[Suggestion] Light's Defender set could get some QoL and damage buffs

Light’s Defender set was introduced long ago and wasn’t changed much (if was at all), and now set (and especially set bonuses) look a bit underwhelming.

  • LD is a heavy armor set (like Justicar, Warborn etc) but has 0 (zero) phys res, which is rather crucial. I have a SJ Purifier and with double Seals of Might and off-hand with phys res I still result in magnificent 17% phys res. (here it is https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2jRjdv2)
  • Skill bonuses are very mediocre. SJ have only conversion for 4 pc!! (when Wyrmbone mask has the same conversion and it takes only helmet slot), some flat and -manacost. Storm Totem has 16 (!) flat bonus which looks like nothing compared to its base damage. SBoE was nerfed severely and now is just a proccer and support skill.
  • Set also has 0 (zero) damage bonuses for pieces.

what could be done?

  • add at least 4-5% phys resist to the chest/shoulders/anywhere. it’s the only heavy set that absolutely lacks it, iirc.
  • improve skill mods. SJ could get +1-2 projectile(s) (as Harra has +2 for full set and LD has 0) and maybe some crit bonus/flat increased. Storm totem could also get its damage bonus increased. SBoE … dunno. Skill was nerfed for some reasons but I doubt it would be reverted. maybe some OA/DA/resists shred added to it would be cool.
  • add 120% lightning/aether for 2 or 3 pieces as a bonus.
  • I also wanna suggest replacing +2 to SJ on chest with +2 to Full Spread as ranks in it are way more valuable and hard to get.

How is SBoE fairing nowadays? It used to be a feature in multiple builds, particularly Alaghast, but now I barely see it being used as anything other than a proccer, as you’ve already mentioned. I’ve searched builds for months and haven’t seen it featured in anything more than maybe a Light’s Defender build.

Didn’t the community league level up with notably bad skills like Grasping Vines and Callidor’s Tempest to see how they fare? What happens when you get 26/16 due to common MI’s?

I’ve seen builds flourish with Light’s Defender, particularly Storm Totem Vindicators, but stuff like Farath’s Cube never get used for the Storm Box bonuses. How much buffs are needed due to Storm Box needing to be buffed, and how much of it is due to Light’s Defender in general?

I don’t want to have Zantai look at threads like this [] Light's Defender Vindicator ( 5:30 Crucible, SR 95, Crate, Callagadra, Ravager of Minds)

And think that nothing should be done with the set. +1 for the Phys Resist suggestion at the very least.


I also wanna point out the comparison between sets that are supposed to support the same skill, but in different way/damage type. Like:

  • Ludrigan also gives bonuses to totems, but they’re 1 summon limit, extra lifetime and flat electrocute, which is comparable to the skill’s one at 16/16. LD meanwhile gives only 16 flat.
  • Harra supports stun jacks but has: +2 projectiles (LD has +0), bigger flat than LD, extra crit (LD has 0) etc. And lightning is not nearly as powerful as it used to be.
  • SBoE … dunno. Allagast was severely nerfed and is played only for TSS (still it’s the worst TSS set), aether part is dead. LD gives here some flat but only it. Not -cd, not -%RR, not any other stats.

So while LD is designed to support some skills, it has VERY low bonuses for it. Same for set pieces bonuses.

Goredrinker, Ember’s Calling, Armor of the Eternal Night, Markovian’s Bastion and Spellscourge
all heavy sets with 0 physical resist as i see (unless i’m really sucking at using search feature)

like me, you are deciding to not use +phys res boots and legs, which sorta makes the lack of phys res a part optional/selfimposed “stat shortage”?, assuming from other +stat “greed”

my assumption has always been that LD purposely offers a crap ton of bonus armor, from deliberate lack of phys res ? :thinking:

anyways, i agree with most of the stun jacks notes, and i’ve usually opted for just wyrmbone and LD gloves because of it :confused:

these three could benefit from mastery skills (Aura of Conviction, Dual Blades, Blood of Dreeg), though Marco and Scourge lack it still, yes.

it’s not only “stat greed”, it’s just the gear and skill bonuses limitation (for Full Spread especially), also bonuses to RR, % damage etc. If these pants/boots had some phys res, i’d be very happy.

so does Justicar but it also offers some phys res, probably all flat fire in the game (just a joke) and rather strong skill bonuses (the fact FW is crap is another talk).

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