[Suggestion!] About Some Obsolete Conduit Amulet Variants

  • Conduit of Night Whispers / Lightning Amarasta’s Blade Burst variant


This is the most recent one. The only possible use is to have more cold>lightning conversion. Lightning ABB is not even meme because you literally can’t get skill points.


  1. If cold>lightning conversion have some use that I can’t think of, change skill and make it Lightning Blade Spirits instead, atleast that will have some use and some elemental damage items provide skill bonus to it.

  2. If the conversion is not crucial for players, then my suggestion is to make it Vitality ABB with Acid>Vitality conversion as top affix. Because Pierce>Vitality conversion already exist on Blade Trap variant and physical>vitality conversion exists on plenty of amulets.

  • Conduit of Divine Whispers / Aether Ascension variant


I really can’t think this amulet’s use instead the one provides -%15 Aether RR on Guardians. Maybe I’m wrong, if so please enlighten me because I never saw anyone use this.


  1. Lightning Damage, literally same Ascension variant but Lightning instead Aether.

  2. Fire Shattering Smash with some flat RR on it(like 25, or modifier can convert the flat RR without that?) . There is a lot of item that support S&B fire archetype but it’s really hard to get physical>fire conversion since no Exclusive skill has it and you get %50-60 at tops with gears and components. So it’s good to have completely converted Shattering Smash for Burn Stacking. But I don’t know what should be the conversion prefix, lots of amulet provide %10 average phys>fire conversion so maybe vitality>fire? Which is rare and might help to convert bat when combined with other items.

  3. Vitality EoR. It’s exist only on a 2H Axe without AS, maybe people try DW version of it with conduit amulet.

  • Conduit of Warring Whispers / Aether Counter Strike Variant


Seriously, this is beyond meme. If someone wants to use Counter Strike such build, Fleshwarped Core converts almost all physical into aether with good rolls.


  1. Fire Counter Strike.(or maybe cold, it would be better than Aether)

  2. Complete change with Lightning Blade Arc. I’m aware there is not much weapon alternative, maybe change +4 Cadence on Fist of Ultos to +4 BA. A bit strained but Stormreaver needs some rework and we all know Cadence spamming with a Hybrid DoT stacker archetype is really not reliable.

  • Conduit of Warring Whispers / Lightning Forcewave variant


This is a cool idea but there is no 2H weapon to use with, only possible candidate is Ultos Axe but I don’t see anyone make lightning forcewave with Warder instead using PS or even Savagery with WPS, and there are also items that supports lightning Cadence.


  1. A new Forcewave item for lightning damage and casting speed, maybe one supports Tacticians and Commando’s aswell.

  2. Change it to Vitality Forcewave, if it’s gonna be meme, atleast it will be a new meme :crazy_face: Though with proper affixes Obsidian War Cleaver can be used since chaos>vitality conversion also not hard to get.

  3. Change it to Acid Forcewave and add casting speed to Slithbane because that weapon has no use for Cadence. Even half converted BA is better because I tested it.

Thanks for reading, any comment and feedback is welcome. You can also add other conduit variants you see no use of. So please don’t hesitate to express your feelings about these suggestions and warn me if I overlooked something.


I’ve tried at least twice to puzzle this one out since the change and every time it just confounds me. If it stays as Lightning ABB, I honestly think it’d be better if it were Acid->Lightning conversion instead as it’s far easier to get Cold->Lightning through gear than the reverse, even if you don’t convert all of the Cold part, the dual damage types line up perfectly with Stormserpent. We don’t even have global Acid->Lightning conversion anywhere at the moment so at the present time, that Acid damage is more or less stuck there.

Or just make it both 100% Cold and Acid converted to Lightning, the Lightning and Aether Shadow Strike Conduits do this for their damage types.

Edit: Was inspired to try another attempt: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/L2JRplj2. Looks ok on paper but takes some ridiculous gear. I doubt it’ll be particularly strong in practice.


Yeah, I tried too. And yes Acid>Lightning conversion might be useful for non-SS lightning nightblades.

Strongly agree on ABB and Ascension mods. I knew the old ABB one wouldn’t last (was practically BiS for acid variation), but lightning - why? Lightning Shadow Strike at least has support in Stormserpent, for which I have a draft that looks rather promising at least (https://www.grimtools.com/calc/8NKGdJpN). Lightning Blade Spirits sound like a not a bad idea!

As for aether Ascension mod, yeah, all aether support for OK occupies the same amulet slot. First of all, aether Oathkeeper has Bonemonger. Secondly, if not using the set, you’d probably want to use -RR conduit. And thirdly, aether EoR also has it’s conduit. I believe the only time I’ve seen this used is mainly for conversion of flat aether to something else, which is kind of a meme inside a meme. A Memeception if you will.

There’re also others that are rather underwhelming to say the least:

  • aether Vire’s Might - I seriously have no idea why that’s a thing. Most of VM’s damage comes from DoTs and Volcanic Stride, which are made obsolete on aether variant;
  • elemental Aegis of Menhir - this I’m also not sure why exists since we already have pure fire and pure lightning variants;
  • chaos Phantasmal Blades - cooldown based PB’s with no DoTs and no itemization whatsoever? No thanks;
  • elemental Blitz - same as AoM, pretty much. We have fire and cold variants already, so why the need for three-ele? If it was at least lightning, it would start making a bit more sense.

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