Error Code 193

Hello all,

I’m wanting to use the MaxPlugin2012.dlo for 3ds max 2012 (32bit). Reading and following the installation guide, I’m running into this error. Tried to reinstall and everything I’ve come across and still nothing.

Was there ever a fix or mirror hosting the file that works? A way to repack?
I did see a couple posts where people were saying to export as a certain file and reimport etc but do you still need the plugin for this?

I’d really like to tinker with a few ideas but this seems to be a weird hurdle.

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you see this guide for using MaxPlugin?

Thank you, and yes, I did.

I did miss if it mentioned or covered the win32 error message. I am using the gog version and missing a couple dll’s like libeay32 and steam_api. The 2012 dlo gets placed in the correct plugins folder.

I’ve checked 3ds max loaded plugins and don’t see it in there (probably due to the whole invalid win32 message). From what I read regarding the error message, I need to redownload the dlo. I’ve deleted the dlo’s from the root directory of the game, validated files and even did a reinstall but still the same issue.

I did read a post someone had the same issue with max 2019 but was able to resolve by copying over the files from the x64 folder and someone sent this user a copy of their 2019 dlo.

I also don’t have the dlc’s if that matters.

@Allminoxy Any ideas how to solve this please?