Epic Games Takes on Steam

Yet that is what your post sounded like. To me at least. I’m pretty intolerant of the practice so if that wasn’t what you were implying then my apologies.

Discussion of piracy is not allowed on the forum.

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the lost revenue due to piracy is grossly inflated, as not every pirated copy would have turned into a sale, I grant you that. That is not the same as piracy not reducing revenue at all though, some people would otherwise have bought the game, maybe on the Epic store, maybe at a later point on Steam, which they now no longer will.

If you still buy it on Steam once it gets released there, I’d agree that no harm was done, but to me the chance of that happening is not all that high…

My post in relation to Piracy was more meant as a comment on how things are changing the last few years. Especially in regards to the AAA part of the industry. In the past Piracy was rampant and people said, one of them being Gabe Newell, that piracy was due to poor services offered. Which appears to be the case. The past years piracy has gone down due to better availability and pricing across the board.

Everything that is going on is counter productive to that. The quality of services is dwindling. Both for the customer as well as the developers. It isn’t just about Epic and their horribly approach in regards to exclusivity deals. At least they’re still open to all sorts of games from many different developers. Which in the future, after this exclusive bullshit finally dies down, might start to work again in regards to a competitive open market. From which the customers will benefit. However that is long term and most people won’t get there due to the bad taste Epic is creating right now. It’s like a game that leaves a bad taste. Would you come back in the future to see its “road map” releases? You probably won’t. That sort of anti-consumer practices belong on mobile and console market…not the PC.

In regards to a competitive open market. I’m also peeved with Publisher only platforms. Such as Origin, Battle.net, Bethesda etc. Platforms that only release publisher specific games and nothing else. A closed secure platform that allows them to charge whatever artificially inflated prices they want. After all there is no competition where their products are sold. That is detrimental to the market in general. Even worse than Epic’s current influence is. Just look at all the bullshit those publishers get away with, because they run a closed environment. In that case I rather see a new general game store appear like GoG, Itch.io and Steam. However they do need to be secure and offer proper support for both customer and developer. Epic is not there (yet). They’re not secure enough, nor are they trustworthy enough and instead of providing quality services to attract customers and developers…they instead try to buy them. Ever had someone in your social group that tried to buy your friendship? Remember how that ended up? We ended beating that guy up and threw him out.

Enough. Discussion of piracy is not allowed on the forum. Any further mention of piracy and posts will be deleted or this thread closed.

piracy :smiley:

What about old school piracy with naval battles and eyepatches?

This is a gaming forum. Find somewhere else to talk about that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea… I’d like this thread actually NOT to be closed, especially for something the thread isn’t even about (and I’d far rather you delete offenders posts instead). The topic is about the Epic Games store/client and news related to it. Lets keep it that way please.

I think the value depends on how much that 1 year of DLC would be worth otherwise. There IS a full refund on Phoenix Point though, (for 28 days after march 12th) so there’s that bit of decency at least. It says there won’t be any always online part, nor necessity to launch through the epic launcher.

so meh. :confused:

Mind me, exclusivity sucks. And as history shows, “voting with one’s wallet” doesn’t work as a rule of thumb.

As a consumer, as much as I like the simplicity of having everything in one place, I also like to see more competition to Steam.

Year after year, we have all seen Steam do less and less while getting more and more money (still the same %, but more business go through them).
They have to start doing more (starting with a complete overhaul of there interface) and/or ask less from devs.

Competition is a good thing.
Having Steam users complain because a game is not on Steam and will boycott the game as long as the devs don’t give their money to Steam is a pity.

Also, if it allows to reduce the price of games we buy (while devs get as much or even more), it’s another win for the customers.

You are correct that financially there is no difference for a developer whether you pirate a game or not buy it at all, but that is a very twisted way to justify piracy.

You are saying that the work devs put in is worth playing, but apparently isn’t worth any money. That’s like telling an artist you’ll pay them in exposure.

I’ve had people privately message me asking for help with their pirated copies. That is some serious gall.

I accept that there are people in the world struggling financially who either pirate some games or don’t play them at all, but that doesn’t remotely equate to piracy as some form of twisted justice.

I expect better prices for consumers to be a short lived perk once large publishers get in on it.

Competition is Open Market. Which means the same product gets released on multiple store fronts including GoG and Steam. Exclusivity deal to one store specifically, even if its limited time, is NOT conducive to competition. People who support these practices need their head examined.

Boycotting a game because its not on Steam, because its only on Epic is acceptable. Prices on Epic aren’t getting lowered. In fact most are equal or slightly more pricy. GoG however gave customers a little bit back with each purchase. Epic isn’t doing that. Only ones getting better from using Epic is the developer and not the customer. There is no open market competition that drives prices lower.

My argument was simply that piracy wasn’t the same as theft; factually, legally or morally and that financially speaking the end result would be the same regardless of whether the loss of revenue comes from piracy or boycotting. Nothing more, especially not that any of it justifies piracy.

Read the last part of the post you quoted, I was never justifying piracy. I was instead saying that even from a purely selfish perspective of the consumer, it would be in their best interests to support the creators if they wish for further content to enjoy.

That “it is less of giving someone the middle finger and instead giving the developers/publishers less of an incentive to continue the product/service”.

And now I am going to stop talking about this topic and let the thread go backto the Epic thing. This post was just to clarify things, nothing more.

I would not say it’s no difference. When someone pirates a game, you simply “give” the game for free to someone. Also, it’s kinda like not being able to afford buying bread so you just “take” it, that’s not stealing, if we follow this logic. The devs basically spend years on developing a game and then someone just takes their product for free and never buys it. I know multiple people who just pirate games and never buy them, and when I tell them they should buy them to actually support the developers, they say “The developers should care more about their games and protect them”, which is basically bullshit and we know that.

As much as there’s a touch of truth there, you did not consider people who only pirate games and never buy them. If people do this constantly, play the game repetitively and like the game, that’s fucking stealing and you can’t say no. One person pirates the game, they have friends, they’ll spread it, and now 1000 people have the game. Basically viewing everything as “one” will always result to no issues at all, but there are maybe even millions of people who pirate games every day, and I actually wonder how many pirated copies of Grim Dawn are there, probably hundreds of thousands, so this is basically scamming.

That’s just my take on this. and I am not convincing anyone to think like me.

Great, all the pre-hashed and re-hashed arguments repeated and regurgitated ad-nauseum without anyone giving it an ounce of thought. And guess what, the only reasonable response was Zantai’s. oh and since he responded to the topic does this mean Medea’ll delete his post or ban him? :wink:

I’ll just leave this here: Gollop’s announcement video has 1:10 like to dislike ratio and the reddit is figuratively on fire (Goes well with the demolitionist beefs I think). The video is unlisted.

You know I really should delete them. Banning Zantai on the other hand - more than my job’s worth.

Oh yes, Epic is currently burning through money in order to get as many people using their store as possible. Once they’ve reached their targets any perks for us will likely vanish into thin air. That or they run out of money first, not an uncommon event either. Either way, not great for us consumers.

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Epic does like Steam, which for long had so many pc exlusivities, it’s not new.

Steam has become more and more a dump for shitty games. With each crap game released, its harder to find the good ones. I’d rather have a platform where only quality products are released.
But so far the portfolio of the Epic storefront hasn’t been too impressive, I don’t really care for most of the exclusive titles they have announced. Hades, Phoenix Point and Operencia look interesting but I don’t have a problem with waiting another year or two.

But if that ever changes and they have a decent amount of really interesting games or even a must-have game, I will give Epic’s store a try.

We will see how it goes. I wish Epic the best of luck, I’ve been playing and enjoying their games since Jill Of The Jungle and they have my respect. However, if they turn out to become another Valve, they will quickly lose it.