>< Son of a Slith, 2H Acid Blademaster. SR 75-76 (Beware Meme Hazard)

Hi everyone. I did this build just for experiment. At first it started, as you all can predict (because there is a conduit amulet right?) 2H Acid Cadence Blademaster. But it was one of the worse experiences I’ve had with a character. I suggest no one to try this. Maybe I did something wrong but it even struggled in main campaign. Then I didn’t give up and made this one; quite playable, can’t say super fun but it’s okay; here is the results.

Images from the game with perma auras and Lethal Assault buff.


  • No need to explain everything throughly since it’s a meme; as I felt how this can be squishy with previous version; I choosed to wear SR set with this one, my main focus was hardcapping Lethal Assault and Merciless Repertoire to compensate the damage and went a ordinary but offensive acid devotion route.

  • There is only one MI which I used it to cap slow resistance and get some laceration points along with AS.

  • With good MI’s and Acid related items dps can be improved a bit for crucible maybe but then probably can’t even finish :slight_smile:

  • You may ask why not Oleron’s Rage? It differs 200ish OA and %17 Absorption and more flat damage is better than that since there is no proper crit damage nor crit based proc.

PS to all: Even with upcoming ‘‘nerf’’ to Reaping Arc; Acid WH or Dervish with any other 2H acid weapon will probably outperform this.

Here SR 76 Boss Room video, build can do 75-76 within timer and relatively safe but kinda slow so no need to push further. Aleksander and Kuba can be tough with bad mutators.

PS to Z: As you can see Slithbane performs better as Blade Arc without any modifier so it is not suitable to utilize Conduit of the Warring Whispers’ Acid Cadence variant. We definitely need Dual Wielding to make it atleast playable with Blademasters. Which I again repeat my suggestion on Mad Queen Claws;

So Acid Cadence variant can have weapons and Mad Queen Claws get it’s well deserved love. Because otherwise no one really try to farm MQC to use it in Dervish or even WH. And we don’t want a hard-to-get MI to be a meme only. But ofc if you wanna change some other one-handed acid weapon to be used with Cadence, I guess no one can argue. But MQCs really deserve to be worthy weapons as Mad Queen herself.


Acid blade arc. You have really gone far down the meme rabbit hole. And i mean that as a compliment!

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Even with %60 phys>acid conversion it’s better… I mean better than Acid Cadence lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I think if toons can speak, my Blademaster won’t stop cursing at me like ‘‘Stop respec-ing me constantly f****r.’’ :smiley:


“install GD stash”

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I scare to become Duchy if I install GDstash :smiley:


Just make an OFF build, it is a good first step!


Join the Dark Side, immense powers will be bestowed you! We just need your soul… :wink: