Epic off-hand drop


Does anyone know where this drops?

“Black Grimoire of Og’Napesh”

It’s completely random, it can be dropped by anyone. I do have several copies of that epic, regular and empowered.

It’s a level 40 blue item so it can drop anywhere level 40 items drop. There’s no way to farm a specific blue item with very rare exceptions; Oggy is not an exception so just keep farming.

Veteran has more blue drops than normal; Elite has more blue drops than Veteran. Bosses have more blue drops than heroes; heroes have more blue drops than champions. If you have or can get decent quantities of dynamite, treasure troves are a good source of blues.

Or post into the trading threads and see if someone else has one for you.

Just random luck from a 40+mob!

It’s also craftable, but you can only craft it as a level 75 item after unlocking the blueprint.