Feedback on legendary Boots and Leg Armor

Please do contribute your thoughts on my feedback guys. It will make a difference for future patches I promise!

Boots of Primordial Rage (0 builds use it)
TLDR; It got stun stun resist but I am still concerned about the boots. Aether builds take krieg boots and I don’t think elemental cadence would choose this. Maybe if the proc had some utility. Drain Essence could potentially use the elemental dmg? I think 100% the volcanic stride here could be replaced with something else, any thoughts anyone?

Runebrand Legwraps (outclassed)
TLDR. They’re outclassed by the other pet pants. I can personally verify that I have always seen other pants picked over them. And I used to play all the pet builds (I still dabble) and I would indeed pick others over them. Maya suggests:

Dread Knight’s Legplates (need feedback)
Should this item have different +skills? Are the stats still lacking? If so, what?

Fateweaver’s Leggings (has fallen behind the curve, even after chausses nerf)

Again, compare it to Chausses or Tranquil Mind. Tranquil Mind has 98 OA to fateweaver’s 29, 100 spirit which affects all magic dmg types and at least gives a little health now, and that whopping 50% slow resist.

Fateweaver’s attempts to look good by having that delicious proc, but it has 40s of cooldown to its 12 second duration. So that’s a lot of down time. At a minimum it’d be better to activate on like 60% health so it doesn’t go off on meaningless fights.

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Imo, those are the only boots that are decent or good:
Gay Magi, uh pardon, a typo.
Krieg, duh…
Golemporn, I should look at what I type sometimes, a typo again…

I don’t count pet builds because I don’t really play them so I don’t really know what pets actually need.

I always go Mythical FiendFlesh Greaves unless I need +Skill points for something.

Good suggestions, +1 from me.

Personally I can’t put those boots or pants into my build before Barbaros/Tranquil Mind/Golemborn/Stormtitans/Grey Magi. I would make an exception if those boots added some rare skill points, like to Savagery and its nodes or to Blackwater Cocktail and its nodes, PRM, etc. Otherwise they are useless. Good example of new USEFUL pants are Legrwraps of Tranquil Currents: they got physical resist, very valuable Poison resist, massive DA, they support two damage types AND they give +2 to Cadence, which is impossible to find on non-physical gear.

Nice feedback!I actually used Voidwalker pads on chaos MH,cause I have enough physical resistance and also proc is nicely combine with the multiple sources of absorb damage.

I will add Boneshatter boots as useful for vitality attacker.

You forgot Runeguard Greaves and Stormtitan Treads.

Good suggestions in the first post, doom.

The former are awesome, i might add.

They’re probably my most-used boots when I’m not stashing to test something. Aura Bonuses, good resists, and a 10k buffer all in one makes them a very solid budget choice indeed for the vast majority of modern builds. :slight_smile:

I mean, that was only my opinion. I don’t like those you mentioned and I generally use Stoneplate boots for most of my builds anyway.

And they shit on Aleks since it covers basically all his damage types. So that’s a big plus for me. :smiley:

These days I usually end up using either Tranquil or Barbaros pants and hardly ever any others, maybe a well rolled nemesis MI pants, but that’s it. Please make the rest a bit more competitive.

Does anyone else want to give feedback on:
Runeplates of Ignaffar
Rimestone Legguards
Hellforged Plates?

I’m just not an expert on fire builds. They occupy a smaller section of the builds I’ve played and I’ve put less thought into them so I rather not speak on these pants.

Runebrand Legwraps as for these, Maya or Sigatrev would have to comment.

Runeplates of Ignaffar:

okay pants, I use them on my sorc for bwc points and phys res/heavy armor. Chaos resist is a bit useless on Fire build, changing it to Pierce would help a TONN. Dunno anything about fire retaliation on those


Cold grenado and Physical Vire’s Might pants in one bottle? Eeeeh, maybe just focus one one side of things but make pants better (like add OA or DA).


Fire res on fire pants? Also, physical damage? I would say, remove physical damage and add Vitality damage. Instead of Bursting Round and Volcanic Stride add some Defiler skill bonuses. Physical builds don’t need those pants and never use them, because Barbaros. Defilers might find them VERY useful because of resists that Defilers don’t have and because they can support Fire or Vitality Defilers at the same time.

Imagine if most legendary items were actually build defining/game changing!

Like Runeplates of Ignafar - gives you a fire rune skill to use (maybe a different version of rune of kalastor) or it gives you a Huge fireball to throw - huge like an Enlarged Fireball spell in DnD.

I wish really Crate focused on making Legendaries as such (game changers/skill functionality and mechanics changers) instead of making more sets utilizing mostly the same item slots (still better than nothing of course).

Hate to admit it however with FG itemization became a bit bland and boring - more sets, tons of more Dmg conversions but mostly thats it.
There are here and there build definers however mostly they end of being niche MC builds.

There is little excitement when a Legendary drops - its just vendor trash mostly.

I have used in leveling builds a lot of time non-mythical Ignaffar,for some reason I was keep finding them and are ok,in late game Idk how good they are.

I used Hellforged Plates in Fire Aegis build and I think after removal of armor in Barbaros proc,that they’re on par.In SR high shards or naked Crucible,I like Hellforged even better,more physical RES,more overcaps,solid pants.My only advice here is to reduce fire resistance by 20 and add 20 pierce,this way I will choose them more often on fire builds.

Pants priority: Barbaros, then tranquil mind on autoattackers. Depending on if it needs slow res or not. On casters Legplates of Valor is really good. Or runeplates of ignaffar if it’s a BWC build. Agree on mad_lee about pierce res tho. Many fire sets lack pierce res. Dunno why Crate made it that way. Hellforged is fine if you want that massive phys res on a highroll. I believe it is the only pants with 6% phys res.

Boots is just one of stormtitans, runeguard, stonetreaders or just go green. Final march too.

  • 1 for me (69char/…)^^ :):D:cry::o:):cool:

Good thread.

Pants/boots without cc res/phys res are underused mainly because they don’t give enough to make up for it. But also, it’s because many people are more comfortable using what they know.

But sometimes you end up using unconventional items when they offer something special that you need at the moment. And they turn out to actually be very good. Like my newest Venomblade dervish uses Venomspine boots - looking very crappy with no phys res or cc res. But the res fit perfectly - allowing for more optimal components/augments - and the proc is very strong if you look closely at the numbers.

However, in the pants department, unless you need those last 2 ranks to your main skill, not using Barbaros or Tranquil (or Wraithborne on binders) is usually suboptimal. All other pants should be group-buffed. Sounds silly but it’s true.

Unique pants, in the vast majority of cases I use Tranquil Mind, or Honor or Barbaros if I don’t want most stats from Tranquil on a particular build.

Boots seem to get more variety in desirable items for my liking. In no particular order: Golem, Final March, Stonetreader/Boneshatter, Stormtitan, Magi…

Those two slots are never contested by a set piece and offer no modifiers, so there’s absolutely no reason to settle for rubbish with some % damage (it’s far from the 1st thing I look at before choosing), maybe a couple skill points or two, dubious resists and an irrelevant proc.

OA, DA (can be spirit that makes it so I don’t need to draw from physique points), physical resist, armor, cc resist, relevant normal resists, relevant skill points, desirable proc or skill. If the Item doesn’t offer at least 4 of these with desirable values, preferably on a heavy armor item, there’s simply no reason for me to consider using it.

And then there’s Stoneplate Greaves and nemesis pants with at least one decent rare affix…

See blue message above.