[] ThermoElectrician - Cyclone + Canister Lightning Conversion Proc Sorc


I did. I’m pulling off a chinese retirement cause patch buffs looked really great. Thermite buff as long as the many arcanist buffs made me wanna go sorc tho thermite focus and full cyclone wasn’t really a first choice. I arrived with the current setup which I’m happy with so I guess it’s time to share :stuck_out_tongue:

The Build

Char sheet with all permanent buffs. OA items are all top rolled, hence the huge difference from grimtools

GRIMTOOLS - updated to keep up with the nerfs.

Build Explanations
  • Why Lightning Sorc? - Cause most sorc builds posted are fire, people might think fire is the only viable sorc. Also, the very first build I posted here is a lightning sorc
  • Main Skill Choices - My first setup was Canister+BWC, then BWC+Thermites. Both were good and tanky but not fast enough for cruci. This current Canister + Thermites is the best of the three. Thermite is now a good damage skill, especially if you put all 9 mines on top of a boss!
  • Devotions - I wanted to get the most % lightning damage while still being reasonable. Spear + Ultos is obvious. Bat is very useful. Ghoul too. TD is there purely for offense with double canister double BWC combo. I could’ve snuck in Imp but it needs one more skill and I’m not the type who can clear fast even with piano.
  • No Barrelsmith? Even 1 piece? - Double Barrelsmith breaks Cyclone, so that’s not an option. 1pc Barrelsmith might be better damage-wise but I’m OA whoring. Also a mage holding a gun and an effigy doesn’t make sense :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Relic - If you wanna suggest something like Eternity or Korvaak relic. I won’t accept it cause Pyroclasm has a nice proc :stuck_out_tongue: Eternity might be better damage-wise tho if you really wanna minmax. As for Korvaak, the OA is nice, DA isn’t needed, skill is just more piano and you lose a bit of lightning damage.
Cruci Performance and Video

New video for

Cruci cleartime is around 6-6:30 with 3 buffs and 1 banner. Video shows 6:02 run. I’m no John_Smith or Shoot, they might be able to elevate this to sub 6 mins.

To play this build follow these steps:

  1. Choose a spot
  2. Plant a crapton of mines
  3. Wait for enemy
  4. Mash 1,2 and 3 buttons on your keyboard.
  5. Blink to next mob group
  6. Repeat previous steps.

If you’re on boss waves you wanna place all 9 mines on top of each other. 9 mines hitting a single unit is huuuuge damage.

Other Stuff * **Realms** - I don't like realms. I did have some spare realm sets back when I played it last patch tho. There's a shitton of them drops before it was moved to vendors so it wasn't a problem finding good rolled parts. - copied this from the previous thread again









Yes, Sorc is super buffed class. Demo mines are working properly and Arcanist is better offensively. But still it’s interesting to see lightning Sorc, very good build!

About you quitting, we fell for that more easily than Nigerian scam :rofl:

Canister and Mortars, the top demo skills of last patch did get nerfed to compensate. Thermites became a beastly damage source tho. I imagine a good pilot will be able to take cyclone elementalist to sub 6 mins solely due to thermite buff. Also, Infernal Knight will be huuuuge.

You think you’re the only one who fell for it? I really didn’t touch GD or even grimtools since that post. I was having a lot of fun with Total War: Warhammer 2 and I started to play Witcher 3 then patch came. Blame Zantai! :rofl:

*Waiting for video.
Seriously Demo looks so good now with thermite mine fix. Even their relics: pyroclasm and annihilation, looks good. Might finally level another demo next.

BTW, how about shaman’s lightning belt to convert all aether to lightning? I think you don’t really need that plus skill to arcanist?

Without the arcanist +skills all those arcanist buffs are wasted cause most of them are 1 pointers, IEE, Overload, Fabric. Also, we won’t get 100% aether to lightning. Build has 50% aether to phys, 42% to cold and 50% to lightning. It’s not a big gain even if I add the belt and lose seal of might.

Gone are the days of “Demo is a meme mastery!!!”. Wonder who’s the next victim of this forum :thinking:

Yeah, forgot that seal of might and star pact that convert aether to cold now.

I have a hunch that next victim will be inquisitor. I mean, all of its offensive skills get hit, and crate now eyeing to nerf storm box more.

I hope it will not be the case as this is an expansion class and ppl paid additional money to get it.

Oh, it’s already starting, we’ve already started to complain about it. Tho based on the recent rune buffs Crate is already looking at it. I think it’s gonna be Occultist. Trozan Warlock aside, Occultist is mostly just a support class nowadays. That was the complaint with Arcanist before too.

Yeah, inquisitor is basically just a support mastery now. Save for ranged build. They just too shy on lifting the nerf on RoH. Reducing the penalty by 5% won’t do nothing.

Occultist is so powerful in pet division, so I can understand if their offensive skill is weaker. DEE is just so bad though, both the bomb and spam version.

Yeah. I think the game is currently in a healthy state tho. I kinda wanna open a thread on what people think on current game balance.

No Greens Mafia would like to have a word with you!

Also, wouldn’t Ulzuin’s chest + amulet be better for damage? (because it’s most certainly better for survivability).

Good build, man, glad you pulled that Chinese come back card.

Hail Mamba!

Tough guy, huh?


Video up!

Looking at overcaps pretty sure stormtitans would be okay. The green is just a “fuck the mafia” gesture :roll_eyes:

You lose full conversion. You lose +1 all skills - which is huge cause most of the arcanist buffs are for one pointer skills. Same reason I had the belt instead of a demo one. A few more points in canister won’t convince me to drop those. And I don’t need more defense :stuck_out_tongue:


I wonder if mamba gets annoyed by all the hail mamba we post here? :thinking: Or does he even see this?

DA is overrated :stuck_out_tongue:

I noticed lately that Rune of Rahn Might plays better than Displacement. Rush is just as dependable as blink for GTFO and 1.2s cooldown makes a difference. Extra couple of DoTs, too.

Anyways, why not Wyrmscale Footpads and fix the res with green pants like this ? Stormcages are (imo) only good for Devils. And once you go green you go green. It’s not like “hey but it was just Stoneplates” is gonna save you on the Judgment Day.

as long as we do not “@” him :slight_smile:

+1, Wyrmscale Footpads are absolutely bonkers since the patch; and they also supermax mines here :slight_smile:


I tried rush over blink on my Demonslayer WH,too, btw.; but whilst they have a crazy low CD (as far down as 2.5 sec on legendary augments) & have the benefit of healing you whilst running away due to their WD component, they also have one downside: if you accidentally use a skill during the animation, you will instantly stop and switch to performing that one. Which can be pretty deadly if you are spamming stuff with AdctH to stay alive at that time…

But if you have good micromanagement, yes. Rush should, in theory, be superior to blink now.

Hmmm. Didn’t really consider that. Lemme try it later.

For me blink>rush even after nerfs and rush buffs. Sometimes rush just doesn’t get you where you want to, it stops midway.

love this build <3 well done

no barrelsmith gun makes me sad. gun n book builds are ze best!

If I could just turn that gun to a scepter or a dagger through illusion :stuck_out_tongue:

Why choose Star Pact rather than Reckless Power for Arcanist?