[Suggestion] Elemental Witchblade support

Out here on this one, but I miss vanilla havoc witchblade gunner, so here we go:

Phasebreaker has yet to find a home in a well performing build. Damage is still lowish, and it has only general support (but not +1 for the obvious gun class, which is fine because purifier has a million options)

Horns of Korvaak does see some niche use. Fits great with occultist secondary with chaos and vit conversion, gives +1 all in this witchblade scenario. Built in RR is the weakest type and on witchblade (single RR) it’s not going to do wonders, but it’s still a nice proc

Conduit of Eldritch Whispers is basically going to be required to get the extra 15% elemental RR. Due to resist profiles often being high across all elements, I’ve had extremely low success rate with end game elemental builds that have single class RR.

From there, gear gets very dicey. Elemental cadence has the booby prize chest compared to fateweaver, you get boots, and then pants are either elemental cadence or kuba for deadly momentum. Relic is serenity or plunder’s as nothing class specific fits, which is understandable.

Example gear layout (this is tactician but most of the gear ends up the same and has few occultist support skill options) https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRwWPPN. This tactician also fails to do end game (SR75-76) or crucible as damage is just too low/inconsistent.

This is probably outside the realm of realistic without a new dedicated set, but seeing some elemental cadence gear with +solael witchfire, +second rite, +deadly momentum, and +elemental% to one of the capstones (possession please) would make a huge difference. WPS will still be light but doesn’t matter as much with cadence. Phasebreaker seems like the home for some of these changes, and going soldier and/or occultist focus with it would prevent any purifier shenanigans but still help tactician as well. Basically the Scion of Arcane Force treatment

edit: example doodle, been awhile since I’ve tested so I’ll give this a go in the next day https://www.grimtools.com/calc/mN49p9Q2



I was thinking of something with these pistols for a deceiver. Witchblade at least has Cadence for AA and some flat, as Deceiver is defaulted to Shard of Beronath.

I thought I’d mention that you could consider to swap toad and leviathan for Guardians gaze (cadence) and Ghoul…and possibly pull a couple of points from Second rite for Bloody Pox, as pox is a very good fire-and-forget proccer for something. :man_shrugging:

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So tweaked a few things before in game and then adjusted to ghoul after failing to kill kaisan and fabius


Think I will try weaving in gaze next as you suggested because the sustain is still light. Either way, with 2x insight suffixes, armored and marked mutators, it felt decent in SR75-76 and no deaths with the switch to ghoul and getting used to it. Average mutators it starts to struggle, and something like aethermarked resistant would be a nightmare. Packs melt pretty quick, single target is slower and some nemesis require quite a bit of walking (didn’t hit IM, expecting will also be tough fight. Kuba could not be facetanked and had to be put on the leash). Procs are okay with wps but one point pox does make sense if going gaze to proc it and currents consistently.

Gaze should help sustain but I’d be surprised if they can pull the same dps as Leviathan, so from a damage standpoint it’ll still come up short(er). However it’s closer than I expected based on last time doing this, so some tweaks to the guns may be enough. Elemental damage % to blood of dreeg or possession somewhere and (dreaming) say -8% elemental resist to CoF on the pistols please and thank you.

Latter would also help deceiver since bero shard is super anemic and would need a ton of bumps to carry alone as a gunner.

Kinda surprised how squishy it feels for crazy overcaps + increased res, warcry DR although not great uptime, and possession. That can be fixed easier though if the damage was there otherwise

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Tried this and a version with belt and shoulders having Insight suffix. Haven’t hit a run with Resistant yet somehow, but did hit Aethermarked+Tainted with non-insight version. Was able to do SR75-76, switch to gaze improved survival so no death, although still need to hit Kuba on this version. Damage was definitely lacking however without Insight procs (and uncapped attack speed)

Having recently come from Elemental Firestrike, I’d say this is close, certainly closer than I thought when last tried, but still lacking and needs dream rolls on 3 greens to get damage to what I’d call modern ranged levels (which still falls behind melee and caster fwiw). I do actually like ranged cadence when the damage is there for the railgun effect that you don’t get with firestrike shotgun spam. I’ll stop talking for now and see if the actually smart people find anything I missed. Will try to get a resistant run and see if it flies in crucible as well.

edit: SR75 run, neutral mods, non-insight version. proccing both guardian eyes and currents single target consistently is troublesome which also drags down DPS a bit

Personally, I’d rather see these guns get 50% vitality -> elemental added. This would add more flat from Occult, which would in effect be like a -%RR boost. It would allow more flex with occultist. Or even open up DW ravenous Cabalist/Apostate/ or whatnot.

I had pondered at SoC Deceiver which needed the epic offhand, which is okish…but it would be nicer with 2 guns for a little more pew-pew dps.


Yep, that would work, or just some chaos conversion built in, which then frees up the shoulders for vit conversion if wanted. Think there are a number of ways to juice this without large changes and be in a very nice spot while helping other niche builds as well

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I did a vitality radagan deceiver with phase breakers + namedea eye medal that was fun.

I can see that being interesting, but imho there is already too much reliance in so many builds to have the new 2x ring of Basti for 1/2 of most elemental-> vit conversion. There is a shoulder, but that precludes the set then. These rings are not so easy to drop x 2 until many hours.

I was thinking 2 guns to help something like this Shooter SoC Elemental Deciever, which is a little more mid-gear (In fact, the ammy can be a bunch of other stuff). 2 guns would probably put this into a nice damage spot, as it’s a bit lowish.

Well now that we have 100% global physical conversions on Soldier on a few items, like Fleshwarped Core, Alkamos Scythe, Sunherald Claymore, and most recently Mythical Dreadweaver, can we get the same treatment for Discord Cadence? Add global Physical -> Elemental to Scion of Arcane Force and Malakor’s Infusion as a modifier for Field Command or something.

While it’s not a Witchblade, I’ve been brainstorming the possibility of Phasebreaker on a caster as well like so: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZoyEwz2. Every time though, the low % damage turns me off on it.

Sassy named video aside, couple items:

  1. As thought, this does look pretty close for crucible, full run estimated on @romanN1 testing to be in the 5:15-5:30 range. Decent for non-FS or passthru PS ranged, but behind the curve with everything else now

  2. And, still very vulnerable to high ele resist mods with single RR class :rofl: No full run because this tends to trigger the speed running population into needing a break

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Completed run by roman I forgot to post. Double insight version already, 5:40ish crucible. So this will need so juice in please and thank you

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