Shields and Caster Offhands Feedback Thread

Well, this is it my dear GD community, the final Doomy item feedback thread. With this we can keep tabs on all item slots in a semi-organized way patch after patch and actually reach a point where it’s hard to argue that ANY legendary item isn’t good enough!

I saved the final boss for last… tomes and shields shudder. As always, please contribute your thoughts and let me know if I missed things that belong on the list or have listed something that’s already really good. I’m only one guy and I can overlook things or fail to use items properly.

Your feedback definitely helps the health of future patches. The bad tomes and shields are REALLY bad, but I won’t only be listing really bad ones.

Consider lowering the phys resist on cyclone effigy by 4%. No need for anyone to comment on this line, Zantai can already imagine the screams of “noooooo.” that everyone wants to express. Also feel free to sprinkle some %phys resist on any of the tomes you think are particularly weak Z.

Codex of Truths (P-please… K-kill me)
It’s been suggested before: -2 sec CD to HoG as well as granting it %Weapon Damage.
In 1.1.4 it received:
Mythical Codex of Truths: increased Cooldown Reduction modifier for Horn of Gandarr to -2s and increased Lightning damage modifier for Judgment to 90-300

The ability is worthless on bosses. I get the item is going hard on that theme but if the proc did damage as well it’d help too. So many cool tomes that are actually bad :cry: And lightning judgment might need more support on other items.

Inashkor’s Head(s) (P-please… K-kill me)
TLDR; if you want to make battlemage/witchblade casters good they need to have more extreme benefits. Skill mods almost certainly required. And certainly I don’t think anyone will ever be auto-attacking with a tome in GD without some super crazy skill mod. Maybe in GD2 will be more possible.

Mythical Inashkor’s Head(s): increased % Attack and % Cast Speeds to 22%.
Someone needs to put together builds around these two items to prove their state of existence.

Needs some real over-budget stuff unless you want the items to stay in like, D-tier, mayyyybe C-tier somehow. Or reworking. Any community ideas?

Ixillor’s Rageflame (Mirror of Ereoctes focus?)

  1. If it’s going to go hard on Mirror of Ereoctes, it should have +3 Mirror of Ereoctes.
  2. If it’s going to go hard on a 3.5s buff, you might as well up those 300% to 600%.
  3. Low DA no resists on a subpar item is another place to look.
  4. It’s proc could reduce fire/aether resist?

Anyone else have any ideas?

Judgment of Empyrion (Nobody has even tried this item?)
1.1.4: Mythical Judgment of Empyrion: added % Lightning damage and 15% of Physical dealt as Fire. Updated Conversion to 45% of Chaos dealt as Lightning. Updated values on the granted skill. Removed % Physical damage.

The skill was basically buffed across the board significantly and went from 4s cd to 2.5s cd. Time to play with it and give feedback people!

Hellscourge (Please make this item good it’s so cool)
TLDR; 1.1.4: Hellscourge: increased Offensive Ability to 70, increased All Resist Reduction modifier for Sigil of Consumption to 22 and increased damage on the skill proc, whic is essentially everything I asked for except superior skill mods.

This needs testing.

Word of Solael (Guardians are okayish)
TLDR; even if you’re going to add another guardian, you’ll still need to give them some dmg if you want them to be good. Can’t speak for the rest of the item.

Wretched Tome of Nar’Ardin (?)
TLDR; Can’t find any community feedback on this since like so don’t want to make assumptions…

1.1.4: Mythical Wretched Tome of Nar’adin: added 45% of Chaos dealt as Acid and increased Poison Duration to 100%. Increased Acid damage modifier for Dreeg’s Evil Eye to 35 and reduced its Poison Duration modifier to 50%

Significant as buff. Is it enough, I don’t know. Maybe it should convert vitality dmg to acid on doombolt, and doombolt should get scaling vitality decay? Green doombolt DEE nuke might be fun.

Tome of Names (Out competed by Invoker Set)
TLDR; This probably shouldn’t even try to be a PRM item. Really could use reworking, pitch your ideas in this thread.

Note: To anyone who says get rid of the -20% phys resist on the item for something else. Fuck off. Yeah it’s useless in singleplayer but think of it as extra sprinkles on the sundae. I really like the option to use it in multiplayer and so long as we make the core item good for single it can keep it!

So how to actually change this item?

Farath’s Cube (cast speed or higher crit plz)
1.1.4: Farath’s Cube: increased % Crit damage to 12%, % Offensive Ability to 4% and % Health to 4% and increased Cold damage modifiers for Flames of Ignaffar and Panetti’s Replicating Missile to 82 and 60, respectively

This needs feedback.

Tldr; +1 Inquisitor instead of +1 Shaman would qualitatively change this item.

Tome of Atonement (great item except fire DEE part)
1.1.4: Mythical Tome of Atonement: increased % Damage Modified modifier for Dreeg’s Evil Eye to 100%

This is a lot of extra burn dmg, this needs testing.

TLDR; +2 DEE -> +3 please. Add %burn damage/duration. And lower +2s to DEE to +1.5s. Fire DEE struggles.

Reaper of the Accursed (Not as good after spellbinder nerfs long ago)
TLDR; I understand the fear of invulnerable spellbinders returning but the proc can be super buffed. 100s cooldown, lasts ONE SECOND, doesn’t even make you invulnerable. @Maya @sigatrev maybe can correct me if I’m wrong but it’s not particularly used as a pet item either? I feel like this item being reworked into a non pet item would be good.

If you’re convinced I’m wrong about the proc then maybe replacing the proc with something else entirely would be fine too.

Speaker for the Dead (great but not for necro apparently)
1.1.4: Mythical Speaker for the Dead: increased Offensive Ability to 90
TLDR; apparently RR on Ill omen can be 15%. I’d rather it convert bone harvest to cold though, or both. The phantasmal blade side is great ofc but people pair nightblade and this item with arcanist instead of necro currently. The necro side still needs a buff.

Consumption of Agrivix (Great item but while we’re here…)
TLDR; A little extra radius skill mod to Callidor’s Tempest would be super though. CT builds, by their mechanics, should be kings of Crucible clear times anyway.
Opinion: I still think shields are a bit lacking on non soldiers and non OK’s.

Meat Shield (More like Meme Shield. Used in weapon swap only)
Building with this you do like 0 damage. You could add vitality retaliation to it. Or like 5% attack speed. I’ve said before I understand the concern about making a build immortal but lack of DA, phys resist… heavy reliance on hp regen. Last time I took this as my main shield into crucible I just died.

But really compare all shields to Bramblevine. Bramblevine is a good example of what fun shields look like, even if you consider it as touch overtuned in some areas. But compared to it so many shields are light years behind. Heck compare to Gravetouch.

A friend suggested just giving it +1 all skills instead of Inquisitor.

Swapping Vigor for Bursting round would be nice, or just dropping overguard for bursting round since I think Soldiers simply have better options.

Wrathguard (It’s time for pierce converted skill mods plz)
1.1.4: Faction - Wrathguard: increased Pierce damage and % Attack Speed on the granted skill

The buff is neat but I feel it could still do something interesting in a converted to pierce skill mod.

Old feedback: Please: Add a lot of % armor and another resist. Add fire to pierce fire strike and flat pierce to righteous fervor and it’ll pair with Oathbearer. Add the same for fire strike just so there are more options and because you can’t fully use both together.

Maw of the Damned (Undertuned)
TLDR; It’s a shield, add some block chance and recovery to blood of dreeg and make it a weird but unique multiplayer shield bonus. Let wendigo totem be +3. Throw 7% attack speed on it and call it a day?

Will of the Living (Fine but is the theme broken?)
Not sure Necromancer fits into the will of the living. You could go full meme and do +2 mirror and +2 mark of torment. Shield’s fine enough though.

Occulant (?)
Listing Just to get community feedback.

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Reserved because I CAN.
@Nery @thejabrixone I know you two were keen on me making this tread.

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GD has shields? What? I thought we have only off-hands, ones that require physique and the others require spirit… weird…

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Stormbringer of Malmouth is great for a faction item, no need to touch it. Full Vit - Lightning is nice with the new Reap Spirits on Budget/Beginner setups.

Fiendgaze Tome works for Chaos Pet builds. But how well is up to debate, especially when it has to compete with Witching Hour. I wouldn’t be against it receiving some buffs.

Also to add to the list:

Mythical Reaper of the Accursed (
I am doubtful on its uses as a Pet item. Don’t think I have seen many pet builds use it as of late. And the Proc has a long ass CD to take it for that.

Eye of Dominion (
Mind Control is gimmicky when used by the player. It also doesn’t help in Crucible and such since the waves won’t end until the Mind Controlled enemies die.
It is kind of unique in the sense that it can have affixes. It also provides +5% to maximum pet resistances. But even then, it remains something that you only go for if you don’t have a better option.
I have tried to use it in AoM, but can’t think of any situation where you would choose it over the other options.


One major issue for Pet builds is that they often tend to suffer from lack of points and also Stun resistance. That makes Cataclysm’s Eye a popular choice even though it is not a pet item. So anything that is not part of a set has to compete with it.

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+1 on Maya here with strombringer of malmouth, very good for budget builds and perhaps BiS on lightning pet builds

Please add a small value of physical resistnaces, like 5-7%
The shield skill modifiers on Pneumatic burst… has anyone done a shield based Dervish yet?

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Thanks for the list! Found new item, that I never saw before-Judgment of Empyrion?

I asked about Inashkor head, Belzzzz tried building it, but not successfuly. It doesn’t have true focus.

Farrath cube, I have pre FG cold PRM. I tried updating it, but time in Crucible is around 9 minutes . Next patch Arcanist is going to improve and will try it, but cold PRM is weak, maybe flat cold to the skill?

Reaper of Accursed should be BiS for Spellbinders, but CT is in bad state. Codex of lies, chaos Reap Spirit?

Consumption of Agrivix, AdctH to CT? That’s disadvantage of burn damage, you need to stand still and spam, DoT don’t have life steal.

Solael, needs vitality RR to Siphon Souls or some extra perk to that skill.

Blood Orb, health cost, but not super phenomenal item. Probably is in discussions for BiS for RE Cabalist.

Shields, from listed, have used of Will of Living, BiS for DK.

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I just went for a dope rolled Colossal Bulwark on my S&B Krieg DK

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Mythical Will of the living have very good flat damage.

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yes but no physical resistance. Btw is that flat damage really added to main-hand attacks?
Perhaps change from casting speed to attack speed could be a nice change?

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It’s added, global flat.

Cast speed to attack is really good suggestion. That or physical resistance will improve the item a lot!

Then my is my main-hand weapon damage pure chaos?

Flat damage on weapons/shield are weapon specific, I mentioned this in my guide.
Flat damage on caster off-hands are global sources of damage.

I mean Cadence use it? I need to re take that class :sweat:

Cadance hits with Main Hand weapon unless you dual wield weapons
The shield has some damage conversion though.
The flat damage on the shield is useful for nice Blitz hits though :smiley:

grimtools seems down at the moment (or is it my bad Internet connection). Anyway, I agree with most of what has been said regarding off-hands (I’ll have to read more carefully for shields).

get rid of the parasite conversion and focus more on XX converted to physical with a huge ability reducing armor. The fact that physical damage doesn’t have the same mechanic as magical damage (armor bypassing) makes it really hard to make a physical caster. On paper, I had toons with +3500 OA/DA and would take hours to kill the Warden.

With the recent changes in CD of Canister Bomb and Doom Bolt, Valdanir isn’t that dangerous designwise I think.

Hellscourge, and other under-used Off-Hand could get a little rework. I’m working on a project revolving around Doom Bolt + Sigil of Consumption gameplay for every class (waiting the new patch to see where it lands). When building for elemental/fire SoC, Hellscourge doesn’t make the cut, being too weak indeed on an already low damage ability. These off-hands need a serious buff or an additional mastery mod to make them attractive.

New Arcanist Incoming:
Being the emblematic caster mastery in GD and with the changes coming in, I hope items are also redesigned. After the consecutive nerfs on MoE and MoT, many items have been directly impacted and didn’t change. I hope the new patch will bring a new and fresh change in itemisation too.

Is aether/fire FoI a thing? Do people like offensive MoE mods enough to warrant having some on both Iskandra’s amulet and this?

If not, I’d consider turning Ixillor’s Rageflame into an item for aether/fire Storm Box for Purifier and Paladin, e.g. in combination with Flames of Wrath and/or Warpfire.

Aldanar - This has been nerfed since it was abused even before TD arcanist was a thing. Doubt it will come back now that TD is easy to get for most arcanist builds nowadays. TD biff might even come first.

Judgment of Empyrion - please make the granted skill at least semi spammable. That thing’s a lot worse than pyran 4pc bonus.

Word of Solael - it’s not gonna be your main guy but it’s good mostly because the conversion is relevant. I use it here and I think even with current guardians it’s still good because procs bound on guardians become better and AoE of your RR is enhanced. Just don’t make the mistake of building around Guardians.

Turrion - First, change the retal to fire or lightning. Elemental doesn’t make sense. Also I got a meme idea. It goes like this:

Turrion memes

100% Skill Cooldown Reduction to Mirror of Ereoctes
A shitton of Fire/Lightning Retaliation to Mirror of Ereoctes
-90% Damage Absorption to Mirror of Ereoctes

Figures won’t be exact but you get the idea. Turn mirror form an oh shit button to a permanent buff that gives you a lot of retal and almost nothing else.

@Maya Thanks. Had a feeling about that. Removed stormbringer from the list.

@Nery Agree that CT was over nerfed and I can’t really tell why… Send me your Cold PRM build please, I will use it to try to assess where cold PRM can receive some help.

Also what Malawiglenn pointed out about the shield is why I was skeptical it was that good. If you have a character made please send me the file so I can test the performance and make a judgment myself.

@Belzzzz the Inashkor heads will require more thought from me than I can give atm. I am glad you and anyone else may chime in and give Z something to do with them. I also agree about Vanity, I feel like GD’s “top tier” has changed a lot since then and I really want to see its ability tweaked and pushed a bit to see how much we can get away with with it, but not becoming OP.

@Pareto I have no clue man. I’m biased against stormbox though so that’s not my fave idea :stuck_out_tongue:

@x1x1x1x2 yeah the granted skill is cool so at the least I want to see it rock. Oh nice build. But yeah a lot of parts of the tome go unused by it.

In terms of balance and support, or taste? There’s no accounting for the latter (I find Lightning Tether to be one of the most fun spell mechanics in GD), but it should be noted that Storm Box currently offers no conversion beyond a transmuter which doesn’t affect the second node at all.

I like the tether but having to manually click to use it get tedious I find. So taste. But I’m open to anything really.

The pet bonuses are too small to be meaningful, to the point that even though it has +1 necro, having +all is worth more than the pet bonuses. If the pet elemental resistance was bumped up a bit, it might become useful to Ritualists since the Shaman side is not quite as skill-point thirsty as Occultist, and they need the pet elemental badly. (I’m talking 30%, I don’t know that I’d even bother with it at 25% unless there are other changes elsewhere that help enable Ritualists)

I used this in the Chaos variants of my Lost Souls and Ghol//Wraith builds. This item has some real uses, it’s fine.

As a side note. There are 3 legendary pet off-hands with +1 necro, and none with +1 to either Shaman or Occultist. That is a large part of why Cataclysm’s Eye is always used on pet builds.

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