Two-Hander feedback thread

Well I’m back to make another case by case thread in style. Hope Zantai won’t feel this is redundant with my previous thread: What do 2 handers SPECIFICALLY need? Case by Case? but I felt we could start fresh and I’d organize things better this time like my other threads and keep the “questionable items” in this opening post updated.

Let’s start with the good: Some 2 handers are solid or even great now that weren’t before. Temporal Arcblade (though perhaps not for its intended purpose), Venomlance, Ulzuin’s Flamespreader, and others that are probably just decent now. Others are just sweet and fun to play with since As always I hope I can depend on you all to come back to my threads post-patch (I will if nobody else does) and try to update things as the items get better. From now on if I want other people’s feedback on an item because I haven’t tinkered with it enough (you’ll see a lot of that in this thread) I will just put a “(?)” under the item.

Two handers are not my forte of personal experience, so apologies for a lack of my feedback. As people make claims and share builds that show the items faults, I will try to verify those claims and update my OP. Let’s get started.

Gutsmasher (Good now but not for bleed?)
TLDR; Needs feedback

Death’s Reach(EoR and bloody pox part suck)
TLDR; Really needs attack speed,

Two handed Ranged Weapons

Gildor’s Pulverizer (?)
TLDR; Needs feedback

Quillthrower of Dreeg (?)
TLDR; Please add acid damage matching the piercing damage on the proc, since it’s very hard to get pierce to acid conversion.

Hellborne (?)
It got 45% of Physical dealt as Fire added. How’s the grenado side of this item? TLDR; Needs feedback

Korvan Wyrm (mediocre)
TLDR; Needs feedback

Northern Wyrm (?)
TLDR; Needs feedback

Soullance (bad)
TLDR; Needs feedback

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Apprechiate your 2hander threads, 2h does feel a little better now, but most are still bad/mediocre. I’m currently at work so can’t comment too much yet.

While i didn’t try this sword myself, nadaan’s reach cadence blademaster was one of Reinan22’s best builds ever. He may be just a hardcore player/streamer, but he managed to push SR 82 on HC (patch 1.1.2) before he died. I can provide a GT link later.

Please do, then I can remove it from the list. @RektbyProtoss

Ok,Naddan,I tried it on RoS,it has too big CD to work as main attack.

Blazerush is not good for melee,too low attack speed.I tried it on Elementalist and is not effective.And you don’t have enough skill points to max Savagery,WPS line and Grenado.

Guillotine,I will say it again,that should be Blade Arc weapon,fit both damage and thematically.

I will add two,though:

-Mythical Death reach,it needs attack speed to be used in EoR build.

-Soulrend,no flat damage or attack speed.Piano builds tend to struggle.And Soulrend is inferior than Shar Zul.

Guns,I have played only with Hellborn and is adequate for Paladins.

Korvan Storm Halberd what is the point? Why choose this over Ultos?

Agree with @Nery about Soulrend. I suggest adding attack speed/+1/2 to necromancer and/or bonuses to Bone Harvest, maybe to make it support Reaper class this way.

@Nery I totally meant to have Death’s Reach on there. It’s in my notes I just forgot. As for Soulrend I’ve said it before but I’m always nervous to give the speedy builds too much power. For example Vanquisher’s Vire’s Might is pretty OP at the moment. But it’s true that some flat dmg and attack speed on soulrend isn’t going to suddenly propel shadowstrikers into top tier.

I actually use Death’s Reach on a Aeon’s Hourglass vitality Bone Harvest build that was posted a while back and it’s just meh, but it’s irritating that it 100% ignores the bloody pox, EoR and devouring swarm on the build, as it’s a Cabalist.

@malawiglenn I’ve spoken with the playtesters and devs about this. Not every MI is meant to be competitive, in the case of Korvan Storm Halberd you can think of it as a place-holder MI. It has the benefit too of being obtainable at many different levels so it makes leveling with primal strike more friendly.

I see, I mean I am fine with placeholder weapons & items in general - I use it as the “goal” weapon for my beginner warder guide. The other Korvan Halberd types have more of their own identity though and seems like fun weapons to build around by not having any obvious Legendary or set counterpart.

I totally empathize with the feeling that some similar MI’s being more unique in their identity makes one want all the MI’s to be that way, or at least all similar ones. But in consideration to players entering the game I’m glad these placeholder items exist too.

I’d be on-board for it getting another skill mod to help make it more uniquely its own thing. Converted to lightning fire strike or righteous fervor? 2 hander lightning canister bomb and primal strike? It doesn’t even need to be good, because with your point it’s just nice to create niche identities.

@Nery sorry for the double tag but I wanted to let you know I updated my OP to include both items. I’ve been a stickler about not putting Soulrend on the list for a while now, but your Shar’Zul comparison put things in a different light for me.

Ahh, I’m happy that a certain item has yet to be mentioned in this thread. You’ve learned well, doomgod :wink:

OK,nice list @adoomgod ! Your previous topics have positive influence,so looking forward to see,what this discussion might bring.

I like Shadow Strike,but currently don’t think Soulrend can carry SS build even to complete Gladiator,let alone fast.

Wut? Sir you’re drunk

Oops I meant to delete that part. Cut me some slack, I’m copy and pasting over days of notes. :stuck_out_tongue: The rest about it is correct. It’s still lacking.

I don´t know where to place this. Physical/Bleeding Hybrid? And as Mad Lee said in another thread: Bleeding on EoR doesn´t work well. Trickster? Don´t think so.

But it is a level 84 item. Perhaps it is not meant to be an endgame item? Don´t know.

First: “On death” procc. ´nough said. Not good enough in SR.
Second: Necromancer. What the heck? Occultist would be better, even Oathkeeper. And then perhaps some good skill modifiers in Oathkeeper (RR not needed) for Smite, Righteous Fervor,…and AS.

I actually like necro thematically on Guillotine. It would be nice to have a big modifier for siphon souls giving like -30/-40% bleeding RR.

But for what skill? Necro don’t have real damage skill with bleed,nor exclusive skill.
I don’t see reason to use Necro for bleed.

Blood Boil has bleed damage and Guillotine has a 20% bleed RR to Siphon Souls. But honestly, it seems like a waste to try to make Bleed Necro a thing. I know build variety is a good thing, but some damage types are just weird for some masteries.

I guess you can do Bleed Ritualist with Guillotine and Bloodrager.

Sure you could. Then it needs skill modfiers to some Necromancer WPS or I really don´t know where to put the points in Necromancer.

Then your build should be called Ritualist,not everything is bleeding.Cause Necro WPS will be wasted and doubt,that you will want their exclusive skills over Primal Bond.Mark of Torment is useful,so does Ravenous Earth,but it’s not that suitable for kiting.

Still my opinion is,that Necro doesn’t have any common grounds with bleeding damage.

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Ah, the (my) irony is lost in translation. :slight_smile:

What I wanted to say:
If you want to make a Bleeding Ritualist, the only skills which make sense at the moment are Siphon Souls and Blood Boil. All other necromancer skills are quite useless. So you need skill modifiers to Reaping Strike and/or Necrotic Edge with Bleeding Damage. Then you would have Feral Hunger and these both as WPS for 2H. That may be okay to make a build.

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