One-Hander Feedback Thread

Once again a feedback thread to focus on a specific set of items. I will try to order the list with the worst ones on the top.

This time around I will try to be very thorough and only include full out bad one-handers or ones completely outclassed/displaced by a similar weapon. A few exceptions to this will be listed at the bottom.

Decree of Aldritch (Oh how the mighty have fallen)
TLDR; Please also add flat aether to devastation.

Chillflame Evoker (Firestrike Okay, but item has issues)
TLDR; Cold Firestrike is dominated by nex ortus, replace with cold righteous fervor, and replace the OFF bonus on the weapon with just about anything else useful.

The use of this item is mostly carried by high synergy combos and other stuff. This is a prime place to replace Rune of Hagarrad with support for cold grenado or cold jacks or both. Or cold Callador’s Tempest. It could become a good fit for Harra or rimetongue I guess. Could try cold rune of kalastor as well. But the item support isn’t there for cold RoK, but could be made to work frankly.

Vampirris (reap spirit side?)
Good enough except the reap spirit side needs to be tested as it might suck.

Scion of Bitter Winds (Need the community to test it, my hands are full enough guys)
Looks like a downgrade for DE. If it is to support Reaper DE builds it should probably give energy regen to PB instead of extra life healed, +3 in DE instead of Pneumatic burst, or night’s chill. Or just ignore me because I’m too tired to make heads or tails of this at the moment. If anyone has tried this semi thoroughly I’d appreciate your words.

Spelldrinker (strong outside of the skills it tries to support)
TLDR; Do the new skill mods/skill bonuses make it more compelling at all?

Spark of Reality (weird?)
Apparently the cabalist side ( worked out but the arcanist side is not. The Cabalist version could use more DA (I’d imagine the arcanist side would like that too) but I don’t know what else the Arcanist side needs.

Bloodborer (?)
TLDR: Still lacking. Search thread for why. Maybe if it added bleed to every Inquisitor WPS lol.

Witch Moon (Bad, RoS is not a good main skill and pierce RoH lacks item support)
TLDR: We got what I asked for, but how’s it doing now?

Touch of Purity (great multiplayer, eh single, could use a small boost)
TLDR: Okay in multiplayer, terrible singleplayer item. Some resists would at least make it wearable. Raven bonus useless now that raven can die.

Please replace the raven skill mod with further hp regen for blood of dreeg. It won’t break anything since the weapon has like 0 offensive use. Please also add a solid resist or two to the weapon. These 2 changes would at least make it a decent place-holder or defensive pick outside of multiplayer.

Bloodrender and Howl of the Wendigo(squishy now, but could be buffed as a pair)
TLDR: Ritualists lack OA/DA which neither item has (feel free to swap the flat health for them) and melee vitality damage tends to be lacking. Vitality 1h blade-arc just sort of fails, look at how much work Targo needs to make it valid, and now to try that for under-supported vitality blade arc? It would be difficult.

Both items need buffs, they often just die in Crucible atm when built as ritualists. Designing them to be used together on a ritualist would be cool.

Nightclaw (?)
TLDR: It got a hefty buff, how’s it now?

Corruptian (lacks item support)
TLDR: poison DEE with poison/physical Ravenous Earth? Cool idea but lacks itemization support and this weapon is weak in of itself. This item is not pure awfulness but it’s not good either.

Earthsplitter (okayish but lacks an identity, shattering smash could be amazing!)
TLDR: No skill mods, weak forcewave item.
Shattering Smash please.
2 concepts could make this item great:

  • physical firestrike and -% phys resist to thermite mine
  • physical righteous fervor

I think the demo route is cooler, but the warlord route would obviously be easier.

Scion of Noxious Wounds (?)
(?) Haven’t tested. Needs feedback.

Decree of the Circle of the Five (needs lower energy cost on the granted skill))
TLDR: Energy cost is still a bit too high.
Would be generous if the %weapon dmg could be bumped to 50% as well.

Items that are almost fine or are fine on paper but outclassed.

Shard of Asterkarn (trozan set ouclasses)
TLDR: Good weapon but nobody will break Trozan’s Set for it, and no off-set build exists for this weapon that compares.

Dreadweaver (Fine but not for the build it’s trying to support)
This item is fine but the soldier being replaced with nightblade and the war cry being replaced with nightblade anything would make for cool reaper support. Or please replace warcry bonus with flat cold to cadence to go with executioner amulet.

Bonus point items if Z is feeling generous

Cinderscorn (vindictive flame mod could be cooler)
Fine on paladin. Can have some fun with templar too. But the vindictive flame bonus, if one of those could be replaced with -recharge/cooldown that would be much better to enable demos to tinker with vindictive flame builds, which would be cool!!!

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Also help me re-order the list. My brain was fried after a while and I stopped trying as much. Let me know if you’re certain that something lower down on the list is worse than something higher up on the list. I might think about it more in a few days and re-order stuff a bit if nobody else helps.

And let me know if I missed anything.

I wanted to make a Physical Ravenous Earth build with Corruptian but it’s not easy since the items that are good for RE rarely boost Phys % also.
It would be nice if the weapon didn’t have the Phys -> Acid conversion at least, as it even cuts into the skill modifier’s provided 30 damage to RE and any Devotions you take to boost Phys % get that conversion damage penalty.
Phys/Acid hybrids aren’t exactly common since there aren’t many things that support both types.

The Overguard and attack speed stats seem to come out of nowhere on this since it’s clearly not meant to be an attacker weapon. It would be a lot more attractive with +1 to Necro or Occultist and/or some other caster bonuses like some CDR or Energy regen.
Making it give +3 to RE instead of +2 would make up slightly for the many drawbacks of trying to mangle the skill into a damage type that doesn’t support it at all.

Building this kind of char could be fun, but compared to the items that support its natural damage types that often give -0.5s CDR and a good amount of flat damage, this item is hard to recommend.

I also think it would be more interesting if it converted both RE and DEE to Physical instead of the Phys/Acid hybrid thing it’s trying to promote.

All right, let me add some input and suggestions on some of those:

I think this item either needs to be good Piercing pistol or a good Bleeding one. If you want to make it a Piercing one, add conversion for Chilling Rounds too and add some global elemental to pierce or/and acid to pierce conversion. Add a wps. Then MAAAAAAYBE it would work on some kind of wonky Pierce Autoattacking Infiltrator. But that’s a big MAYBE, because without auto-attack replacer it might still be bad.

If you want to go Bleeding route, add Weapon Damage to Phantasmal blades so it adds up to 100% so all flat bleed from gear and skills and devotions can be spread via PB. Add flat Bleeding.

Again, make it either Bleeding or Piercing weapon. This kind of hybrid build will never work. One is direct damage and one is dot and with this weapon you are not getting good damage numbers with either one.

I don’t agree that this item just lacks resists. This item just doesn’t make sense. Why not add Fire to Physical conversion? Why is this item trying to be Vitality and Physical at the same time? Because Vitality part of it is atrocious and as a consequence Physical one is half-assed.

@mad_lee while ofc the item could be even better than just with resists, it stands that the stonefather build I linked from Valinov can do SR 65-66. I am not trying to make every item god tier or even high tier.

The goal is mainly to pull the low tier stuff to mid tier, and to find redundant items and tweak them sideways to find a place for them in mid tier or high tier. At least, that’s my goal.

That really doesn’t tell me anything about the build. So many gimmicky and poorly assembled builds can do 65-66 once in blue moon (no offense to Valinov’s build, I haven’t seen it actually). Also, it’s an oathkeeper with a Shield and heavy armor - of course it’s gonna be tanky enough for SR.

Item design is just weird. I had ideas to make some off-brand Octavius Opressor with it that utilizes Aegis of Menhir and Vire’s Might, but I was repelled by this very item every time. It’s just so wack for a build-enabling weapon.

  • Hagarradian enforcer need ABB skill mod or become 100% penetrating gun, pretty please.
  • venomlash is good and has so much potential. I will try to make it work with SG set as an alternative to my build.
  • amarastan crusher need to be redesigned completely. ABB mod is already abundant. Make it support other skill. Acid vire’s might? Acid aegis? Acid EoR to complement Agony? Acid Blitz? Acid Cadence to complement the new conduit mod?
  • crimson spoke and death omen. Vitality nightblade other than PB will never work. I think this should support other classes instead
  • corruptian. I still think that physical shotgun spell will not work. Though I am ready to be proved wrong. Also no support for the physical RE either. I don’t think every skill need to work in all damage type tbh.
  • spark of reality. This item will be a good chaos support if chaos damage become good in the future. I’d say, give this a Chaos RE, chaos Sigil of Consumption, or chaos judgment support.
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Make it pure pierce. That paired with a derp slicer could do wonders on a trickster if the axe was just better. Maybe add something like 20% reduced resistances to savagery but that’s just me dreaming.

Anything can work if zantai wants it to work. Warborn EoR doesn’t give you much hope on paper because small phys hits and armor blah blah but turns out OP skill with good support works everytime. Now do we want corruptian to be like that?

Most of these items are unusable at current state.I have played with few:

  • Bloodborer -DW Ranged Tactician.Armor piercing should be 100 since ranged have fewer sources and it’s not worth take Will of Blades.Remove PB and bleed,add mode to Cadence,so it can be proper DW pistol build

  • Bloodrender-I try it on Ritualist.Conversion and AS are good,but melee vitality is weak and also lack stats to be useful.I can achieve same performance with double Decree of Malmouth,which doesn’t have AS or flat.

  • Brutalax Pierce DW Trickster.Sound better than the actual performance.I can use rings+belt to convert it,why I need this weapon? It’s bad and at the moment is inferior to Reaver Claw,Belgo and well rolled SLicer.

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EoR is a bit different. It scaled to attack speed thus can still dish out good damage. Simiilar case to physical ranged build, where ranged WPS usually rely on barrage and shotgun mechanic, it still deals good damage.

RE has a fixed 1 poop/sec. It won’t work.

Wouldn´t mind it. There are 2 (3) axes for Bleeding damage.

What I meant is that if Zantai wants it to work, it will work. EoR works because of things you mentioned. How about we make RE mods on Corruptian deal absurd amounts of damage and add more supporting items? It’s a lot harder to do than EoR tho, so maybe it’s better supporting just another skill.

Hagarradian just needs more attack speed. I’m pretty sure. Its granted ability is nice. Worst case scenario tone that up a touch more and more attack speed. I don’t think it needs all that you said.

Venomlash, yeah it’s not a bad weapon so I think I categorized it well. Just can’t compete with venomblade.

Amarastan crusher, I like your redesign suggestions. Acid cadence would be cool.

Crimson Spike and Death Omen, I want to see more builds trying to use them. I think they can work, just need to figure out what’s the biggest weak point in those builds.

Corruptian, agreed. Don’t know what to do for it since I think the itemization in other slots isn’t there. Not sure how much Z is willing to buff it.

Spark of Reality, if it gets a -chaos RR proc I’d need to see how good/bad it is after that. Chaos judgement would be cool but not sure if the itemization is there for it.

Basilisk claw + MQ actually got me the highest acid DPS and highest crits for as long as Ascension lasts.

Main drawback is low AS.

Venomlash DW is highest Dots

Can’t say much for the rest

How are the builds in crucible and SR? Can I see em?

My acid dervish has long been repurposed. Basilisk needs more AS

Venomlash i didn’t try in Crucible or SR, only tested dots vs dummy

It needs it. More attack speed will only make this thing another boring gunslinger item.
Make this as a penetrating gun and see the beauty of penetrating ranged ABB shooting with both hands.

But what skill are we supposed to use it with? Cold Fire Strike? Add mods that convert chaos and fire on Fire Strike to cold then. Or mods that convert Lightning to Cold on Savagery.

Maybe it’s supposed to play ABB gunslinger … but not sure, is it a good idea