>< Put 'Em in a Box, Hit 'Em with an Axe! Storm Box + Lightning Forcewave Tactician. SR 80

Hi everyone; after this feedback thread; I thought maybe I should try harder to make a lightning forcewave. I really search for other weapon but the only 2H one is Ultos’ Stormseeker. Didn’t want to make warder, since using Ultos axe and not focusing on PS or even Savagery is not even meme, it’s self-sabotage. So I went for Tactician, which used an existing character. First I focused on getting FW points but also used Storm Box to get some DA shred. Three things happened after that;

  1. Learned that Lightning Forcewave is meme.
  2. Learned that Stormbox is a very cool skill and can be used with AA skills easily so tried to focus on that.
  3. Used Stormbox as main damage and Lightning Forcewave as filler which resulted better than using Cadence with Stormreaver. lol :crazy_face:

Anyway here is the build;


Images from the game with perma buffs and WoR buff

Tried to craft Helmet and Medal with Slow Resist but haven’t get it in a few tries so just used the best rolls.

At first I decided to focus on solely FW and it was awful, 110k DPS, no leech, squishy as hell. Then went for full Light’s Defender set but kept the FW amulet, the loss wasn’t big as I thought. Then invested some more points into Storm Box and get Ultos instead Spear since set bonus Shard is a good proccer. Resulted much better than I expected, so I don’t know if this disprove Lightning FW as viable option or emphasize the Storm Box’s strenght; decide yourself :slight_smile:

  • Light’s Defender Set and Conduit of Warring Amulet with Lightning FW are core of the build.

  • Ultos’ Stormseeker because there is no alternative.

  • Leggings of Arcane Currents for Storm Box points.

  • Wyrmscale Footguards for AoC points.

  • Scales of Beronath for good stats.

  • Mark of Shadow Queen for AoC bonus and good stats.

  • Time-Flux Band and Allagast Stormgem Lightning Tether points and good stats.

Mentionable Components;

Seal of Skies for extra conversion. Total %70+

Runestone on Helmet and Sanctified Bone on Chest are needed againts high resist enemies.

  • Since it’s single RR class, took Elemental Storm for extra flat RR.

  • Ghoul and Bat are for survival, SBoE procs very well.

  • At first I was using like https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZyG5yA2 with Spear, Tempest + Rhowan’s because there wasn’t any proccer to get Ultos.

  • Then made some changes, wore full light’s defender set and thanks for the final set bonus, I get to use Ultos instead Spear, then utilized extra points to get some speed & physical resist.

Damage differences of FW & Stormbox with full set and 3 piece set for who wonders


Apparently I could just use Chain of Lightning as filler and invest the points in somewhere else :crazy_face:

SR 76 Boss Room with good mutators

No death. Ultos Constellation haven’t been maxed yet here so that’s why exp potion is active. Not perfectly fast or safe but good enough.

SR 80 Boss Room with bad mutators

Died once in every chunk + died two times in boss room to Ramzul lol. The difference between good mutators and bad ones is huge as you can see, wasn’t expecting to struggle this much but Grava is no problem thanks to good racial damage.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome.


I overlooked that the link had Chain Lightning on rmb which I just put to see it’s damage after tests. Originally used SBoE on rmb, so changed the link to avoid misunderstandings.

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Interesting build!

What is Arcane bomb supposed to be bound to ?

And other question: How… viable would that build be with just Chain lightning replacing forcewave entirely ?

Stormtitan’s Charge. %85 Proc Chance. And Hand of Ultos binded to Storm Shard. I made some tweaks after recordings so forgot to fix them again and copied to link without checking :nerd_face:

Well as you can see from the screenshots, Chain Lightning damage is not that bad compared to FW with 2H. With 1H damage will diminish a lot. Though it will allow you to use Ferath’s Cube on off-hand, Aetherbolt Pendant on amulet and maybe Allagast scepter on main-hand to improve Storm Box damage. On the other hand such setup in Tactician would be obsolete. So maybe going Purifier and using cooldown Stun Jacks while spamming Chain and Storm Box would be better.

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