[] ThermoElectrician - Cyclone + Canister Lightning Conversion Proc Sorc

If I am not mistaken, in last patch the burn duration was removed. So Reckless power is strictly aether exclusive skill, since Star pact convert your damage into cold :slight_smile:

I guess all Reckless Power really gives to this build is indeed 165% fire damage… but still, x1’a build does have nigh-zero use for CDR – and really terrible %fire dmg

Either way I am just about to test it with Star Pact; and I am pretty confident that it’s going to help, now that I also worked Pheonix Fire into the mix. And you have my full permission to gloat if it turns out to be great :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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All right, my first round of testing the IK sorc is over!

I started off with x1’s second, safer setup; which felt pretty indestructible, btw, awesome building there with the max +to all skills.

My current setup is a little more squishy, but still pretty solid if you are aware of your defensive CDs:

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2dYkGLV (did 1 run – 6:15 – with 3 buffs/1banner. I was pretty tired & sloppy, however, and am pretty sure that >6min runs are very possible. going to bed now… :crazy_face:)

On the gear/skill choices:

  • I never even knew that offhand existed before today – but with an “of the Oracle”-suffix, it indeed fixes our mana issue completely. And it is craftable! :scream: “budget status confirmed”
  • Oh, and yes. I does use Star Pact. And yes, it is pretty awesome in combination with Mirror/Phoenix Fire/BS; in fact, it’s probably the only reason I could afford going for so much dmg in other places/getting rid of +to all skills.
  • Still not sure about that amulet. Maybe Peerless+Blazing Ends mace would be better instead?
  • Energy regen augments/component: mostly just eyeballed those. Could probably even lose some of them now though. A potion every now and then was used mostly for good measure.
  • CT for the devotion proc. A little awkward, but hey. Pheonix is worth it.

One more setup I might try tomorrow is a more Thermite Mine-focused one with 2piece Cyclone, like thejabrixone mentioned when talking about his Purifier; because I have a sneaking suspicion that those are pretty OP atm and would fit onto this build like a glove :slight_smile:

How well did you do with my setup?

With phoenix I concede on pact. It’s just too many goodies you want to reduce cooldown on.

I don’t think I wanna recommend peerless eye + herald on this setup. It’s gonna lower your %fire to below 2000. Herald has low %fire cause it’s a mace and beronath doesn’t have any.

I think the best of 3 runs with 4 buffs/1 banner was ~6:20, but I forgot some augments & still needed to get used to local-DoT kind of nature of the build (gotta get a feeling for how many BWCs are enough to kill most mobs so you can move on most quickly). So ~6min runs might be possible with this one, as well.

Oh, wow. Didn’t even see that. That’s pretty terrible…

If the amulet were changed, going for Zarthuzellan’s Codex & Demon Fire could be a little better, however. But it would need an aweful lot of skillpoints to surpass the 66 flat fire of the current offhand/ammy setup…

How much is burn dmg really worth on spammed BWC, do you think? Because I also wonder whether dropping lantern for lotus devo to change 50% all dmg to 100% fire with torch might be worth it :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, you’re way better than me. Best I got was 6:30ish in like 5 runs.

From past testings with Tome of Atonement I think Demon Fire just makes your build more mana hungry without much improvement especially since the one you’re using has flat fire mod.

Burn on base skill and IK mods is enough. No need to invest more. Dots isn’t as great but can do its job for speedrunning if you can estimate when to leave enemies by themselves to burn.

Yeah, it’s probably way too greedy…

Well, they get “burned” pretty well just by the fire ticks every second already, so this definitely feels like a DoT build (and can be speedran like one). But since only the flat dmg stacks with every additional BWC (that’s how DoT skills work, right?), dropping lantern might actually gain me a second or two on cleartimes :smile:

Here we go :grinning:
5:15 RunLightning Sorcerer

P.S. I don’t improve this sorcerer so much, so it’s still can be improved in some ways.

Wow. You’re a god. Btw, how much is the difference in cleartime between iskandra relic and ulzuin relic? I really just picked ulzuin for the fireworks and it works well.

@x1x1x1x2 about 10 seconds difference bewteen pyrocalm and iskandra’s relics

So , today i made some additional tests(average runs between 5-5:15 min). This is 4:33 Run with lucky modifiers . So, hail new Zeus in this patch :grinning:

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while it lasts

I don’t know if build is Zeus, but you must be God, achieving this times :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s pretty bonkers!

I love that Imp finally works on a Cyclone setup like this (didn’t quite do it for my SB version). The – almost – full conversion on it is just too gorgeous :slight_smile:

How is survivability without Bat?

This is some freaking insane results, Shoot.

Why is it so op?

I don’t normally post in non pet build threads, but when I do, it is in stuff that does 4 min runs…

Like wtf… :scream:

you could get rid of those stoneplates for wyrmscale boots and youd have the fastest crucible on a no-green clear in the history, better than Witching Hour pets at their strongest ever

Yeah, I wonder about that too…
I suspect these Cyclone setups are just synergystic as f*ck, with full conversion on basically every used skil being provided pretty much for free on top of all the broken skill modifiers (that also happen to modify one of the strongest skills in the game atm). And I guess there also is the issue of the recently buffed arcanist OA (if Shoot has some decent rolls he might be at ~3.8k – without any crucible buffs).

This, and then get your resists from a nice pair of MI pants like ya1 proposed to x1 about a week ago maybe? Tranquil Mind pants could really be upgraded too I think

Told ya Star Pact was the king!

Also, what a sick run by @Shoot2033, and a sick sorc too (although those resists are questionable).

To be fair, x1 did use Star Pact with his Cyclone setups from the start. He only argued on its utility regarding IK builds – where it ended up to be BiS, too, though, so yes, there is a strong argument for you being right :stuck_out_tongue:

Those resists on Shoot’s build are only then a problem if you don’t have max rolled gear… and I strongly suspect them to be pretty much godly on his toon :wink:

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Build was nerfed hard so I changed weapon and relic to what it should’ve been from the start. Added video of a 6:05 clear tho the average is more like 6:20 on my runs. Can be found on video section. Should still be faster with better pilots and pc tho cause for some reason my cleartimes across all builds are getting slower. Maybe it’s time to clean my pc internals.