Epic Games Takes on Steam

Let’s not discuss/condone piracy on this forum, shall we?

Wait, so I should leave my ship and become a normal human? I don’t want to. I was born a pirate and a pirate I shall be for the rest of my life. I believe it’s time to leave this island, Grim Dawn Forum, and never look back again. :confused:

Your plank walk awaits.

Well, either way it goes the tide is turning on Steams stranglehold. Honestly, Steam has no choice now but to match Epic on the dev cuts. These companies are only doing it to force Steam’s hand on the matter and once that’s done they’ll likely resume releasing on all the storefronts unless Epic (and others) keep waging the “exclusive” war. That tactic will wear out eventually tho.

No matter what anyone thinks about it the snowball effect has begun and Epic has claimed some big title names and even if we aren’t the type to care about these types of games (I don’t) there are millions of people who do and who will go where their games are (all those millions of people who play Fortnite strike me as just the sort to play the big name games too and they already have Epics launcher installed so they don’t really give a rat’s ass about installing another storefront game launcher). If Steam doesn’t match or better Epics dev cuts before the end of this year I’ll be surprised.

Honestly I’m enjoying seeing Valve get smacked on the nose. It’s about time they had a wake up call to remind them they don’t get to be top dog forever without trying at least a little bit at some point. Reading people’s comments in some of those articles shows that other people are slowly starting to understand what’s happening as well.

The game is infected with Denuvo so it was never really gonna be a purchase here anyway.

just wondering now if Crate will pull a Metro and remove Grim Dawn from Steam and GOG , making the expansion an exclusive to the Epic store? :eek:

they better inform us now in advance:p

If they do, I quit. But if they choose to give us our steam/gog copies for free, to the Epic store I mean, I’d not quit.

Use your common. With 95% of sales coming from Steam it would be crazy to make the expansion exclusive to Epic. :rolleyes: They’d have to do the whole lot as exclusives to make it work.

But you know, its hard to reject money, especially if the deal value is worth a couple more luxury yachts which we know Crate is very much fond of.:undecided:

'Nuff said. :wink:

Glad that I didn’t missed this announcement regarding Metro Exodus. So yesterday I pre-ordered Metro Exodus on steam before it was being pulled.

Lol. And here I am wishing they would do it (not the free part). Just for shits and giggles.

Lol, they aren’t that dumb.

Oh lordy, Phoenix Point’s now got a 1 year exclusivity deal with the Epic store and /r/PhoenixPoint/ (on reddit) is shitting itself with righteous stupidity and wank over how evil it is and that “ITS A SCAM!!11!”.

The Drama is almost as good as Star Citizen and warms the cockles of my black heart with all that reactionary stupidity.

yeah I was in PP’s discord and got the message there as well as via e-mail. It’s sad that as a backer I have to wait a year before getting a gog/steam key and play the game. While Epic user, who don’t care or even heard about the game get it right away.

competitive open market my ass.

Together with all the crap that the AAA market in general pulls I have actually started pirating games more often again as well. Something I haven’t done for years anymore. Its not that I don’t want to buy the game. Just release the product on GoG/Steam/Epic and let us decide where we want to buy it.

So what is the latest game to sell out to Epic for money?

I’d just like to remind everyone that when you “stick it to the Man” with your own skewed excuse for pirating, you’re really just giving the middle finger to every developer that was involved, people that probably poured in tens of thousands of hours of their lives into it and probably had 0 say in these kinds business decisions.

Don’t agree with how a business conducts itself? Don’t buy their products then. Nobody is forcing you to play their games.

Epic is trying to upset the market by giving devs a way better cut of the profits. From a Dev perspective, why would they not want another 26% revenue? Of course there is the risk of the Epic store tanking cause it’s not going to get the user numbers necessary to justify the move, but they are certainly trying to disrupt Steam’s market share. (Before somebody tries to read too much into this, no, this isn’t some hint that we’re moving to the Epic store in the future)

From a consumer perspective, I’d want everything in one place. Every new storefront is another account I have to maintain, remember and keep secured.

That said, offering Steam keys during a funding campaign and then backing off from that promise to go exclusive on another store front for a year is a bit of an insensitive move.

I’d just like to remind everyone that pirating is not stealing since there is no loss or theft per se. And if someone wasn’t going to buy your product then it is lost revenue either way regardless of whether they simply boycott it or choose piracy. So personally I see it as less of giving someone the middle finger and instead as giving the developers/publishers less of an incentive to continue the product/service.

Of course it’s theft and companies lose revenue because of it. You’re using something made by someone else that you haven’t paid for. Making a decision not to buy their product is different since you’re not using that product.

I hope your post is not an indication that you’re using a pirated copy of GD. If you are then I suggest you get a legit one or don’t return to the forum.

I am not here to condone or condemn piracy nor admitting to it. If discussing it was/is against the rules then apologies. But I must disagree with your view on it.