Community build making challenge thread!

Hello builders!

Here’s my attempt at getting more involvement from the community into the items that some people dub as sub par!

Pick ANY item from these threads:
Torso and Helm feedback
One-hander feedback
Two-hander feedback
Shields and Caster offhands feedback
Jewelry Slot feedback
Leg and foot armor feedback
Non-set shoulders and gloves feedback
Relic feedback

and try to make a full build around the item, or the weak side of the item described in the thread (if there is a description like “this item is fine but this skill mod on it sees no use” then try to build around the weak skill mod).

By getting you creative bastar- wonderful people to make builds around some of these items, we can really start pinning down what we want on these items for future patches!

People who enjoy build crafting more than testing the builds can play too! If you make a solid looking grimtools link I or others will try to get around to testing it later and put feedback here. When you post your build please include which item from the above item feedback links you used in your build. Please discuss how that item particularly performed on your build, why you enjoyed it, why you don’t pick other items over it. Thank you!

Community building around items we don’t see much of project… GO!


Does that count for stormheart?

Indeed, that’s pretty cool. But I think the lightning cadence side is the one that people struggled to make good. I’m curious how that build performs after as well. And what needs to be tuned down if it’s still easily sub 6.

Yeah, I was mostly joking. And on that build barrelsmith is most likely better anyways, I just refused to use it.

I was wondering about that…

But you actually did me quite a favor using the sword, since it definitely is BiS on my Cyclone SB :smile:

Regarding the OP: I like your idea! I think I’ll try to build around some of those two-handed ranged pieces this weekend. I’m not even sure I could, off the top of my head, name you more than three 2h ranged builds that are actually good right now even without looking at how certain individual pieces might be underpowered…

2H Physical dmg EoR Warlord with Gutsmasher
Yes, Gutsmasher “is an EoR weapon” and there is no (physical) 2H EoR build with this weapon in the compendium (or elsewhere on this forum)

Still work in progress I guess, I have killed Mad Queen a few times. Will try my usual suspects Lokarr and Gargabol soon and then Crucible.

Let me know if you want the char folder for own amusement and testing and I will zip it and upload to my google drive.

Edit: can not tank Lokarr :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Char folder (name: Big Spin) (.zip)

Edit: did glad 150 with the first 3 blessings. Was doable but hard, at least for me who thinks that EoR is almost as clunky as Diablo 2 whiriwind :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, the character folder please.

Try to fit in Counter Strike. :wink:

wait for it… :wink:

Welcome to the forum. I’d be interested in the grimtools so I can get a feel for the gear.

I had imagined a Sentinel might use 3/4 targo and acid conversion to get some nice IT dots and decent physical damage. Targo gutsmasher EoR

(it’s not 100% elemental->physical conversion, though)

Swapped in the Belgothian ring for Entropy for AS increase.

@adoomgod i edited post above to include char folder for my 2H EoR Warlord

More people get in here! Here’s a challenge: Build around the non-set shoulders!

@arcane_undo so how do you feel about your build? Have you tried in SR or crucible?
@malawiglenn finally got around to it. I found it frustratingly soft hitting for an EoR build, and thus it’s kind of vulnerable as a result. Fine for campaign. Dunno what should be done about it. EoR was hitting like 13k crits


Ritualist BloodKnight with vitality savagery and Bone Harvest.

Using the Bloodrender Sword, which I also dropped a reply in your 1h thread

While it can be improved, it still needed certain green affixes to give as acceptable resists as possible, but my feedback is mostly towards the 1h. It lacks some pollishing, should probably be a dagger, with better conversion (higher overall %vitality/decay damage and 100% vitality wp damage).

3 videos showing the build in action, but I did not waste time in crucible/SR, knowing it will die easily/poor performance.

Max damage after those 3 runs, 259,9k


MadQueen (died because poor piloting)


Did you try it out? doesn’t look so hot.

Not recently, but I tried it out in AoM and literally everything involved has only improved since then. It was alright then, should still be fine now.

Yeah but you know I go by either crucible time or SR performance… “fine” it too vague for me since campaign is campaign. I’m looking at it closer. Ah it has pretty darn good RR. Ugh I have too many things to test and no time.

So, I tried Mythical Venomblood Mantle (and to a lesser extent Mythical Bloodfury Spaulders, another non-set shoulders, I don´t know if used (Vitality?)) on my bleeding builds.

Short answer: No.

Breaking up Bloodrager makes no sense. Even if you would put an insane amount of RR (30 %+) to some skills on these shoulders, you could only open up some bleeding builds not seen before like Bleeding Blademaster e. g. Would it be a good build? Don´t know but don´t think so.

I have absolutely no clue how to make them viable (even with the crafting bonus of Vileblood Mantle). For me they are leveling placeholders.

How much were you using the relic ability? How was it?
Vampirris is solid, but surprised you could enjoy the reap spirit angle of it. Then again reap spirit has gotten so many buffs.

Happy to hear about the above, please tell me more about its gameplay.

I still want others to make builds with the non-set shoulders. Frostdread turns out to be fine but what of the others?

Finally, if people want to have some fun, I might make a thread where a build is posted per conduit bonus we haven’t already seen.