V1.1.9.2 Discussion

We hope by now that heads have had an opportunity to cool after v1.1.9.1, so let’s talk v1.1.9.2.

As usual, this is your opportunity to work with us on upcoming changes and draw our eye to problems you perceive exist in the game’s balance.

If you’d like to draw our attention to any glaring issues, this thread is an excellent chance!

Let’s get a few things out of the way. We are aware that Uroboruuk’s Reaping granted skill is overtuned. Overall, we are happy with the changes to the ability and liked seeing the variety of damage types that took advantage of the relic. Our goal for v1.1.9.2 will be to reel in the overperformers while embracing the relic’s new-found identity as a multi-damage supporter.

Another thing we are already taking a look at is the performance of some Epic quality sets. We noticed a thread has popped up on this topic recently, and we’ve already taken a look inside so thank you for your feedback.

A few other things of note…

  • Vire’s Might: increased Physical damage and removed Pierce damage. Some damage types struggled to convert the Pierce damage, so rather than sprinkling the conversion on more item modifiers, we’ve decided to simply bake it into the base skill. Any existing Pierce conversion modifiers for Vire’s Might will be removed.
  • Updated Jump Attack animation speed for 1h-melee and 2h-melee to match the speed used when dual wielding. This animation is used in many WPS skills and granted weapon attacks from items and components, as well as Soldier’s Markovian’s Advantage, and should result in a roughly 34% improvement.
  • Kraken: increased % Attack Speed to 26% and % Cast Speed to 10%
  • Increased drop rate of Ugdenbloom from Rotting Stumps and Ugdenbog Golems, for real this time. Previously change only affected Ashes of Malmouth and not Forgotten Gods.

Feel free to post any builds you’ve been working on that you feel could use a bump. Note that we may not agree with every suggestion, particularly suggestions for How a build should be buffed.

The most valuable information to provide would be a GrimTools link and where you feel the build struggles, whether that’s survivability or damage, and whether you are testing your performance in the Crucible or the Shattered Realm.

Please be considerate of others posters and, as usual, set reasonable expectations for what a build should be capable of (an indestructible vitality build probably shouldn’t be pushing sub 6 minutes in the Crucible, nor does a 5 minute build need buffs).

Following the guidelines from the Posting Feedback thread applies:


Here is my feedback on various vitality and bleeding items/concepts and archetypes if you’ve missed it.

But I also like to add one more thing,

Mad Queen Claw ; right now this weapon is overshadowed by Misery in Dervish builds and crushed by Venomblade set in Witch Hunters. It’s specs are not that important when you consider other alternatives. Plus it drops from a real queen :stuck_out_tongue:

It has high crit damage and %30 chance on crit proc which are not useful in most acid builds because you hardly reach 2800 OA most of the time.

Same as modifiers. %18 WD on belgothian shears is okay but 40 flat and %25 crit damage on Whirling Death is not much crucial.

My suggestion is; add Markovian Advantage modifier to it, %100 physical converted into acid and some flat along with skill points; so Acid Cadence conduit would have a weapon to use in Blademasters and MQC’s gain DA shred to utilize crit damages. Maybe +1 Occultist instead of blood of dreeg bonusses because making DW Witch Hunter means you use beronath for AA.

So it should have something worthy of it’s name.

And thanks for all the support on GD after all these patches! looking forward to new changes on epic sets. (Don’t forget jewels)


Already have a thread on phasebreaker/elemental cadence to get it to a good spot, so maybe just a request for lightning fire strike mod? Currently the only way to get it is either barrelsmith guns or 3 pieces on non-ideal helm+chest+necklace to global convert fire damage. Barrelsmith gets global conversion and a WPS but nothing otherwise to firestike and ends up underwhelming damage (also a mad_lee throwback request here, even on FS build I was running out of energy. Guns really could use some regen). Global route blocks chaos conversion on dagallon, and chaos to lightning is not available on guns. Probably an easier approach to support lightning damage ranged than getting savagery up to snuff.

And then reiterate request for some shaman aether RR on veilkeeper/source that can be used with veilkeeper. Couldn’t get it to feel usable on druid in SR75, deaths to non-aetherial high aether resist targets, while aether primal strike works. Mild RR on latter isn’t going to blow it out of performance line either.


I’m currently playing a Winter King Cold Pets build and it’s doing really well. However, i don’t have the full conversion of Physical to Cold damage because i opted for the full Beastcaller Set. I’m not complaining about that as it was my own choice but what i don’t understand is why the Winter King items aren’t a two piece set? If they are meant to work with each other to achieve full conversion then why not incentivize that by making them a two piece set with some minor bonus? Something like +3 to Night’s Chill and +3 to Conjure Primal Spirit? Primal Spirit certainly could use an alternative source of points to reach its maximum potential and Night’s Chill is just good for the build.

Also, i have seen people asking for the Pet bonuses to be removed because they are worthless. That’s not the case, at all. It’s perfectly possible to make a good Cold Pet build with the items (together and independently) so there’s no reason to kill build variety with a change like that. The items have a unique and riskier playstyle for Pets but they are highly satisfying to play with. Please, don’t make such changes. Edit: I forgot the Grim Tools link.


a very nice beginning, this will make building more simple.

as for other thoughts and suggestions …

Solael’s Devourer - I’d like to suggest adding some flat mana regen to it (like 5-6). this is a 2h weapon designed for channeling skill, and FoI needs a metric ton of mana for sustain (w/o Voidsoul’s mods).

Targo’s Craft - wrote about it before. Some extra resists like elemental, bleed, poison would be great as set terribly lacks them. Also it would be great to see some more pierce support besides %damage, maybe some pierce flat to BA.

LD - wrote a feedback about it [Suggestion] Light's Defender set could get some QoL and damage buffs but nothing was implemented in the current patch. Set looks very underwhelming. Adding some phys res and +1 projectile to SJ (and also increasing flat on gloves) would be a great addition.

Stun Jacks as a skill still could use some love. Almost all modifiers are about adding electrocute, so I’d wanna see some flat bonuses to it too as it will help sustaining.

Forcewave - would be great if the 70% wd mod from green axe is moved to the skill itself as now FW is very-very mediocre and loses to all 2H skills. Some extra support to lightning/cold/ele FWs would be welcomed too.

Catasclysm set - [Feedback/suggestion] Cataclysm set could get some serious buffs wrote another feedback about it. Set is still trash-tier and lacks useful conversions and bonuses to become viable.

Spellscourge set - the resists change on shield was meaningless as neither vit nor bleed res are needed. Better add some phys res on the shield (6-12%), increase a bit LL on Devastation. Maybe add some RR proc to the set (with % or -% RR as build still struggles w/o it).

Mageslayer set - could surely get some phys res too.

Blazeheart - can’t stop saying that RR mod to SS is cancerous and having 2 active RR skills on a melee build is PITA (and one of them has 6 sec cd). So maybe it will be moved to Ill Omen or sth like that.

Mythical Vortex of Souls - adding aether RR to Wind Devils would be cool for aether shaman builds (ritualist and druid).

Hyrian constellation - wanna suggest changing its completion bonus to 2 purple/green instead of blue. maybe remove retal and add more ele damage to it.

Stormrend - some AS would be cool.


Or we can drop the baseline CD or extend the baseline duration. The 6sec CD is rough even when you have mods to drop the CD…

Definitely! I think I mentioned this in the earlier hotfix threads and it will help out for sure. Maybe some extended duration for WD too?


Flat energy leech should be sufficient, plus it would fit the theme of “Devourer”


Some actual evidence would be nice. Because if AlkamosHater phys FW Warlord is to go by, this seems like an unnecessary buff to a build that is already strong.

Not happening after that Aether Druid PS doing 5 minutes with this rifle.


Can I just say how awesome it is that you guys are supporting this game 5 years after release? Just awesome


A few things I have in mind at this stage.

  • The Pierce Goredorinker Tactician has a weaker One hand Renged weapon than the Paladin and does not perform as well as the Paladin. Check the mods for weapons and shields. Also, consider changing the Fighting Form bonus to Cadence, which is too much for other bleeding items.

  • Shattering Smash seems to be a little too strong. I think you should revise the base weapon % damage or some item mods.

  • CT Build has few options for One hand weapons. I recently thought about trying the Harra CT and Retal CT, but nothing satisfied me, so I decided not to build them.

  • Gildor’s Guard is rarely used. Everyone uses the Dread Armor of Azragor. These need to be reviewed.
    I think Gildor’s Guard should at least change the proc to when hit. However, if that is all, Azragor still wins. It may not be a good idea, but if the conversion from physical to vit is added to Azragor, it will no longer be used in physical retal build, creating the possibility that vit retal build will work chance.

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I think this is a stonefist and physical thing, maybe fire is performing well too with justice set? Kinda want to try other FW options because my experience with arcanor was not too hot either, but afan might already know.

To be fair he didn’t ask for a buff to that build! :smile: 15% RR wouldn’t blow that out, but man vortex is already a strong tool with racial so idk. Maybe put an RR mod for wind devils or devouring swarm on a necklace. Would block aether PS from using it and make me sad, while helping out veilkeeper and not adding more mods to it.

Edit: derp, forgot you need savagery conduit already

The real thing that performs well is demo’s bwc, Sharzul’s proc and fire constellations as well. The damage from fw itself is pretty mediocre.

and aether Savagery still eats dust, even with passthrough and Veilkeeper.

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Rune of Kalastor.
Suggestion: change physical damage to pierce damage on Rune of Kalastor. (and give conversion to Octavius and change conversions on appropriate items). And also give like 0.5 meter radius to projectiles.
It helps to Octavius, because of converted physical.
Runes have very specific gameplay, really almost noone likes playing it. I tried RoK build not so far and it’s hell to fight with Iron Maiden and Fabius, both are like raidbosses, very dangerous and resistant.
So it needs supportive stuff. With pierce base it would have been easier to build with 2 runes and without “modified” items (btw still players have to find out how to get poits for all runes nods and Artifact handling.

And my build with fire RoK:
Squishy and could be easily killed in in cruci, and 5 min with positive mutators for full aoe is very poor

And bonus, how it usually behave with IM and Fabius in SR (yeah, could play better, but still)


Then all chaos RoK items needs to change as well.

Can you show a current physical RoK build that struggles?

Then all chaos RoK items needs to change as well.

This is literally 1 offhand

Can you show a current physical RoK build that struggles?

Can you show me RoK builds that overperforms?

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Can you do the math also how much less damage physical RoK now deals against a 2k armor and a 3k armor mob? Compared to previous patch and your proposal.

The 1.5 second delay before RoH and RoK start seems outdated to be honest. I think a lot of builds would benefit if they were shortened a bit.

Apart from that, Fabius seems to be a bit too phenomenal these days. Almost all my characters have +30-40 over resist, 2.8-3.1K DA, and 12-15k Life, but still some builds die instantly to his blow. Perhaps this is due to too much DA Debuff from VoS and BS? If anyone else feels the same way, I think this should be mitigated.

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updated my 1st post.

Can you do the math

No, I cant.
My proposal was to add diversity to elemental runes building, and really needed buff for aoe. I don’t know how to explain it in a simple way, but noone uses it literally. Octavius buff is just a small extra for non-overperforming build.

Also some Jewerly auguments need some love.
Sorry I wont give examples here, but you can easilly check my words using random forum builds.
Main idea 2% OA/DA is MUCH LOWER than 70-75 OA/DA, and we expect to get some stats for casual builds ( I wont discourse about resistant, pet, shield and defensive auguments here, only common for AA/casters)
So, OA and DA usually are about 2.5-3k. It contains base stat multipled by percentage bonus. Lets take 2800 as example. As an example I assume we have 20% bonus (btw Oleron’s rage and inner focus give 12-14% and more stat bonus for just 1 skill). So for 2800 it is ~2300 flat stat and 500 gained as percentage bonus.
Having 2% OA on jewerly, we get 46 OA in general. But have 70 OA we get 70*1.2=84 stat in general.
Certainly numbers are difficult depending on build, but not that much.

My conclusion that 70 stat>3% stat and close to 4%.

I divided augs for several groups:

OKIsh and standart

Nothing to say, they have damage, oa/da and flat or hp


Not to be nerfed and rarely these bonuses are needed, but interesting augs I think sligtly more valuable that average


Arcane heart - as I said, it 100% should be 3% OA or 10 flat dmg+4%
Steelboom powder - as Arcane, 3% or 4% with 10 flat
Basilisk’s bite - vit and bleed damage always need stats, and I really think that 3% DA needed here. Or at least 2%.
Witches black flame - chaos has Osyr’s temper, fire needs bonuses. 3% OA needed, At least 2%


On one hand it has HP, on the other hand not that much. I think 3% OA would be ok


Blazeheart - can’t stop saying that RR mod to SS is cancerous and having 2 active RR skills on a melee build is PITA (and one of them has 6 sec cd). So maybe it will be moved to Ill Omen or sth like that.

I don’t understand this, Blazeheart only has one active skill with a RR mod and if you’re referring to thermite mines then don’t play Demolitionist. Ill Omen’s cooldown is also long at 5 second.

Regardless, I enjoy my Blazeheart Defiler, and wouldn’t want to see it changed.

Definitely needs to be tuned down a lot. I honestly hate fighting him more than any other boss in SR.

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