[] Bleeding Dervish (SR 90, 4:58 fastest CR ( 5:20 average), Crate, Ravager of Minds)

Hello everyone. This build was already posted a few patches ago, but I decided to revisit it with the new patch. And yes, it’s a bleeding dervish.

crafts for physique
SR Set Version
Glassier Version with 2x Sanctified Bones

RoS Tooltip with Ascension+HoM+Bloodrage+Bloodfrenzy

Why Dervish? Why not play a Trickster?
Because when I first made the build I wanted to test Laceration Girdle which was in @adoomgod’s Jewelry + Belts Feedback thread. No reason not to use guthook belt on a trickster and I also wanted to try Oathkeeper’s bleeding side.

Isn’t HP too low?
It is low even for my standards and that makes the build kinda squishy, but it’s playable even with this amount. It’s mostly hit and run anyways, but you can do a physique dump or use x2 Bloodscale Powder augments for more HP or put devotion points into Crossroads/Unknown Soldier. Or you can play SR set version.

What stats do I need to look for on the pants?
Elemental or aether or chaos resistance and fix the rest with augments, HP is also welcome.

Have you tried other weapons, bleeding has a lot of options, what about the recently buffed Brutallax?
I tested them all in previous configurations of the build, 2x Bloodsong is the best because of +2 to all skills which allows to reach 24/16 points to blade spirit for an additional summon. SR set version uses Brutallax.

Bloodrager vs SR version, which one is better?
Bloodrager in terms of damage by a mile, but if you are not confident enough to pilot it, SR version is safer.

SR 90 Boss Room

4:58 Crucible with Glassy spec

Crate of Entertainment kill

Ravager of Minds with some points into PB

5:53 Crucible run with SR variant

SR 80 Boss room Crucible run with an older version

One of my favourite builds not only because it uses one of my favourite dmg types, but it also doesn’t use the most mainstream mastery that supports it. Hope you guys enjoy it!! See you around!!!

ALSO: plz fix Valdaran he is still gazing into the abyss sometimes ( :


This is the definition of a 5head build ! Nice one :+1:

a perfect hit n run character in the boss fights :smiley: