[] Light's Defender Vindicator ( 5:30 Crucible, SR 95, Crate, Callagadra, Ravager of Minds)

Hello everyone!! Today I wanted to show you an old build of mine that was using Skybreach Bulwark from @adoomgod’s Shields and Offhand thread , but that item got reworked for retaliation, so I decided to update my Vindicator.

crafts for physique/armor

Storm box tooltip with Deadly Aim+ Inquisitor Seal
Look for phys res on the off-hand and resistances on the belt.

Drop your totems/seal/shard down and spam Box+ Chain Lightning for sustain. Build can stand its ground against a lot of bosses, but it can also kite well ( try to kite physical hard hitters). Be aware of your energy, you might have to use energy pots from time to time ( this can be partially fixed if you max out Mogdrogen’s Pact instead of Lightning Tether).

SR 95 Bosses ( Tryhard vs Fabius)

5:28 Crucible run

Callagadra kill with OA/DA/HP/Energy regen pharma

Crate kill

Ravager of Minds Kill with pharma+ clusters for faster killtime

SR 80 Bosses

There are many ways to level the character. Sparkthrowers with Primal Strike is probably the fastest way, but you can level with Storm Totems/ Stormbox aswell with their MIs Groble sky effigy, Stormstrife, Chosen Mask, Ulraprax’s Sting and Enslaved Wraith.
Make sure to get a Chain of Brandis at lv 50 from Port Valbury, it makes bat’s sustain a lot better.


Credits to all the 69 Light's Defender Vindicators out there and to @ya1 for suggesting 2 piece Allagast a year ago. Pizza time !!

Classic build! Nice!

Rating this 69 out of 69

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no Mogdrogen kill vid/description, obviously this renders all other potential achievements of the build void… :disappointed:

very nice blast from the past zappy concept with some great results you’ve got there :+1:
-i will ofc assume the belt suffix is BiS, and totally not that the build meshes so well that there wasn’t any need for mandatory affix requirement :smile:

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Nope it’s self found, but it was on the best I had for covering resists. I don’t even know what affixes would be BiS here.

Oh it was a joke, I’m stupid.

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The suffix on the belt buffs your devils and totems because they are pets