Essence of ch'thon %RR

So the character that I’m currently playing does not have other options of getting n% RR right now apart from that component. I am not by any means playing a chaos or vitality build, but I still feel that RR is so important that I picked 2x of that augment just for %RR.

Now I only want to know if % chance stacks or not, I already have a feeling that it doesn’t so it would probably be a better idea to put something else in my weapon/shield slot, but I’m not sure.

Does 2x 15% chance make it a 30% chance to apply or not? I know for a fact that %RR does not stack and only the highest number applies, I’m not sure about the chance to activate though.



Double chthons is a waste for sure. They don’t stack. They might proc slightly sooner but it’s not worth a weapon augment slot.

As for the efficiency of %reduced rr itself, I’m not that sure. IIRC, it is supposed to go last. If that’s true, it should be quite good when enemies have naturally low resistance to your damage type (like pierce) and you’re already well equipped with other sources of rr. Example: Belgo inflitrator. He has about 90-100 total rr. Most enemies have 10% pierce res. So by default most enemies are at -90% pierce res. It means that chthon gives you the equivalent of -13% rr.

It’s rather useless on elemental due to Viper or Ultos and not that useful on damage types where enemies have strong resistance and it’s hard to push it far below zero (ex. vitality - unless you can stack it real high with a ritualist)

Thx! I’m playing physical, which is one of the least common resistances in enemies afaik so I guess one ch’ton can be useful, I’ll swap the other one for something more valuable asap.