Error saving maps\world001.wrl

I’m trying to make changes to a map but I’m not able to save it for some reason. I make sure to rebuild all pathing and all maps. Then I get “Error saving maps\world001.wrl” when trying to save changes.

Select and build only the tiles you have changed.

I still can’t get it to save. I’m just looking to make some number changes to the level limit layer, so I don’t believe I have any specific changes to tiles. I’m probably misunderstanding how this works though.

Are you getting a screen like this one?

This is what I get when rebuilding the pathing, which is also normal.
Then, when I go File->Save All, I get no errors

Also if you are chaning the level limits, you can skip rebuilding the pathing.

Yes I can click Save All with no errors but when I try to exit the Editor, it prompts me to save changes:
I click yes and get this error every time:
If I try to exit without clicking yes then none of my changes stick.

Do you have asset manager set up? That can cause the dev tools to not work.

My Asset manager options:
and I have fully extracted game files.

Also I just realized that I can’t zoom out in the editor without it crashing every time. I tried reinstalling the entire game but same problems are happening.

Settings look normal if you are using only the base game.

Maybe file is corrupt from extracting the files? That is the case for the FG map. You can try extracting it with grimarc: Unable to extract GDX2 - #4 by GlockenGerda

Besides that I would try running the editor as admin, check the write access on the save folder.

Looks like you were right about the FG map as Grimarc extraction did the trick! Thanks for your time and help!