Etram Fald can add stat to crafted legendary???

Lol, today I wanted to craft smth and i got this…

Equipped - dropped, the second one - crafted…

How this is even possible? :slight_smile:

Is this a bug or Etram Fald can add stat to crafted legendary?

I already mentioned this in another post more than 2 weeks ago. Yes - that’s his signature - he puts %HP regen and/or %energy regen on all items you craft at him.

The good part is that the legendaries you will craft with him will ultimately be superior to those you find in the field.

Yep, like the other blacksmiths, he can add one of 3 possible mods to items you craft through him.

He does % health regen, OA, and DA, I believe?

Fabius Farming Simulator is sooooooo 2015, Trove Opening Simulator is where shit is at.

LMAO ^. Can I quote this to replace my sig ?

Do it, make me proud :D:D

As someone running a regen-heavy build, I appreciate this information!

lol :smiley:

Things like this should be put in game guide on the Official site…

Wish there was more than 2 easily accessible Troves. Grinding gets very boring when you have to do the same 2 spots.

Here you go:

[QUOTE=Game Guide > Items > Crafting]The Blacksmiths
[…] All equipment you have a Blacksmith create is imbued with their particular talent, whether that is an affinity for making martial weapons and armor or for the rare art of arcane crafting. This bonus makes crafting an appealing way to acquire gear, as the items will come with some additional perks.[/QUOTE]

Official guide is uh a little lacking in this department :smiley: The GD wiki has a full list of bonuses for each blacksmith. These little bonuses can actually be pretty nice depending on what you need

Yep, you’re right. His OA/DA value are very low, however.

%energy regen is one of Duncan’s signature mods.

Well that’s something but I would like to see numbers :slight_smile: I’m not sure if wiki numbers are accurate? Is there a way to check this stuff values using for example modding tools?