it applies to aura itself, not to player’s flat. And as we all know, AoC’s damage is quite bad and does almost nothing.
So in addition to previous suggestions, I suggest the following:

  • increase ele flat to Field Command to 120 and add 3-4% phys resists to FC to it (similar to Dreadweaver’s mod)
  • increase RR to AoC to -10% and remove flat.

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