[] Cyclomentalist (Crucible Max)


Trozan weapon has been rendered unusable for anything but full Trozan set builds. (Full set or die - sounds dangerously D3-ish…) So… replacement? Ofc Spark of Ultos. BiS for every lightning caster.


GT max dmg:https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVLmvv5Z

Cruscible sub 4 by Shoot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RloAGaWRs0o


I haven’t posted a new build in forever. Just so that it doesn’t look like I’m slacking here’s an update on formerly the fastest build in GD ever… :nerd_face: (EDIT: still the fastest build in GD ever, second only to himself from :nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:)

Cyclone has been nerfed as all know so I had to squeeze even more out of it. What the hell! Dying God! :smiling_imp:

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRO64BN (crafted with all slow res; a bit suicidal setup, for better defense switch Dying God to Revenant and Fiend to Bat, and use two from Crossroads for 1p Aeon and finish Ultos. Can also drop Hellfire Mine, pull points from demo mastery and pump up Heart of the Wild and Wendigo Totem or take some Flashbang; can also cut down on some spirit dump)

Crucible 3+1 in 5:04 no bs: https://youtu.be/MuimbqP0g4g (pretty lucky run - except the Zantarin at bottom-left at 165 - but not very well executed)

Shoot’s craziness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrFzQ3dUNYI



No need for long write-ups and fancy screenshots as this is not gonna survive the hotfix.

So, 1x and Shoot had their thermite fun with sorcerers and AlexGoldFish with his shielbreaker so it’s time for elementalist. Sounds like mementalist? Actually, it’s the fastest crucible build in GD history right now. LOL.

Thermite Mines which has the honor of being most ranted about skill in GD history is the star of the show this patch. Combine with severely nerfed but still kicking Wind Devils and voila.

2 no-green setups:

Some explanations:

  • Mogdrogen Pact is not overinvested in. Sadly all those points need to be there for energy regen.

  • Classic Wind Devils’ Stormbearer boots had to make way for Wyrmscales which are pretty awesome now. 2 ranks in Totems and Mines are worth one rank in Maelstrom.

  • Surprising choice of Imbued Silver on the normal setup. Courtesy of the Bloodied Crystal nerf bleed res is now a pain for this build (and many others) so Imbued was chosen over the more obvious Purified Salt. Seal of Corruption would be default if res wasn’t tight.

  • Root for Crate to be busy thinking what else to nerf from Deathmarked and Octavius so maybe they’ll overlook this again.

  • Joking! Crate, pls don’t nerf masteries again like with EoR. It’s the mods on the set. Nerf the set.

Thx to x1, Mad_Lee, thejabrixone and Shoot for suggestions. Thx to Shoot for testing and lending his superhuman piloting skills.


Ah, why ppl don’t understand that such threads are just a nail in the lid of the coffin.
Rest in piece, Cyclone. You were a good set
P.S. good build anyway :slightly_smiling_face:


Elementalist deserves his 3 seconds of fame. It was one of the worst classes. I just hope the masteries won’t suffer for this.

In the feedback thread you can already see ppl suggesting to nerf the Mines in the mastery. It’s not the Mines. Nor Devils. It’s the set. And the ease of gearing allowing to almost max 3 strong skills. That deal dmg on their own.

Btw, that Cyclone set is op was known since Octavius killed his first Ravager.


Hey ya, you killed that poor Elementalist class! Man that is going to be nerfed out of this world. Especially given Shoot piloting skills.

I was about to post super defensive version, that beats Gladiator in 6.30.

Hey that’s the real time, umm please don’t Nerf it :slight_smile:

Well…Cyclone set obviously…

So double wammy! This set was already strong before the mines change.

I wanted to add an SR version but that would need a complete remake. Simple tweaking wouldn’t do. Elementalist is still very weak defensively.

And by the way half the thunder belongs to x1 and Shoot. Gearing is identical to x1’s sorc (except the Devil gear), and it was Shoot’s idea to use Stormfire for sustain which works fine despite the cast speed and button piano.

It was already done well before this post.

i have a health regen version which clears SR just fine, but as you said… much different devotion route and some changes on the gearing

Kudos to @ya1 for making a very solid Elementalist build (I say “very solid”, when it’s actually nuts) and to @Shoot2033 for piloting max damage version so well.

@Zantai before you bring out your nerf-hammer please consider giving Elementalist side of the set some defensive features that would make Elementalist shine despite set nerfs. I feel like there is a strong synergy potential if something like big life regen bonus is added as a set bonus.

Meaning you would add regen to some Shaman skill to synergise with Vindictive Flame? That could be interesting :slight_smile: And health regen is something Crate wanted to work for casters for a long time now, after all.

If you want a super tanky version of Cyclone I’d suggest you go for the lightning SB :wink: That one has crazy CDR & AdctH and still clears cruci in 5:20…

At least in crucible, there might be a point where insanely broken offense might just make any kind of defense pretty meaningless, since everything dies before touching you anyways.

Didn’t Shoot’s sorc do 4:30 as well?

Either way, seeing an Elementalist go toe to toe with the best of the best is pretty awesome! Congrats on putting it together :slight_smile:

Elementalist finally gets what it deserves. Good thing nerfs didn’t come before you posted. Anyway, how hard is it to pilot? I never liked having a spam skill with that much piano unless it’s absolutely needed.

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Which provokes a question. If it was done well before this post - as you say - by the preats under the Watchful Eye, why wasn’t it “adjusted accordingly”?

I’m last to call for nerfs but if Crate took sweet time to further nerf Deathmarked and Octavius as well as other things, why not Cyclone?

The conservative setup is pretty solid. After completing it I didn’t die once. Stormfire’s sustain is good and does its job on Ghoul and outside of it Bat, Ultos, Spear, some minor Ulzuin Wrath and Wendigo Totems do the job just fine. You don’t even have to kite so much. And you can play four blessings and move points from Mog’s Pact to Heart of the Wild and/or Flashbang.

The max damage setup on the other hand… I did 5:10 myself and did die sometimes. I gave it to Shoot and he changed Bat to Fiend, making it even more suicidal.

But it might just as well repeat the history of Pyran which lost half its damage and now makes you wanna go for Menhir (I died 3/3 on mine and gave up on it). Devils can kite, though, Mortars lose DPS when they kite, so Pyran is different.

Had a max health regen savagery build with Cyclone set in 1.1.2 that was pretty tanky in crucible, best experience I had with Elementalist I’d say, seeing the Mine change makes me want to install GD again…

Reupdated test with better fixed results in Crucible Board(4:25). So, mementalist die, but history will be remembered

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Told ya it’s better than the sorc :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice run. Using BwC for aggro like Canister. Not waiting for Valaxteria on 164. And it’s not like you got 100% lucky. Moose and Benn at 170 always takes a few seconds. And you got some aggro issues too from that bottom-right at 163. This could’ve been even faster.

BTW you bound Arcane Bomb to Stormfire, right? I figured that’s it’s better than Aether Corruption due to many projectiles.

Also, did you ever try Pyran or Stormreaver?

I don’t changed anything from my previous test. I know, it’s still can be achieved 4:20 in ideal run, but this quite rare phenomenon, so this would be last test.

Only Pyran (and only sorcerer part). Results quite mediocre(~5:30 with terrible survabillity)


We’ve increased the regeneration of life

I’m curious – has anyone tried how Cyclone Elementalists/Sorcerers perform now after the hotfix came down?

That I did. Better late than never. Update at the top of op.