Ethereal Blade/On-Hit Things

I’m sorry. I know this question has probably been answered countless times, but I’m unable to find a definitive answer.

If I use Ethereal blades as my left click, I know that that doesn’t active ‘default weapon attack’ things…but will it still apply the poison from things like merciless repertoire? Will it apply the damage from things the toad constellation?

It says it uses ‘main hand’ damage in the calculation, but honestly, watching numbers tick, I can’t tell if it’s just the poison I have that’s making the ticks or poison as well or what.

Nidalla’s Hidden Hand only affect the weapon pool skills mentioned in its description. If you don’t proc them, then you don’t get the benefits.

If it has weapon damage, then Merciless Repertoire will apply its poison damage. Same for Toad’s flat damage in the last node.

Yes, every skill that deals weapon damage will benefit from flat damage buffs.

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Am I the only one that doesn’t know what the heck “Ethereal Blades” is and can’t even find anything about this?

I assume it’s “phantasmal blades” or perhaps it was meant to be posted on the DoTa 2 forums.