Thermite mines - make multiple thermite mines capable of attacking the same target

Thanks for the information. Those are all valid points, but as it stands - what’s the real use of increasing the summon limit of mines by 3 on the cyclone offhand?

I tried making a pure lightning elementalist with the cyclone set, and mines (@ 22/16 IIRC) was dealing about 30k damage per crit which is kinda underwhelming

Didn’t mines worked like this for a while and they obliterated enemies? Yeah, mines would have to be nerfed to the ground in terms of damage to compensate.

So that you can cover more ground with mines.

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More area for them to exude their aura. Imagine each Mine projects it’s own small but shared version of Aura of Censure’s damage and RR. More Mines = More enemies are caught in this aura.

I don’t think Mines were ever designed to be a main damage ability. Out of the mastery skills, they provide some of the highest RR values and to multiple different damage types lending credence to them being a support ability.

On Cyclone, I would say the damage they provide is icing on top of either EoR or multiple Wind Devils which should definitely be your main damage appliers.

That’s true. I just find it sad that elementalists are still very blergh

I just made a Pet Elementalist for someone in Reddit…

Welcome back btw image

So damage from clone auras does not stack as long as there is any debuff on the aura? Cold on Howling Wind or fire on Mines doesn’t stack but elemental on Elemental Seekers do stack?

Did they? I haven’t seen anything in any changelog about it…

Oh, you were away and didn’t see this [] Cyclomentalist (Crucible Max). Maybe it was before the change Norzan was referring to? Anyway, it was nerfed to the ground, just about everything about it, gear, mastery skills, down to the very weapon component, so a (hypothetical) nerf to Mines’ functionality would be just a part of it.

Is it? Because I saw Shoot putting all the mines under bosses in his runs.

The Seeker aura does not stack as they work the same way as Mines/Devils aura according to Dammitt’s pet database. The detonations are independent of each one like Maelstrom and do stack.

It was like this a long time ago sometime during early vanilla or before during EA I believe. I wasn’t around for it but I remember reading stories of people melting big enemies like Log by throwing Mines into his mouth and kiting or big enemies that would step on 4 Mines at once and similarly melt to death.

Yes. There are some skill modifiers for Mines that also increase the aura range as well on M. Grim Fate or Infernal Knight which accomplish the same task but do it differently to Cyclone’s increased summon limit (basically a bigger AoE on longer-lasting Mines does mesh well with a channelling skill like EoR after all).

Ok, so dmg on auras don’t stack, period, right? No matter if I got 3 Seekers or 100, it’s always 400 elemental a tick, as if it was only 1? And it doesn’t matter in range of how many Mines a monster stands - it only gets dmg from one of them? And that elementalist had nothing to do with the ancient times when it wasn’t the case?

EDIT: I just tested, it indeed doesn’t. Mines tick like BwC no matter how many there are. Weird, as I remember Mines being very powerful on a sorc that did like 4:35 in

Fully converted 26/16 mines apparently deal a ton of damage. And shoot’s piloting was really amazing too.

Mines tick like BwC no matter how many there are.

What’s the point of BWC spam, then?

Bwc does a little bit of flat that will stack… But the burn will not

It’s a little more than a “little bit”, especially as far as RATA is concerned. :wink:

Bad comparison. I meant like one puddle of BwC.

So guys…will the DoT on things like maelstrom + storm totems stack?

Yes, Maelstrom counts as it’s own source as does the Wind Devil aura. Devils actually have a pretty high amount of Electrocute potential when you take both of these into account and with how many skill ranks you can push into both.

Good thread. Up until now I was convinced Seekers are better the more there are. Thx @Evil_Baka for ruining it for me! :wink:

Quick question: how to tell if it’s an aura or an AoE cast/autoattack? Like…

  1. Raging Tempest (2nd node of Devils) is an aura, and flat cold from there doesn’t stack from multiple Devils? T/F?
  2. Howling Wind (the base node of Devils) is a dmg aura or an autoattack? Does flat phys from there stack or not?
  3. What about Whirling Blades (Blade Spirit)? I know it stacks so it must be an autoattack but description is identical so how to tell?

Some of them do hint at it from the description like Seekers to be fair: “burns nearby enemies with it’s presence”. Wind Devil has a similar thing on it’s description about battering nearby enemies with swirling rocks but other than that, you’d just go on Howling Winds having a meter radius to it and notice that in practice, it does nothing yet things take nearby damage similar to Night’s Chill or Aura of Censure. Worst case scenario, you check Dammitt’s pet database like @ASYLUM101 to confirm whether it is a debuff or not.

  1. I assume that this skill node stacks it’s damage/effects directly on top of Howling Winds so no, the damage does not stack with multiple Devils.
  2. Debuff. Again, compare it to Aura of Censure and remember that same source debuffs do not stack - they refresh each other’s duration.
  3. Not a debuff, it is it’s own casted skill that deals damage (you can tell as it actually fires off projectiles which deal the listed damage, nothing funny going on here :stuck_out_tongue:

On a side note, this also means Azrakaa’s Epoch doesn’t stack the Physical/Pierce/Bleeding damage on the 3 Devils then.

It also allowed to bind Torch’s Meteor Shower to each mine and trigger separately thus overlapping. Holy Armageddon Shit.

Yep. Meteor and Tempest Mines were a thing for awhile One of the few really broken things of that era.

My mistake on this one. I was thinking of Blade Eruption. It’s harder to pin down if Whirling Blades is a debuff looking at the pet database so I’d have to defer to Ceno or Asylum here (