Epic Games steal GOG Torchlight 1

Still wanting to know whether Tim Swine have got GOG permission to do so? So Epic free games are essentially pirate copy game?

If that’s true and this post there is not a troll, that’s funny. There were plenty of people saying Epic Games is the best and everything, but if that’s true then I am curious what is going to happen next. :smile:

The more logical answer:

I know people want Epic to be the bad guy so much they don’t even bother with using basic logic in their quest to rush head first toward the nearest crucifixion. They might make mistakes but they didn’t get to where they are now by being complete morons. The person who made that accusatory twitter post might be a complete moron tho.

Considering that Torchlight has an actual Store page:

with an actual price that goes into effect after the initial free period I think it’s easy to see that PWG 1) Made that page, and 2) Uploaded the game.

I have no idea who says that but I think that, at the very least, it’s safe to say that they are doing well for themselves.

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Do you even know who is Eisberg at all? He always at Shenmue 3, Metro Exodus and any other Epic exclusive games on Steam forums who is keep defending Epic anti consumerism. And how should I and majority of Anti Epic members will trust him. Many people keep throwing harshly and giving him many evidences, facts, research, and warning to him, yet he still being a paid shill to Tim Swine. His logic explanation is merely defending Epic decisions to destroy PC gaming.
And he is contradictory person.
Edit: Btw, why are you taking his words seriously?


Because as I’ve already shown in my post the logical answer is exactly as he stated. I could care less if he is an Epic “defender” since the truth of his statement is all that matters. I think I’ve shown his deduction to be true.

But if you would rather drink conspiracy theory and buy into the notion that Epic would be stupid enough to “pirate” a game and think that nobody would notice then I’d wager you’re not much brighter than the original Twitter poster.

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I have DRM-Free copy of Torchlight 2 that is not in GOG back then. And that drm-free Torchlight 2 I had before GOG release have no gog.dll files and any related to GOG. If perfect world can give me a drm free copy of Torchlight 2 that is not GOG ver, why even bother using GOG version now?

Who say this is conspiracies? I didn’t say that. If you call me I’m not brighter or not, fine. You can check trustpilot review on Epic Games reviews as company. Nuff said.

I say that this particular issue is, in fact, pure conspiracy and frankly it’s just low-level hater-ism by people going waaaay out of their way in an attempt add on to the Epic hate-storm.

Sorry… but I’m not buying that drivel and just because people on a review site leave negative reviews doesn’t mean that Epic is pirating games to give them out for free. You really truly believe that? Seriously? As if Perfect World wouldn’t notice? You’re buying that garbage? lol

OK. Have at it then but personally I think it’s fucking hilarious.

2015 DRM Free version

GOG release Date MAY 24, 2016

Why Perfect world even bother using GOG ver if they have their own DRM free version if they want to release free at Epic?

Here ya go:

If that doesn’t shut you up then I imagine nothing will. Doesn’t get more official than that. Best of luck out there in conspiracy land.

I don’t mean to be a prick, truly, but instances like this I have no choice to point out stupidity when I see it. And I’m seeing it - loud and clear. I don’t really bother with Twitter otherwise I’d personally go tell your bud that made that post he was verging on being an all around moron.

Official free yes. But with gog dll files. Why? If Perfect World have their own version of DRM free? You didn’t answer me about this gog dll related one. And I’m done talking. Call me conspiracy guy if you want and support Epic all you want.
And enjoy the free game that is not entirely free.

And? Who the hell cares? Clearly that’s what Perfect World uploaded on to Epic. Go take it up with Perfect World if it bothers you so much. As long as it works and as long as the company who owns the rights put it there I don’t really see wtf it even matters.

It’s not helping your case that you are operating on the flimsiest of evidence and it’s quite clear that you’re following an agenda. For me this isn’t about supporting Epic at all except to call out bullshit when I see it and when I smell it. And this, dear albertx, has the stink of BS all over it.

Sorry. It is what it is.


As much as i hate Epic and their Buisness Practing(still grabbing free games tho), i’ve still to agree with @powbam and that has absolutely nothing to do with emphasizing with Epic… but there is no way Epic uploaded an “pirated” copy of Torchlight without the Permission of Perfect World to sell this Game. The Game would’ve taken down already and Epic would’ve faced faster the lawsuit than you could type this news or this one fella made a twitter about.

So overall this whole issue is more a lazy mistake by either epic or perfect world to not delete the gog trace and upload that.

And PLEASE next time don’t use such an misleading Bait-Title, because this really scared me off that again a Game will be deleted from a shop and people who play on that store / shop might not even be able to download the game anymore. As long as i can play Torchlight on Steam and GoG i’m happy, even if Torchlight lands on EGS.

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