Grim Dawn Legendary Jewelry + Belts Feedback

I should have noted this in the other thread, but unless I specify otherwise, I’ve played with the listed item. Some of these might already be addressed in playtest changes, but this is a public thread so writing based on current state.

If I give a list of suggestions I often suggest too many buffs as brainstorm material to pick and choose from.


Sash of the Blood Lord (Bad chaos belt, Hasn’t even been attempted seriously since 1.0.0.x)
It would likely be glad to trade the crit dmg for OA, the bleed can be split between bleed and a better resist. But really chaos builds need better than a non +1 all skills belt with proc that only does some dmg when hit by melee attacks and nothing else.

Sash of the Immortal Sage (An “okay” tank belt with a good mount of room to be better without breaking anything)
TLDR; It fits into 1 good retaliation commando of all things. Mirror of Ereoctes can be +4 since the skill cd is so high and this belt does 0 for arcanist dmg and retaliation arcanist is a meme currently. Dropping Harbinger of Souls for Menhir’s Bulwark would add support for the skill, battlemage, commando, and seems like a good idea in general.

If you worry it’s OP on the commando you can always tune down the retal on that build some.

Non Retal builds using this are slowed down significantly so I don’t see the harm in letting a tank item be truly tanky. Looking at you Everliving Grove gloves >.>

Chains of Nightfire (good belt, cool concept, can be further specialized for off-meta builds)
TLDR; +1 High Impact should be +3. The blade spirit exploit with item swapping was patched so don’t worry about the old builds you saw with this. Honestly putting +3 Grenado as well here would really help cold grenado out.

Any other issues this item would probably be linked to chillflame evoker weapon and whether or not what the do in coordination together works well enough.

Crimson Lotus (It’s fine but please add 100% fire DEE support to game)
TLDR; Flying flaming eyeballs would be cool as fuck. Please add fire dmg to DEE to a fire scepter or dagger. :slight_smile:


Mark of Kalastor (Outclassed, appears in 9min crucible builds)
Temper can probably be replaced with something necromancey for oppressor Vire’s might if it wants to go that route.

I still pick Bear King:

The medal could use a skill mod or something. Skill mod to rune of kalastor seems obvious, it is the weaker of the two runes anyway. +fire dmg rune of kalastor, would be good. Fire dmg to forcewave would also be nice, or pierce converted to fire for forcewave, or phys dmg to vire’s might to help out oppresor phys vire’s might builds. But definitely a kalastor mod please.

Mark of Ulzuin(chaos grenado is a meme?)
TLDR; The Fire AAR side is good. I don’t know about what anyone thinks for the rest of the skill mods. Needs feedback.

Mark of the Farseer (faction beginner budget item)
TLDR;I get it’s a faction budget item. I feel it has room to get a little OA/DA buff and it wouldn’t suddenly displace the better medals you use instead.
Mal’s comments:

“Good for budget Primal Strike builds. Health is a bit superfluous, I would rather see flat OA/DA.
Bleeding on Horn of Gandarr, why not something more useful like lightning damage or pierce damage? We are not swimming in C+ and SR+ Horn of Gandarr builds.
Bleeding damage on War Cry, not so sure about that. Damage mods on War Cry are in general not used at all in building.”

I suggest make it more Lightning damage focused. Remove bleed on Horn’s replace with lightning/electrocute. Remove damage to war cry, perhaps give -1s skill recharge instead?

This doesn’t seem too far off, but for trying to be good without OA/DA its health is stingy and its skillmods are garbage. Horn of Gandarr and and War Cry are not used for damage. To use them for damage you’d need to improve these skill mods like crazy. BUT, that could lead to people just 1 pointing those skills.

Putting meaningful debuff skill mods on this would be much more interesting. Horn of Gandarr has some potential I guess but its base dmg stats are so low. Compare 12/12 Gandarr to 12/16 Aegis of Menhir. If you buffed the dmg/weapon dmg scaling on Gandarr and then gave this medal like, total dmg modified to it or reduced cooldown it could be the offensive gandarr medal. I like this concept Zantai but you’d have to decide how much you want to invest in making Gandarr viable as an offensive nuke.


Flames of Wrath (that global conversion fucks half the amulet)
Simplest solution: remove the global RR.
In 1.1.3 it got added -15% Aether Resist modifier for Summon Guardian of Empyrion.
I need feedback on this current state.

Executioner’s Judgment (craves identity buff)
TLDR; People need to try this with cold cadence and give feedback.

  • Mythical Executioner’s Judgment: increased % Attack Speed to 10% and increaed bonus to Deadly Momentum to +4

Doombringer (Amulet torn between physical and bleed)
TLDR; Really craves another resist for the builds that would use it, otherwise the builds take the dmg hit and go with tankier options. Cadence mod is the weak point on it and could be boosted significantly or changed.

Zantai, please give me one more chance to convince you about doombringer: The builds that it fits onto have resist and DA problems inhibiting it from succeeding as a melee build. Just a bit of enemy RR kills this build:

Archon Avenger is where the amulet obviously fits perfectly. The amulet would be better if:

  • it had vitality resist added on or swapped instead of the bleeding.
  • The +6% crit dmg would be better off as attack speed, but if you don’t like that and are open to buffing it beyond another resist, you could just increase it a bit. The slow attack speed of the build inhibits its clear times and the AoE is pretty small so it seems safe-ish.

Then please find room to put a little DA and poison/acid resist to the Avenger set or the Crimson Claws.

In the build above, Colossal Grasp would solve the DA, but make even worse resist problems. Maybe that could work on a warder but the shield bonuses would be wasted and warder is the weakest version using this. Grasp of Unchained Might is nice for damage but resists still get fucked and the skill bonuses do nothing for this build. The medal,

All this while already using MI boots to try to help it…

With the above implemented, Avengers will likely see the light of day in multiple forms.

Thread of Mortality(hyper niche amulet? Bastion of Chaos only?)
TLDR; Needs feedback.
Received * Mythical Thread of Mortality: increased Health Regeneration to 33, added +2 to Vindictive Flame and Mogdrogen’s Pact in 1.1.3.

Nightstalker Pendant (budget faction amulet)
TLDR; Apparently it just needs pierce or poison resist. Elemental would be fine too. Even just 12% would definitely make this necklace better. We’d take as much as we can get of course.

If it got both it might be top tier. Alternatively/additionally stun resist is something infiltrators crave and health is welcome for them as well. Health and stun resist might make it feel a bit different from the other amulets that go resistance heavy.

Other Balance Threads I’m managing and updating with each update:
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Agree with most of it, some of the things I would suggest too:

Executioners Judgment: add mod to Markovian or Zolhan since it’s obviously is a blademaster amulet. Or add +1 to soldier or +3 to Cadence or both. Because right now it absolutely can’t compete with Night’s Embrace (nothing can, really)

Doombringer: can’t compete with other physical amulets really. Either add flat physical or +soldier or +oathkeeper skills. In tests it is one of the worst amulets for physical Cadence Soldiers (and noone ever is using it for Bleeding obviously)

Nightstalker: I have considered it for my Belgothian Infiltrator, but again, it’s outperformed by Night’s Embrace (yes, for pierce builds too). Add some flat damage to it and make mods meaningful (and there shouldn’t be RoH mods at all there). Also, come on, Bleeding resistance, really? Piercing builds have it in spades.

Venomfire: really really weird item. It basically echoes Blight Lord set. But why? Blight Lord has its own amulet. Is it supposed to be a placeholder for Blightlord Defiler? Is Blight Lord defiler even a thing? So many questions.

I am always up for buffing pet stuff, but it is a faction item.

Granted, since the sets use the medal slot, it doesn’t see much play. However, I feel that in order to make it an attractive end game option, it would require something that makes it worthwhile to pick even at the cost of the full set bonuses.

That might then become a bit too much if it retains its faction status or even otherwise as Beastcaller’s, Ghol’s and Trinkets provide extra pet and anything able to compete with that as a single item might become a bit overpowered.

I have used mark of Ulzuin medal,it has some value.Executioner is worse than Night embrace sadly,I play with it on Deathmarked BM,not worth it.It’s hard to choose amulet without +skills or RR.Venomfire is very good Dark one builds.

Me want. Please show.

Here you are,Dark one Opressor

It’s beginners build and makes sense,cause it’s faction bought recipe,but also it provides 24% crit to RE and +1 skills to Necro,so is good.

If I’m reading correctly, that thread is a build that’s full of placeholders for different items later on? The link at the bottom swaps out venomfire? Dang.

I have a long list of things to test again so am hoping someone else gets to Venomfire before me. It’s not high up on my list.

I think is fine for faction bought gear.You can see my official GT link that is on top.If I do RE Cabalist,probably will used it too.I mean I don’t think change is that necessary,compared to some other items in list.

I found,where I used Mark of Ulzuin medal,is in my cdr Judgment Paladin and is irreplaceable.

Agreed. I’m actually using Markovian over Serenir on my elem retal character because of how bad the latter is compared to the former. The proc on Serenir’s is also completely worthless. Maybe change it to an elemental blast with retal damage scaling -although it might be a bit too generic- or a temporary boost to elemental damage or retaliation? The %damage blocked is also way too low.

I disagree that a legendary being from a faction recipe should somehow mean they get to be of lesser quality. Especially since I consider non-set legendaries more interesting than set legendaries because they’re more like puzzle pieces.

This is subjective of course. If it’s being completely overshadowed by other choices I’d like it tweaked to have an identity. Especially for slots that give skill mods it’s usually possible to make them have their own build. That’s just my crazed dream of course and I agree with you in principle that if it’s good enough it’s lower priority.

I’m actually glad someone else came to affirm my opinion on Serenir. I dunno why but some part of me worried that some Serenir enthusiast would come out of the woodwork to tell me how spectacular Serenir is when it seems so obviously worse.

I tried this when rebuilding Archon a little while ago.
The impression is almost the same as Madlee. It wasn’t too bad for this build, but for the other builds it won’t be chosen as two other Amys are more Bis.

Is there anything that could make this a stronger choice without displacing the other amulets? Buff the WPS further? I’ve always been a fan of the idea of total dmg modified as skill mods because it encourages deeper skillpoint investment.

I would like to improve Doombringer original skills and give them back without losing the existing skill modifications.
For example, I thought it would be strong and interesting if it worked like Consure (% damage reduction and phys / blood damage to enemies within the range of the flag, and-% RR is given).
Single items compete with set items, so they can not be a choice without such a slightly stronger, unique effect.

Perhaps Venomfire could also get 100% Chaos Damage converted to Acid Damage to Blackwater Cocktail, so you could have Vit/Acid BWC? It would certainly help bring in a little more of the “venom” theme it’s supposed to have.

Vit/Acid BWC would also mean its damage types sync up with Ravenous Earth, which the item also supports. -x% Acid RR is admittedly nonexistent on Defilers though (which is a big downside considering Demo already had Chaos RR from Thermite Mines), so it might also need a Thermites/Ill Omen/Siphon Souls Acid RR mod to help out a little. I’m leaning more towards Ill Omen/Siphon Souls so as to push the Defiler combo a little more, and also because it might be nice to have an Acid RR item on Necro in general (assuming that isn’t too dangerous an idea, it being RR).

RE: Overseer, pierce res is hard to get on pets in general but most have pierce res baseline and theres not many dangerous pierce mobs. This medal is just outclassed by Mark of Unlife nowadays since bleed damage is actually a pretty obnoxious issue on pets, and cabalists also struggle with pet bleed res. It was pretty decent before Mark of Unlife existed though.

Worth noting that most shaman based pet sets have a medal in them, btw. If you wanna talk about an awkward pet medal, Mark of Bloody Ones is a real hard sell when both ghol’s and beastcaller’s exist:

RE: Heart of the Sand King, it’s a farmable MI and it’s quite good in comparison to the conduit, resulting in higher peak DPS, but the defensive stats on it in comparison to the conduit are quite weak. Really the highlight of Sand King for me is that pets generally don’t have much slow res (most have 0%). But defensively for you, it’s basically just elemental resistance, whereas the conduit is… a ton, and still a big boost in damage (especially due to the +1 shaman and +2 Mogdrogen’s Pact levels being a boost to pet damage).

tl;dr: Realistically the only reason I don’t pick Heart of the Sand King is that Conduit is pretty comparable and has much better stats defensively. HP, energy, less eldritch damage (this is MASSIVE), 1 random resistance (pierce/chaos generally being ideal i would say), and high ele res. Even has flat energy regen. If you’re not losing that much damage in return for this, I’d say it’s a pretty hard sell to go anything but the conduit.

I agree on everything on this feedback. Especially for Serenir vs markovian and Venomfire vs Blightlord.

On a general note, I think all acid/poison jewels should be buffed/modified. Especially with the new conduits: TSS, Devastation and Drain Essence all have an acid mod.

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Thanks. If you mean throw the odd, +skills to devastation/TSS/DE on a couple acid items/jewelry. Yeah that’d help those mods out if there’s room lol. But it would look weird on those items too.

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Some items we touched on got some changes in the last patch.

We must work together as a community to test the changes below that touched items we mentioned in this thread, so that we can CROSS SOME OFF OUR LIST IF THEY ARE NOW SUFFICIENT.

Please remember the goal isn’t to make everything best in slot in some build. While we want to strive for item slot diversity, the purpose of this thread is to accept when an item is just baseline good. If we can make it competitive WITHOUT displacing something else, that’s fantastic, but the goal is just to make sure the items are good enough to wear without feeling stupid for doing so. At least that’s my take.

* Faction - The Overseer: added 4% Offensive Ability for pets, increased % Crit damage modifiers for Summon Hellhound and Summon Briarthorn to 18% and added 100% Slow Resist modifiers for them
* Mark of Ulzuin: added 100% of Lightning dealt as Fire modifier for Albrecht’s Aether Ray
* Mythical Serenir’s Commendation: increased Defensive Ability to 98 and replaced Elemental Retaliation with 450 Fire Retaliation. Added % All Retaliation damage to the skill proc.
* Mythical Flames of Wrath: added -15% Aether Resist modifier for Summon Guardian of Empyrion
* Mythical Heart of the Sand King: increased Bleed damage for pets to 16 / 3s, added 80 Defensive Ability
* Mythical Thread of Mortality: increased Health Regeneration to 33, added +2 to Vindictive Flame and Mogdrogen’s Pact
* Mythical Lifegiver Signet: reduced Cooldown on the skill proc
* Mythical Screams of the Aether: replaced Terrify on the skill proc with Confuse

I am removing Screams of the Aether from the opening post since we got exactly what we wanted and I’m certain it’s good enough with the change from terrify to confuse.

Strong contenders for being sufficiently buffed imo:
Serenir’s commendation
Mark of Ulzuin if fire AAR works out.

Let me know if you think any of the buffs above sufficiently warrants them being taken off the list. And please do chime in on items still on the list that you find are still poor. Or anything I missed.

I have removed Menhirian from the list since thinking about it it’s really on the cusp and I have seen some people taking it and have enjoyed its use as well. I’d still love to see it lose some damage in favor of increasing its tanky stats but it’s fine.

Definitely need people to test the above updates to see if any of them are good enough now.

But fire to aether conversion is still there! Very confusing amulet.