Etram Fald attribute prerequisites

Can’t seem to find any info on this but are there hidden attribute prerequisites that determine which items you get when gambling with him? Tried gambling a crap ton of of accessories (I need a Black Gem of Dreeg) on my 85 Commando, Warder and Conjurer and have gotten 7 or 8 Sash of the Bloodlords in the last 2 weeks with random stuff like Thread of Mortality and Avatar of Mercy thrown in.

Getting rather annoying now, especially with the amount of possible legendaries to get that many Sashs of the Bloodlord is taking the fecking piss.

Feels like it should be completely random as long as he can generate the item you want, for example you’ll never get a helm out of him, but all belts and accessories are fair game.

Crafted probably well over 60 times from him by now, sometimes RNG is wonky and gives me three of the same item out of five tries. But I think it’s just a matter of receiving the mercy of RNGesus.

Shame I’m anti-theist (or aethesit or humanist or agnostic w/e you want to call it). So he probably hates me and I’m doomed to an eternal damnation in RNG hell.

Black gem of dreeg dropped on my third or fourth accessories craft, of course 1st craft dropped sash of bloodlord but its okay, keep my health full

Could be worse, could be sentenced to play mobile games and the only way to escape is to consistently pull the top prizes out of premium packs.